The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 28

Damien? I hope I got the name correct.

He was the guy that I had met on the first day here. I could still remember the way Beatrice was scared when she saw him.

I wondered if I should open the door. But every time I go to open the door, Beatrice’s face filled my mind and I hesitate. Was he dangerous?

I again took a look through the peephole and he was directly looking at me. Even though I knew that he can’t see me, it still felt like he was starring right at me.

“I know you are in there.” Talk about being creepy.

I sighed, knowing very well that it would be for my best to open the door like his wish.

“Are humans really dumb or are you just really stupid?” That was the first thing that he asked me when I opened the door to let him in. Every muscle in my body was begging me to not to open the door, and I really should’ve listened to it.

“Excuse me?”

He rolled his eyes, “Listen, I have no desire to chat with you,” Same here, I thought. “But,” He continued, “As an alpha, I do have to address the Luna of this pack before leaving.”

Oh, he was an Alpha too?

“Oh, you are not staying here anymore?” I questioned him curiously.

I swear I could hear him growl, “Did you not listen to what I just said? Yes, I am leaving. I need to go to my own pack.”

Geez, this guy really had some serious anger issues. He even got angry at a damn question.

I simply nodded my head as I didn’t want to fuel his anger farther to the point where I could be swimming in it.

“Okay, have a nice journey.” In other words, just get eaten by a big bad wolf. Oh wait! You are the big bad wolf! Hmmmmmm!

“Wait, I didn’t just come in here to say that.” I looked at him questioningly. Why else did he come here for? To murder me with a sword?

“If you don’t agree to be the Luna, that is, if you don’t accept Silvic as your mate then I’m sorry to say but you probably will die soon.” I was not even surprised to hear the word die. The word ‘Die’ is as normal to the wolves as the word ‘bread’ to the humans. They probably chant the die before going to sleep.

“Okay.” I shrugged.

Damien rolled his eyes, “I am very serious. You haven’t seen what this mate bond can do. If it is rejected, you will feel really dejected, gloomy. I am not saying you will really die but I guess dying would be better.”

“Okay, thank you for telling me!” I sighed.

“Anyway, I see great happiness in front of both go you so it’s like I need to worry!” He shrugged and I just gave him a blank me, “And, you are telling me this now?” It was, now, my turn to roll my eyes.

“How do you know that? Are you like Aria?” The question stumbled out of my lips before I could stop. I was praying so that he might not get angry again.

“Aria is gifted, I am cursed.”

I blinked.


I couldn’t question him any further as he told his goodbyes.

“Anyway, I have to go. I hope the next time I visit; you at least know how to behave like a Luna.”

“Yes, sir. Now, get lost.”

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