The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 25

Twenty Five

"When you saw me, you just ran. Never waited for my explanation. You were nowhere to be found. Then after a weak we found you. Dead.”

My old self was pretty darn weak. I mean, how dumb was I to get myself killed?

Definitely need to have an IQ lower than the average. I shook my head. I would not let anything control my mind. Right now, my mission was to find a beautiful gift for my beautiful and supportive friend. And that was what I was going to do.

I was going to gift hunt.

I slowly turned around, “Um Silvic?” I wasn’t going to be calling him Alpha. I wasn’t going to follow their whatsoever wolf traditions.

He raised his eyebrow, “Yeah?”

I gave a sheepish smile, bringing my hand to my head, “Um about the gift. I want it to a secret so will you mind going to the town with me?” I asked him.

“Kids,” I heard him mutter under his breath but he gave me nod and said, “Yeah, sure. Come with me.”

I gritted my teeth but restraint myself from arguing with him. I was just going to act like I hadn’t heard him calling me a kid.

That would make him a pedophile since he is claims I’m his mate. I wonder if that is true. I haven’t felt any feeling that is related to love. All I see is a normal man who is attractive beyond reasons and that was it; nothing more.

“But Alpha, what about the half wolf situation?” Aria questioned, her head tilting towards her left shoulder.

Half wolves? I blinked slightly but didn’t question them. As if werewolves weren’t enough.

“They won’t be a problem anymore. Don’t you know?” He questioned, his gaze on the wall beside me.

"Yes. Just wanted to confirm.” She flashed a cheeky smile but it was directed towards me since Silvic wasn’t facing her.

“Very well, then. Phoebe, let’s go.” He walked away from the room without even waiting for me.

Damn him! Just when I was about to get out of the darn room, Aria’s voices stopped me, “Phoebe.”

I paused my steps, “Um, yes?” I whispered without turning around. My grip

For some reason, I was scared of Aria. She did control my mind a few moments ago, she gave me a smile, “Kiss him once, will you? If you want all your answers.”


Before I could question her any further, she was already out of the room.

What did she mean? Kiss him? I don’t have any doubt in my mind that him refers to Silvic.

If you want all your answers. Her eyes words echoed in my mind. All my answers.

So she meant that if I kiss him, I’d get my answers?

What were my questions to start with anyway?

Who comes up with this stupid stuffs anyway? Kiss him, my ass. This wasn’t a fairy tail. Silvic was no Prince and I was no heroine.

I didn’t even want to be one. And Silvic was more like the big bad wolf.

All I want is a huge amount of money so that I can travel the damn world.

“Fuck this.” I muttered angrily to myself. I was already done with everything anyway.

“Half wolves?”

“Yes. What is it?” I questioned, my eyes flickering to his face. His eyes were on the road and for a moment it flickered towards me before again looking straight ahead.

“I am going to explain this only once so listen carefully-,” I nodded my head eagerly, wanting to know what it was, “We werewolves have two souls inside of us; one is of the man and the other is of the wolf.” He paused, taking a deep breath, “To behave in a society and rationally, our dominant behavior is that of human. Our wolf is suppressed and comes only when in need but-,” His hands on the steering wheel tightened, I could clearly view his veins now. What made him so angry? “But there are some of us who let our wolf take the control. Those bastards only know how to cause destruction. They only seek power forgetting that without a stable mind power cannot be controlled.” By the time he finished his explaining, he was gritting his teeth.

I could literally feel that he was not in good terms with these half wolves. But I still couldn’t stop myself from asking the question, “You told that they are dominated by their wolf?” I asked. His nod was my answer.

“Then why are they called half wolves?”

“They are called rogues too. I prefer the term half wolves since they are nothing like us.”

His tone scared me so I didn’t question him any further. I wonder what made him so mad?

Normally, he wasn’t that aggressive. “And remember the green eyed wolf who tried to attack us?” I nodded my head, “They are called half wolves.”

I already encountered a half wolf and I had no idea. My gaze slightly shifted to him. His posture was still rigid. He looked like he wanted to punch someone but some unseen force was restraining him. His jaw clenched. Unclenched. And it continued for sometime.

My eyes fell to his lips. It looks soft, I bit my lips unknowingly whilst looking at his lips.

“Don’t. Do. That.” I heard him growl out and I immediately looked up to his face wondering what he was talking about.

His pupils were dilated, the car was no longer on move.

“Don’t look at me like that. You don’t want to know the results.” He spoke, his eyes piercing through mine.

I gulped.

“Ahh, yes.”

Was it bad that I really wanted to know the results?

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