The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 24


“What do you mean by I was buried there?” I demanded, I could feel my hands getting sweaty. I swallowed. I looked between Silvic and Aria, my gaze never once leaving one of them.

The fireflies nearly lightened up the whole area.


“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Alex asked me, I could sense the smile in his voice and the adoration.

“Yes. How did.. I mean, who?”


My head snapped towards him and I looked at him in confusion, “What?”

He shook his head, “Nothing. My tongue slipped.”

I didn’t buy his excuse but said nothing to him. My eyes again turned towards the tree.

I took a step towards it. And I almost felt a weird feeling inside my stomach.

“That was the place where you were buried, Phoebe.” Aria replied. Her eyes void of any emotion.

Something inside me stirred. I could feel my heart beat; it was faster than usual. The sound of my heart beating reached my ears too.


I couldn’t believe it. It was so hard to believe. Everything was so unreal for me. The world I was accustomed to was finally collapsing with no time for me to fret on anything. The more I accepted the new world, the more bizarre it got.

Calm down, Phoebe. You should be used to this till now.

“Okay.” I took a deep breath, closing my eyes and when I opened my eyes again, I decided to ask, ” Any more shocking information about me?” My eyes travelled from Silvic to Aria and then again to Silvic, “Might as well as get over with all this.”

I came here to hoping to find out who the intruder was but well, guess what I found out?

The place where my old body was placed. My own freaking grave. People were true when they said that ignorance was bliss. I sure would be much more happier if this information could be deleted from my memory.

But considering how my brain had been forgetting all the important things and remembered all the non sense and idiotic things since ages; I highly doubt it was possible.

I could see Silvic’s eyes flickering with some kind of emotion but before I could take a look at it again, it was gone.

Of course, how could he let someone see his emotions? I thought sourly.

He folded his hand. I mimicked him, my face calm whereas inside all I wanted to do was jump around, scream and throw a fit but somehow I restraint myself from making a fool out of myself.

“Well, yes, there is one more thing.”


“You were murdered.”

There goes one more shot through my heart. Geez, can a woman not stay in peace here?

I wasn’t expecting something as big as this when I asked the question, heck I wasn’t even expecting an answer.

I finally understood what people meant by expect the unexpected.

Old me was murdered? I could feel goosebumps appearing all over my body at the thought of something so scary and I was somehow managing not to fall down.

It felt like his words were physically hurting me; my body felt weak and my throat was dry.

I shook my head, hiding my face with my hands. I continued to stand like that without moving.

I wanted to deny everything and run. I was so sick of everything. Each day I had to face something overly dramatic. I was over everything, if only I had the will to face everything.

There was something wrong. There was no way someone as weak as me could be Luna.

“Phoebe,” his voice was soft and was so full of emotion, it was unlike him.

I sighed sadly, “Hmm.”

One of his hand went around my waist,“But everything is okay now.” He whispered. I tried to nod but I couldn’t. If everything was okay then why did I feel like this? Like something was pricking me inside my chest. My chest felt heavy.

My hands was resting against his chest and I could feel his heartbeat. His heartbeat was the only thing that was keeping me calm at that moment.

“Well, now that everything is said, let’s discuss the matter of the present.” Aria told, her voice laced with thick amusement as she looked at the both of us.

She meant about the intruder.

Silvic let go of me and I was instantly missing the heat of his body. He shook his head, “No, it’s better if we end it up here today. I don’t think she will be able to handle anymore news today.” He sighed. I was nodding eagerly. The more sooner I’ll be able to get out of here, the more time I would get to buy a gift for Beatrice.

And I do want to give her something that was meaningful.

“Alright. I have no problems.” Aria told, shrugging.

I was cheering on the inside but on the outside I managed to keep my facade calm.

“So can I go?”

“Yeah but I’ll be visiting you tomorrow.” Silvic said, his eyes resting on me.

“Then you better bring your own gift for Beatrice.” I said, rolling me eyes because I knew I couldn’t stop Silvic from doing what he wanted.

He was stubborn to the very core.

And maybe I liked that about him.

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