The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 18


“Cursed. You cursed me.”

I laughed without humor.


“What is all this? A TV show?” I asked him with plain distaste.

I wasn’t buying any of it.

All of this seemed too much of me. I felt like I was thrown into a fake world that wasn’t supposed to exist. I mean, how does someone turns into a wolf?

There has to be some reasons.

And by reason I meant; something related to science. I wasn’t the most intelligent but I knew that it wasn’t possible for a human to change his skin color within a second, grow fur and transform into a wolf.

Everything doesn’t make sense.

I didn’t want to be ignorant and simply shrug his explanation but it was too much.

But you were the one that was begging for answers, my brain decided to interfere.

“No. This is the truth.” Silvic answered, I searched his face looking for something that will give away that this is a joke.

It looked serious, his eyes were sincere and I could tell that it was not a joke.

I pursed my lips, “How exactly did I curse you?” I questioned him, raising my eyebrows. I wanted to know what exactly I did and I hope whatever he was telling me was the truth and that no cameras suddenly show up from secret wall or basement.

“You see, I’ve been living for many years-” his voice turned bitter and he ran his left hand through his hair, “Too many fucking years. Alone."

I felt guilty. If whatever he told me was the truth and I was probably the one responsible for his condition.

“I’m sorry.” I murmured to him. I didn’t know what I did but it felt like I needed to say it. I could sense in his voice how tired he was of all this.

I didn’t meet his eyes. I didn’t want to see any emotions glimmering in his eyes that would make me more sad.

“I accept it. I don’t blame you.” He whispered tenderly. I gulped and felt goosebumps appearing on my arms. It was not fair.

Why can I not remember him? If, like he said, I was mate than why can I not remember what I did?

I nodded my head and didn’t say anything because what was there for me to say anyways.

“I had waited for you for so many years-” I met his eyes and saw how sincere he was, “And here you are now but you can’t even remember me. You don’t even look the same. I just--” He raised his hands to his head as if not believing anything that was happening.

“I just know it is you because of the connection.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that.

I, for first, didn’t even the feel whatever the connection he was talking about. Secondly, I too can’t remember him.

“And you are a human. Like, fuck, I can’t believe everything. Why me?” The word human was muttered with so much hatred. I frowned. What was wrong in being human?

I was offended. Come on, we are probably better than this weird creatures.

“What is wrong with humans?” I asked him, my voice was more curious than offended.

“It was because of a human. A fucking powerless human. I hate humans with everything I have.”

“What happened because of us?”

“The girl. The girl you thought I was cheating on you with was a human.” He whispered, his hands clenching into fists.

I blinked.

“But that doesn’t mean you will hate every human. That is so... Childish.” I stated in disbelief.

He scowled at me and his face showed clear sign of anger, “What I think childish is re-appearing after fifty years.” He said harshly.

“What?” I asked him, confusedly but the anger was still present in my voice.

How freaking unbelievable can he get?

He said nothing and just took deep breaths to calm himself down, closing his eyes.

He opened his eyes and it was void of any emotion.

“It is not the right time to argue.”

I agreed with him and silently nodded my head.

“Tell me about the curse.”

He was taken aback at my request but quickly composed himself.

“What do you wanna know?” He asked me, looking into my eyes.

I licked my lips, “What exactly is the curse?”

“I told you I have been living for too many years. I saw my friends dying in front of my eyes whereas I lived. Lived in a fucking hell with nobody by my side-” his voice cracked but his face was blank, “It was so tough and after living alone for so many years, I learned how to manage a pack and so I did.”

I nodded my head and was about to say something to console him when I saw his facial expression changed.

He looked like he was going to slap somebody.

“Tell him that I ordered him to stop harassing her.” He simply barked into thin air.

I looked at him widely, fear creeping into my veins.

I was with a psycho: confirmed.

His eyes then turned to me, “Let’s go down. We have a guest.”

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