The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 20


I found Silvic outside my room... Well my temporary room. He was leaning against the wall, typing furiously on his phone. His forehead had creases and both his eyebrows were pulled together to each other.
I wonder if he was angry or he had this looked plaster always.

He still didn’t look at me. I took a step closer to him and cleared my throat to let him know about my presence.

He immediately looked up. His eyes travelling across my body and for moment I thought he was checking me out but then he gave this half smirk and said, “Well, men’s clothes suit you well.”

I gave him a blank stare.

He laughed out loud.

At that moment I wasn’t sure if I wanted to punch him or laugh along with him.

“Haha. Very funny.” I muttered rolling my eyes. Even a stupid person would be able to sense the sarcasm in my voice but apparently he could not.

His smirk broadened. I don’t think it could be called as a smirk anymore. It was more of a grin, “Yes. Indeed.”

I sighed shaking my head.

Maybe werewolves were genetically stupid.

He looked handsome though. The grin suited his face.

I shook away my thoughts and averted my eyes from his face, “Should we go and meet the person you were talking about?” I finally asked.

He straight away sobered up. All traces of the grinning Silvic was wiped away and the old serious face Silvic was back.

Yes. Let’s go.”

I followed Silvic to downstairs. The beauty of the house still managed to surprise me. The portraits, the beautifully designed walls; everything spoke of power.

Even the portrait of the girl that was supposed to be me was giving me the aura of Power.

I gazed at the portrait with all my senses combined into one. But still I couldn’t find any similarities between Chandra and me.

We were polar opposites. She was beautiful. I am not.

He led me straight in front of a room. His eyes found mine for a brief second before he knocked at the door.

The person we we’re going to meet was inside the room. I could feel my insides churning. I wasn’t scared. The anticipation of meeting someone in this new world was quite exciting.

I could hear footsteps from inside the room and just a second later the door was opened to us and my eyes met the face of a girl.

A girl that would have looked quite normal if not for her eyes. They were mismatched. One was the light shade of blue and the other was the darkest brown I had ever seen. Her eyes totally captured me and I had trouble looking away.

“This is Aria.” Silvic’s voice helped me to look away. My eyes met Silvic’s and I nodded.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Phoebe.” I greeted her and gave her a small smile.

She smiled back at me, nodding her head, “Nice to meet you too, luna.”

I cringed inwardly but showed nothing on my face. The smile still visible on my face, even though it is a fake one.

What’s up with everyone calling me Luna? I’d prefer if they call me by name.

Calling me Luna was too awkward.

“Come inside.” She invited us both in her room and opened her door a bit wider to indicate it.

We slid in through the door. My eyes ran through the whole room

Her room could be described as...... Cute. The room was much smaller in size than the one I was staying in but the beauty of the room made up its lack of size.

The walls were colored blue making the surroundings calm. The photo frames with photographs inside gave the room a homey feeling.

“Sit down.”

Silvic sat on the couch that was placed against the wall. My feet automatically moved towards him and I placed myself beside him.

She sat in the bed and grinned down at the both of us, “So, let’s begin.” She said excitedly, rubbing both her hands.

I blinked confusedly, “Begin what?”

“The journey of finding yourself.” Aria replied without any hesitation.


Aria laughed and I could hear Silvic sighing, “Phoebe, Aria knows. She knows everything we don’t. And she probably knows how to help you out.” Silvic explained me. He said it as if it was supposed to clear out all my doubts but all it did was make me more confuse.

“Help me out in what way?” I asked slowly, trying to process whatever he had said.

He let out a heavy breath and pressed his forehead with the help of his fingers. His expression was of utter annyoance. He wasn’t even trying to hide it anymore.

“I doubt if you are really my mate. You are so different from her.”

Ouch. That hurt.

He probably saw my expression because his eyes widened and just a second later he screamed out, “No. I don’t mean that. I’m sorry. You--”

I interrupted him, “And just like you said I’m probably not your mate so please just let me go. I have better things to do-” like sleep the whole day and watch YouTubers living their life, “And I didn’t ask for it anyway.”

I could see it in his eyes. The regret. He was regretting what he said but the damage was done.

I know I should not have been hurt but for some strange reason I was. The fact that he thought I was not enough or even capable hurt like hell.

“No, Phoebe. Believe me, you are just like her--,”

“I don’t want to be like her!” I screamed, “Don’t you see, I’m a different person. I’m Phoebe. I’m not her. I’ll never will be. And stop. Just stop whatever bullshit you are playing. I had enough of this.”

I didn’t like to be compared. No one loved to be compared. Comparing makes me feel as if I’m not good enough. I was already insecure enough and when someone compares me, it feels like my insecurity has engulfed me.

I stood up and ran towards the door and getting out of the room.

I could feel my heart beating against my chest. I tried to calm down my breathing by walking slowly but it was of no use.

I walked the same way from where I came. I was scared that I would be lost but my mind seemed to know every step of the way.

I didn’t realize where I was going, my feet took me wherever it wanted and the moment I stopped walking, I realized I was in front of a room.

A room that seemed too familiar.

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