The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 3


I always had trouble adjusting in crowded places and it came as no surprise that I was unable to blend in during lunch time.

“It gets better,” I mumbled to myself.

For me, the first three days in a new school was always the toughest time for me. People would stare at me like I was some kind of alien, whispering then there would be the rumors circulating around the new student.

And the most difficult situation was to find a friend and to not end up as a loner during lunch time.

It should had need easy for me to find a friend as it was the town I was raised in but it was not. Most of the people here are new and all the old people I knew, had moved to some place.

It was like this whole town was occupied by some strangers and it was weird how many people I remembered was nowhere to be seen.

Something was up with this town.

“Phoebe!” A voice called out loudly making most of the people to look at me and I immediately let out a curse.

Beatrice gave me a huge smile which I tried to return. The keyword being tried. Knowing me, I probably looked like I was constipated or something.

“Sit with us.” Two more people were sitting with her. I didn’t know either of them.

Great, two new people.

I walked over to them and sat with Beatrice opposite to the two strangers.

“Hi.” The guy that sat with us greeted me giving me a small smile.

“Hi. I’m Phoebe!”

He nodded his head, “I’m Tyler and she is Jenny.”

The blonde girl gave me a huge smile and I smiled back, “Hi. Nice to meet you guys. Hope I’m not troubling you all.”

Beatrice slapped my hand, “Non sense, you are not. Now sit with us like a good girl and have your lunch.”

I rolled my eyes at her but did what I was told to do anyways.

“Where did Alex, Monica, Daniel went? Are they around here somewhere?” I asked after sometime. I wanted my confusion to be cleared away. How can 8 out of 10 people in this town was nowhere to be seen?

“Uhh.. I think.. Uhh.. They all got a new job, yeah. They did.” Beatrice finally told me and I gave her a weird look, “All three of them together? And what about others? I haven’t seen anyone here. Why?” I didn’t notice that my voice was slightly rising until some of the students turned to look at me.

Beatrice looked down and I could sense that she was playing her hands. For a long time no one said anything and then Beatrice finally opened her mouth, “I don’t know. I honestly don’t k know. There has been a lot that has been going on.”

“Like what?” I wanted answers, I knew that I probably looked like a stupid girl worrying about something that is not even there but something in my gut was telling me that something was wrong and if one thing I had learned from life is to trust my gut.

She looked up at me and opened her mouth but before any words could come out, Tyler interrupted her, “Beatrice.” A stupid person could also tell that it was a warning. A warning for her to stop.

I gritted my teeth in annoyance. Now it was official, something was going on with this town and everyone knew beside one person.

Me. Phoebe.


“Stupid town. Stupid people.” I muttered to myself when a girl my age openly glared at me.

I get it that I was not welcomed here but can’t these guys could be a little less obvious?

Whole day no one came to talk to me and basically I was a loner. I felt like an outcast.

I kicked a stone that was nearby in frustration but regretted it immeaditely.

A car was on the side of the road and I somehow managed to hit it with the freaking stone.

Like how? Every time I even threw a stone it only managed to travel some centimetres but today it had to hit a freaking car.

Okay calm down, the stone was too small. A small stone cannot harm a car if anything the stone was probably the only one that was moaning in pain.

Now wanting to trouble myself any further, I decided to walk away.

But again, it never happens now does it?

I heard footsteps and I as a result crossed my fingers.

“Hey, you!” A voice called out. It was not even a scream but somehow a shiver managed to travel down my spine. I spin on my heels and faced him and what I saw nearly took my breath away.

God, he was so beautiful.

And also maybe it had to do with the fact that the weird man I saw while coming from the ice-cream shop stood near him.

I was officially screwed.

But what happened next was more weird like too freaking weird.

The beautiful man whispered, “Mine.” Before kneeling down and bowing his head, “My queen.”

That was it.

I gave him a weird look and turned around.

And then I ran.

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