The King Without A Queen

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I didn’t know what was happening but whenever Silvic was around, I felt giddy. I giggle a lot now. It was like my personality switched over. I was now a happy Phoebe.

I honestly felt like a girl that just discovered her first crush. And, Silvic noticed it too.

“Please, tell me if you are really okay?” He had been asking this question since the last few minutes and every time he asked, I just nodded my head. I bet the real question he wanted to ask was, ‘Are you really the Phoebe I know?’

Heck, even I was questioning myself. Was I really myself at this moment? I really missed the old me who would snap at Silvic whenever it was possible. I was getting soft now.

I was accepting that fact that I was a Luna now. When did I change so drastically?

“What type of person is Alpha Damien?” The words came out of my mouth without even me realizing it. Silvic narrowed his eyes down at me, “Why do you ask?” He was no longer interested in the book that he had been reading. His focus was only at me right now.

“He told me a few things. So, I’m just curious.” I acted nonchalantly whereas I was truly curious about him. I found it truly shocking that his words had affected me to the level that I feel like I was not myself anymore.

His eyes gleamed with interest, “What did he say to you and when?” He welcomed himself into my house and threatened me with words; I didn’t say that.

“He was just looking out for you.” I wasn’t exactly lying. He did tell me to accept Silvic and so it meant that he was looking out for him, right?

“I don’t know much about Damien. His case is similar to mine….. Or not,” I raised an eyebrow but knowing myself both my eyebrows might have risen.

“It’s a rumour so I don’t really know, but I have heard that he has risen from his own death.” I stared at him with a stupid look on my face.

“Stop joking.” I deadpanned.

“I am not joking. I am just telling you what I have heard.”

“But- but that’s so absurd.” I stated. My eyes were wide with disbelief. I couldn’t believe the words that were spurting out of his mouth.

He shrugged, “It might not be true. I told you it’s just a rumour.”

I hope that it might stay as a rumour forever. I had no wish to talk with a dead man.

I wonder if I was even in earth. What happened to all the things that I learned in school? Was going to school actually worth it, I wondered. I can’t just math away all my problems now, can I?

“Where is Alex?” I muttered to myself in annoyance. He had told me that he’d be teaching me all the things that were needed to be a Luna but that idiot was nowhere to be found. That was the reason why I was disturbing Silvic with my silly questions.

“Is he dead?” I questioned myself when the annoyance started to prick at me again. I made some unfathomable noises that questioned my sanity, but I didn’t care anymore.

The world was making me insane. Everyone around me had one screw cracked; it’s no wonder that I caught their disease.

I was in the middle of making uncanny noises when Alex entered the room. He gave me a look that questioned my rationality, “Are you okay?” I had been asked that question before and I didn’t even know the answer anymore.

“She has been like this for the past few minutes.” It was Silvic who answered with a sigh.

“You are finally here!” I exclaimed ignoring Silvic’s remark. I wiped away my non-existent tears and smiled. I could see the amusement that reflected in his face.

“Let’s begin!” I blinked. “Here?”

“Or do you need a private room for some private lessons?” He grinned making me blush.

I could hear Silvic making a weird noise that was in between a growl and a strangled cry. I immediately stiffened, “I didn’t mean that,” I didn’t know why but when I told that my eyes fell on Silvic’s figure. He had a look of annoyance attached to his face.

“Learn to take a joke, will you, Alpha?” Alex told, rolling his eyes.

“Don’t joke with my mate. She is the Luna.” There goes my heart straight into his hands.

“Whatever!” Alex breathed, dejected.

I just looked at the wall that was straight in my vision. I wanted to say something but nothing came out of my mouth. The wall was pretty attractive.

Damn, where was the snappy Phoebe?


I was surprised to find so many books about the werewolves. Who wrote this? How did they even buy it? What was the price? Where do they get these? Why did Silvic have so many books? Why was I getting so impatient?

“I can’t read this. Why are the letters so small like the ants? I need a damn magnifying glass or give me a binocular.” I shouted in irritation. The small letters were pricking my eyes.

“Can’t you just tell me? I don’t want to read.” I told looking at the boy who was lying on the sofa like some man who had nothing to do.

Actually, he had nothing to do. He let out a yawn, “You should be able to read a book by now.”

“I’m just illiterate.” I told him with the most serious voice and look I could muster.

Silvic, who was reading a book, let out a chuckle but didn’t comment on anything.

Alex sat down on the sofa with a groan, “So, listen. Werewolves appeared here way before the humans. We are the oldies.” He said giving me a pointed look. I just shrugged. What the hell was I supposed to do? Lick his feet just because his species were older?

“But, as generations passed most people lost the ability to transform. Slowly, werewolves became a myth. Our population decreased and we had to keep our species a secret because we were very less. Our numbers were decreasing-,” He let out a yawn, “And, then packs, like us, were starting to form. Packs gave us a sense of security. In other words, packs protected us and bleh bleh.”

I was so interested in the information he was giving me that I cried out in annoyance at his last uttered words.

Bleh bleh?

“And also we love the Moon. It’s like the Moon is our God.” I nodded my head as I let the information sink in. It was like I was learning about a different culture.

I hopped in surprised when the door to the room opened. A man entered the room and he was breathing heavily, “Half wolves!”


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