The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 22


After one week of ignoring everyone and just locking myself up in my room, I decided that I had enough of my emotional outbursts.

I needed to accept everything even though all of this may make no sense to my earlier self but I saw things, I heard things but most importantly I felt.

I felt so many things and all in a span of less than one month.

If I could, I would gladly make myself normal but the truth was that I was not.

I mean, if you were normal you wouldn’t see wolves turning into humans or vice versa or you wouldn’t even be haunted by your earlier form.

I accepted the fact that I am Chandra because I could just feel it. When Aria helped me to see all those things I forgot, I realized that I wasn’t normal at all.

And that Silvic was my mate.

And even though all I wanted was to punch his face because he was so full of himself but deep down inside I cared for him.

Long story short: I thought he was cheating on me so I cursed his ass. He would never die. He had to carry all his burden alone, that was what I said and through the help of God, it indeed came true.

I actually thought the punishment was cool. I mean, wow! I could curse someone in my last birth? If that wasn’t cool enough then I don’t know what was.

So yes, he was cursed. By me. By the old me. Who was dead.

But I guess his punishment his over or something because, see I am his mate.


“Phoebe?” I heard a knock on the door. Beatrice was my supporter, even when this whole week I acted like a brat; she still patiently listened to me and made sure I did no stupid tasks.

“The door is open.”

She slid into my room and gave a loud sigh when she saw me curled up on the bed, her eyes flickered to the blanket that was near my feet and she shook her head.

She cleared her throat and I know a lecture was coming my way ”Luna, get your act together. How will you lead this pack if you get emotionally drained over a small thing like this? What will happen if something drastic like a rogue attack--” she was interrupted by my mother’s chuckle who just stood near the door, “Beatrice, are you again reading fiction stories?” My mom asked and I suppressed my giggle. The look on Beatrice’s face was too comical, she looked half relived that my mother thought of her speech as nonsense but I could also tell she was embarrassed.

She sheepishly smiled, “Well, she was being very stubborn-” she pointed a finger towards me, “So I thought why not humor her, eh?”

My mom just gave her a chuckle. Her gaze grew concern when her eyes met mine, “I’m going to work, okay? Will you be okay?”

“Yes, mom. I think I’m feeling fine.” I replied, giving her a grin. She seemed satisfied by my reaction and nodded her head. She kissed my forehead, and asked Beatrice to take care before heading out.

I loved my mother. I was so glad that she stopped bugging me on what was wrong because I definitely couldn’t tell the truth. I just ignored her but she did whatever she could. She called a doctor, who was also a wolf, to check on me.

The doctor, on my order, told her that it was perfectly normal and that sometimes being a teenager was hard. My mother seemed to believe him.

Well, being a Luna had its own advantages.

“So, what kind of stories are you reading, Beatrice?”

She just rolled her eyes and sat beside me on my bed. Her hand resting on her lap.

“When are you going back to school? Everyone is excited to meet you.”

I groaned loudly, “Never.” I pressed my face into the pillow before again looking towards her, a question arising in my mind.

“Why were all the people so rude to me when I first came here?” I asked, my eyebrows joined together and I frowned at the memory.

She sighed and looked down at the floor, “We don’t like humans. And this town has been free of humans since many years and then suddenly you and your mother came, we all were worried that our secret will be out.”

I nodded my head in understanding. Of course, not many will know about their secrets and I bet they prefer to keep it that way. Humans are too curious and if their secret was ever out; the time would not be long when their species would all be gone.

Humans are so evil.

Remembering the old memories also made me remember one experience. The dreadful experience of someone breaking into my room, I haven’t told anyone about that day because I wasn’t even sure if I was having a nightmare.

But when he touched me I saw visions. I was Silvic. And so I knew, now that whoever had broken into my room was real and he definitely was related to magic.

And it kind of scared me now.

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