The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 19


“What?” I asked him, puzzled.

“Come with me.” He simply stated, his face blank.

I gave him a grin, “No, thank you very much-” I clasped my hands and continued my fake grinning, “And I also need to brush my teeth and change my clothes, so if you’ll excuse me-,” I paused mid sentence when I realized something very important.

I don’t have spare clothes. Or most importantly a clean underwear and a bra.

My face darkened visibly and I looked around the room helplessly. What should I do now?

The thought of wearing the same pair of underwear was something I couldn’t agree on.

Silvic probably saw my helpless look because I heard him sigh irritably, “What happened now?”

“I need clothes to wear.” I mumbled.

“Well, I can give you some.” He said, running his hand through his hair.

“And I also need ermm underwear and bra?” I felt my ears becoming hot and I can bet my whole face was red at that moment. My voice came out high pitched and I avoided eye contact.

Well, that was awkward!

He seemed taken aback for some moment before his expression changed and he smirked, “Well, you can live without a underwear. I don’t mind.”

He winked.

I stared him, without moving any inch of my muscles. But on the inside, I was trying not to scream and blush.

Did he just joke?

I’m-Mr.-Alpha just joked, a pervertish joke but whatever. I never imagined that he could make a joke. With me being nearby.

“No. Shut up.” I screamed, my cheeks heating up.

He continued grinning, “Kidding. Go bath. I’ll find you something to wear.”

I folded my arms together and stubbornly didn’t move, “I don’t believe you.”

He raised his eyebrow, “So you don’t want to bath? Fine by me. Come down, then.”

I gritted my teeth, “I’m not going down. I need to bath.”

“Then go bath. Stop wasting your time.” He shot back, rolling his eyes.

“No. I want to go home.” At this moment, I wasn’t even trying to be stubborn. I was only acting like a brat just so I could watch his reaction. He did get irritate fast but then again it is me, I tend to irritate everyone I meet.

His face twisted in annoyance, like he couldn’t believe I was doing this or rather acting like this.

His eyes snapped to mine and I heard him mutter something under his breath, “Unbelievable.”

“Listen, I don’t think so that you understand the gravity of the situation. You are the Luna of this pack so I suggest you to start acting like one.”

I felt anger rushing through my veins, “I don’t remember agreeing that I was Luna of whatever or whoever.” I shot back.

He cannot just boss me around. Sure, he do knows more about me then I know but for everything’s sake he could just be lying.

I mean if I would personally not had seen those visuals and werewolves, I’d have claimed that he was a psycho.

So yes, it seemed like I believed him but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t wary about him.

“You have no choice. You are the Luna. There is no way out.”

I gave him a dirty look and sighed in displeasure. I don’t understand anything. Why would I be forced to do something I don’t want to do?

Is this some kind of necessity to be the Luna?

“I.. just bring me the clothes. I’ll go down afterwards.”

He nodded his head at me, “Sure.”

I slipped in the sweatpants that Silvic gave to me and surprisingly it fit me well.

And yeah, he also somehow managed to find a pair of underwear. I don’t plan on asking him how he knew my size. But on the other hand the bra he gave me was loose.

But I can’t blame him, I was one of girls whose boobs were literally in-exsistend. I could be walking around with no bra and people would not even notice.

In a way it was blessing in disguise, sure the male species were after big boobs but we, can go around walking without a bra and hence there will a less chances of us suffocating.

I mean bras are the reincarnation of the devil itself.

I combed my hair with the comb I found in the dressing table but not before washing it. I didn’t know who was using the comb before me. It can be Silvic in his werewolf form for all I know.

And when I looked acceptable, I decided to go down and get over with everything.

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