The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 23


“We need to inform the Alpha.” She muttered with wide eyes, fear clear in her voice.

I wanted to oppose but then decided not to say anything because she was right. The only person who would be able to help was Silvic, as depressing as that sounds.

Talking about Silvic, I wasn’t sure how I felt about him. Sure, he was undeniably handsome but i don’t think I loved him.

Of course, there was this strange attraction towards him but it was probably because he was so handsome and I didn’t want to fall for someone based solely on their looks.

So yes, I was very confused about him and of course, about myself in general. Now that I know about what actually happened and why all the strange thing kept happening to me, I feel like I can finally sigh in relief and sleep peacefully but there was this nagging voice inside my head that keeps on uttering that something bad was going to happen.

A sigh escaped my lips.

Of course, how idiotic of me! Being sane is not a choice for me anyway.

“Do whatever you like.” I mumbled cuddling my pillow. It was times like this where I really wished I had a pet. I could just cuddle him or her instead of the pillow.

You can always cuddle Silvic.

A picture of me and Silvic cuddled up in bed flashed through my mind and I immediately groaned.

Don’t think about him.

My focus shifted to Beatrice. She was typing something on her phone, her eyes narrowed down at the device.

After what felt like forever, she finally looked up. Her face serious, “Get up. We need to go.”

I sat up on the bed and stared up at her questioningly, “Where? Why?”

She shook her head and waver her hand asking me to follow her, “It’s an order from Alpha.”

I sighed and got out of bed, “Let me get dressed first.”

I was just fiddling through my phone when I saw the date; 27 October. My eyes widened when I remembered that tomorrow would be 28; Beatrice’s birthday.

Shoot! What kind of a friend am I? Definitely not the one who remembers all the dates, my inner voice mocked.

I rolled my eyes at myself before wondering what the heck should I buy of her tomorrow?

A brush? Comb? It would definitely come in handy for her fur.

Nah, I need to give something more nice.

“Beatrice?” I called out.

“Yeah?” She replied absent-mindedly, her focus was on the road at that moment.

“What should-- nevermind,” I mumbled, shaking my head.

What was wrong with me? Asking someone what they will want for their birthday? Smooth, Phoebe, smooth.

“What is it?” I could sense the curiosity in her voice, I shook my head, “It’s nothing. Don’t worry.”

“Okay. As you say.” She replied, dragging out the y in okay. I could sense her eyes on me for some seconds; she was probably wondering what I wanted to ask.

I turned my head towards the window, “Look ahead, Beatrice. I don’t want to die.”

“Uhh... Yeah. Sorry.”

We both were quiet after that. I continued staring outside the window and just observing the scenery.

Beatrice suddenly took a left turn and we entered the road that led into the forest, “Hey, where are we going?”

“To Silvic’s.”


I had no idea where Silvic lived so I didn’t know where exactly Beatrice was going. How dumb was I? I even stayed in Silvic’s house but I had no idea where he lived.

No wonder I needed Silvic’s help. I was stupid, too stupid for my own good.

She stopped the engine, I looked up at her, “Huh?”

“Get down. From here, we need to walk.”

I did as I was told and got down from the car; following her.


Beatrice rolled her eyes at me, “How do you think we will be able to drive a car through the trees, we need to walk.”

That was when I noticed the surroundings and saw that there were three more cars in the area.

“Uhhhh, sure.” I replied, sheepishly feeling stupid once again.

“Now come on.”

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