The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 29

The words that Damien said yesterday to me, still rung inside my head. I wonder if I was being stubborn by ignoring everyone’s wish.

Who cared anymore? I was just a normal high school student and my priority right now was to ace every tests that school would throw towards me. I just cannot get a job by stating that I am a Luna. They would probably look at me like I was a lunatic.

Maybe, I was one. I sighed and shook my head. Focus, Phoebe.

I took a last look at my face before going downstairs. My mom was still sleeping and I was not going to disturb her beauty sleep because she’d probably slap my face.

I put on my shoes before heading out. I was silently praying to God for a normal day ahead. All I wanted was a normal day, just for one day.

If only I would had known what were to happen, I’d had never left home.

I was greeted by Beatrice as soon as I reached school. I swear, she had some super vision and her vision tingled whenever I was near her and that was how she always managed to find me.

“Let go,” I managed to squeeze out my words through her tight grip on my body. She didn’t listen and continued assaulting me.

“Stop,” I tried again and fortunately, she heard me this time.

I took a deep breath as soon as she let me go. I looked up, “You are going to murder me one day.” I told her.

She gave me a cheeky smile, “Humans are weak.”

I glared at her with all my might, “You dog! You stink!” I retorted jokingly.

She let out a gasp, “We are wolves!”

“Woof! Woof!” she slapped my arms and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Beatrice laughed along with me and once our laughter died, we greeted each other as normally as we could.

The rest of our conversation consisted of home works, tests and any other random topics that a teenager thought was necessary.

“Are you sure it’s a shortcut? I don’t want an axe murderer to wait for me on the other side.” We all planed that our evening would be spent on Tyler’s house. Everyone was gushing on about how beautiful his house was as he was the Beta’s brother.

I was surprised to find out that he was Alex’s brother. There were similarities between them but I never would have guessed that they both were related.

Well, it was a small, round world. An incident like this was bound to happen because of my obliviousness.

But, right now my current concern wasn’t Alex or Tyler. It was the path to find his damn house.

Tyler suggested that we take a new path, which was short too, for a change. The path was rough and small bushes were starting to grow. It was an abandoned road and I had no idea how Tyler discovered this road.

And, we all being young, dumb and lazy high school kids agreed.

An adult would have never agreed but we aren’t one, so here we were in the supposed path that was to make our journey short.

On the contrary, we probably took more time because of this route. We all were starting to get scared and the only way to express it was through crazy axe murderer jokes.

“Relax, you all will be safe.” It was Tyler who said that.

“I feel more scared now,” Beatrice joked, and I let out giggle.

We continued to joke around but the slight fear in everyone’s heart was still present.

We all stopped in our tracks when we heard a snap. Someone broke a branch and that someone wasn’t one of us.

It could probably mean two things; someone was following us and also, someone following us. My brain stopped functioning properly and the only thing that I could think of was an axe murderer. The three of us started to walk faster.

I took a look back to see if someone was actually following us. My eyes widened when my eyes met a pair of green eyes. I immediately felt like we all were in danger. My mind reminded me of the time Silvic told me of half wolves. There was a nagging feeling inside me that the man who had been following us was definitely one of them.

“Tyler and Beatrice, you guys can transform, right?” I quietly asked them.

They both looked at me weirdly but nodded their head.

“Great, I want you both to run to Silvic and inform him of a man with green eyes. Tell him he might be a half wolf.” Beatrice gasped and nodded her head.

“But, wait. Where will you go?” She asked, worry prevalent in her tone.

“The moment you both transform, I’ll run. I want you guys to go in different directions.”

She shook her head, “No, no. I don’t want to leave you alone.”

“Please, do as I say or we might end up dead here.”

“You forgot that we both are wolves too, we can fight—,” I glared at the both of them.

“Are you not going to listen to your Luna?” It was time for me to use the power of the word Luna.

Beatrice didn’t reply anything. I tried again, “I am ordering you as you guys’ Luna. Hurry up and go!”

That did it.

They both transformed. And the moment they did, I ran in the left direction. I put my bad down on the road and ran like my life depended on it.

I didn’t look back and kept running forward. Well, it was more like walking since the tress and the bushes decided to stick together and there was little space for me to run.

I relaxed for bit when I saw that no one was following me. By now, Silvic was probably informed about the situation.

There was no time for me to relax as I heard footsteps and I could definitely tell that it wasn’t Silvic.

But, I had no energy to move so I just stood wherever I was standing. If it was some enemy then I’d definitely die.

The green eyed man made eye contact with me and I nearly pissed my pants.

I jumped in surprise when I saw another pair of eyes behind him.


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