The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 27

Kiss him once.

Kiss him once.

I needed to kiss him to get my answer. Well that was what I had been told.

I was trying to ignore the nagging thought that was desperately making me want to go and kiss the shit out of Silvic.

“Ahhhh.” I screamed. I was frustrated. I needed to do my math homework but here I was thinking about Silvic. More specifically, I was thinking about kissing him.

I groaned and lied down on the bed. It was a good thing that my mother was still outside or else she would have questioned my sanity.

But I got it all from my mom, anyway.

I sighed and scrolled through the pictures that we all took on Beatrice’s birthday.

My mouth automatically moved upwards and I found myself smiling down at the pictures. Most of the pictures were of us laughing or blurry pictures that didn’t make any sense.

My hands paused when I found a picture of Silvic. He looked awkward and out of place. Everyone was laughing or talking whereas he was sitting like s statue. His eyes were bored.

I let out a chuckle. “That idiot.”

I remember telling him that he could leave if he wanted to but he wouldn’t budge. He told me he wanted to stay with me.

Now that I think about it, Silvic was actually sweet. I was the only one who kept on getting mad at everything he did.

I sighed. I definitely needed to stop letting my emotions control me.

I hugged my pillow and kept on scrolling through the pictures.

“Was his shoulders always this sexy?” I questioned myself when a picture of Silvic again popped up.

I groaned when I continued to stare at his picture. I was acting like a stalker. I immediately swiped the phone like a wild woman.

Phoebe, get a grip.

“This is the last time.” I muttered as I again swiped through the pictures to find the picture of him.

Damn him. Damn him. Damn him. Damn him. Damn him.

I couldn’t believe that I was crushing on him. I slapped my forehead.

I didn’t want to have a crush on him. It would mean that I would have to accept whatever the hell nonsense this werewolf thing meant.

If I accept it then would I have to be a Luna?

I didn’t want to have a crush at this moment. The fictional characters were enough.

I should just ignore-- DING!

I jumped slightly in surprise when I heard the bell ringing.

It was late. Who could it be?

Should I ignore it?

The bell continued to ring and I had no choice but to go down. I made sure not to make any choice.

I was more then surprised to see the man standing in front of the door through the peephole.

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