The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 2


The next day, I decided to go and taste some ice cream. Even though the October air was anything but hot, I was still craving ice- cream.


I decided not to trouble my mom and went out without disturbing her. She was still tired from yesterday’s work. She was awake till 2 am rearranging the rooms. I wanted to help her but she straightaway declined stating that I’d only cause more trouble.

I did not argue with her with that statement.

I slid the hoodie over my body and wore a pair of light blue jeans before heading out. I closed the door lightly being me and sighed lightly.

I wondered how long this would last before we would be moving again. I love my mom and all but sometimes I just feel like letting her go alone and staying back in one place.

I never made friends for long. How was it even possible when we were moving? It was only a matter of time that even contacting though phone becomes a tedious task.

I couldn’t even focus on my studies. I was already behind and I was weak in studies. Thinking about the future scared the hell out of me. With the rate I was lazing around, I could definitely not see myself being around successful person.

I might as well start to save money for future use.

I bend down and tied my shoelaces and started walking towards the shop that was only alive in my memory.


As soon as I opened the door, the bells sticking to the door made a melodious sound signalling that someone had come.

I looked around the shop and I felt contended inside when I saw no major change was done inside the shop. There was still a trace of familiarity. And I loved it.

When I let my eyes to flicker towards the people only then I realize that some of them were looking at me strangely. I immediately looked down, and felt like a stranger in my own place. It was not supposed to be like this, I thought.

I took a deep breath and ignored everyone’s stare and headed towards the counter to order.

It was when I gave my order I realized that everyone in the shop was staring at me.

Most of the people had an expression of disbelief attached to their face, I pursed my lips. I knew that out town was small and all but treating a new person like they were aliens?

Something in my gut told me that I was missing something, like there was a puzzle I needed to solve. It seemed like there was more then meets the eye.

I shook my head, letting my ridiculous thoughts to drift away.

I scanned the crowd, by now most the people were busy with themselves, for an empty seat but my eyes caught a familiar face instead.


I stared at my old friend, her eyes widened when they caught mine and I gave her a small smile. I walked towards her, “Hi.”

She blinked, momentarily dazed, “Hi? Yeah. Sit down.”

I obeyed her words and did as I was told, “God, I cannot really belief is you, Phoebe.”

I laughed, “Believe me, it is me.”

She had changed so much, if it would not have been for the grey eyes and brunette hair, I would have difficulty recognizing her.

She studied my face for a moment, “You look..... Old,” she finally said, a smirk visible on her face.

Yup, she was still the same Beatrice.

“Oh so as you, how old are you, again? Thirty?” I joked, rolling my eyes at her.

She cleared her throat, “For your kind information, I’m gonna be eighteen in one month.”

I have her a mocking grin, “I’m already eighteen.”

She rolled her eyes but then her expression softened, “How are you?”

“I’m okay,” I sighed. I hadn’t really thought about that question. I was not really okay but I was good, “You?”

“I’m great. You are shifting to your old house. That house had been abandoned for years!” She told me, shaking her head.

“Yeah, I know!”


“Yeah, I’ll be starting school from next week.”

Beatrice snorted, “Good luck with school. It is a miracle I’m surviving school.” She told, sighing.

“Aren’t we all?”

We both asked each other questions and filled in whatever we had been missing from each other’s life as we walked towards our house.

We were so absorbed into our conversation that we didn’t notice the man that started to walk with us.

“Are you new?”

I shivered when I heard the voice ask and it probably didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out to whom he was asking that question.

I met the stranger’s piercing stare and instantly wanted to bow down. He radiated the aura of confidence and something deadly.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw Beatrice hurriedly bowing her head in his direction.


When I didn’t answer the question for too long, Beatrice decided to answer behalf of me, “Yes, she is.”

Her answer was straight to the point and blunt but I could sense the panic lying underneath it and the respect.

I blinked, “Oh yes.”

He seemed satisfied with our answers, “Great. I’m visiting this town too.” He said, meeting my eyes and never once directed his gaze somewhere else.

The want to bow down in front of him suddenly intensify and I immediately dropped his gaze and blinked. That was weird.

The way he said town made me want to go and hide in the hills. It felt almost sinister.

“Great.” I said, mimicking the word he said earlier.

“Alright, see you both.”

And then he was gone.

I let out a sigh of relief and turned to look at Beatrice, “Who the hell is he? He is so creepy!” I exclaimed.

Beatrice eyes widened at me words and she frantically shook her head, “No, no. He is just different.”

I nodded uneasily. I wanted to say otherwise but the look on Beatrice face stopped me.

She looked scared.

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