The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 26


“Shut up, Silvic.” I growled in annoyance. It seemed like no matter what I do, Silvic always had some problems. “If you want to go home then go. I’m not stopping you.” I told giving him a glare.

He glared back at me, “I can’t leave you all alone. It’s dangerous.”

My eyebrow twitched, “Suit yourself.”

I was waiting outside Beatrice’s house waiting for the clock to struck twelve so that I could wish her. The gift that I brought for her was already in my hands, wrapped and I bet she would love it.

But I had one problem: Silvic. He claimed that it was dangerous for me to stay out all alone. So I asked him to stay out with me but all he had been doing was to bug me. He claimed I was being very troublesome.

As if I care.

“Won’t you go in? It’s twelve already.” He stated pushing his smartphone in front of my face. I took a few steps backward in surprise and then gave him a glare for giving me a small heart attack, “I know.” I scowled.

I didn’t actually, but I definitely wasn’t going to tell him that.

I took out my cell phone and called Beatrice. She received it in the third ring, “Hello?” I heard her say.

“Come down, will you?” I couldn’t stop my grin from appearing.

“Huh why?” She questioned, curiosity in her voice.

“Shut up and just come down.” I told and as soon as she replied me positively, I hung up.

I heard footsteps and after few seconds, the door opened revealing Beatrice dressed in her pyjamas.

“Happy birthday, Beatrice.” I wished her, my voice a pitch higher.

Her eyes widened at first and then she laughed, “Only you can do this, Phoebe. But thank you so much.”

I grinned and handed her the gift. She eyed it curiously, “And you brought a gift too. Thanks so much, Phoebe.” Her smile was big and it made me happy. I was grateful that my actions made her smile.

I was very much grateful.

“Happy birthday, Beatrice.” Silvic’s voice made me jump in surprise. I actually forgot for a minute that he was here too, with me.

Beatrice looked surprise to see him and once she came back to her senses, she bowed her head, “Alpha. Thank you.” She gave him a small smile before her eyes flickered towards mine and she have me a questioning look.

I could literally feel her asking me: why is the Alpha here?

I shrugged, “Ignore that dumbass.” I whispered slightly just for her to hear but unfortunately, the alpha heard it too.

“This dumbass has a name and I prefer my name.” I heard him say. I rolled my eyes at him but didn’t say anything. I wasn’t in the mood of arguing with him. It was Beatrice’s birthday. I wanted to spend some alone time with her.

I wonder why he was still here.

It was Beatrice who replied, “I’m so sorry, Alpha.” Panic was clear in her voice.

My eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

I grabbed Silvic’s collar and pulled him towards me. I could see his eyes widen in surprise but he managed to control his steps.

My eyes travelled from his eyes to his nose, to his lips. I also let my eyes freely roam across his shoulder and only then did I realize how broad it was.

It was manly.

I quickly put aside my thoughts, my own thoughts astonished me.

“Why is everyone so scared of you?” I questioned more to myself then to him, “You look like one of us and don’t you think as an Alpha people should feel more comfortable around you then to be scared?” I voiced out my thoughts, m eyebrows raised.

It was kind of bugging me to see everyone scared of him. There was a thin line between giving respect an being scared.

And also, I didn’t want my mate to be someone who everyone was scared of. I want him to loved by everyone.

I slightly blinked at my thoughts.


Did I already accept him as my mate?

I saw Silvic’s eyes watching my kips before he looked straight into my eyes, “Yeah.” His voice was rough.

I had no idea why he yeah me. I couldn’t remember what I asked. My mind was jumbled and I was lost in his eyes. Literally.

“Beatrice, is it you?” Beatrice’s mom half sleepy face was immediately erased when she saw Silvic.

I took some steps back. I had no idea what took over me. Kiss him if you want all your answers. Aria’s voice rang through out me.

“Alpha.” Beatrice’s mom bowed slightly. “Is something the matter, Alpha?”

“No, no. Don’t worry. I just came over to wish Beatrice.”

I could see relief seeping into her eyes. She nodded and thanked Silvic.

I was right.

Everyone was scared of their own alpha.

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