The King Without A Queen

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Silvic let out an irritated sound, “Again? Are you kidding me?” He questioned. His voice suggested that he was annoyed with the present situation.

I could see Alex groaning, “Why? Why is this happening? Do you think we can just let them be, alpha?” Wow, he was doing his job real good.

Silvic glared at him, “Shut up.”

“But it’s so annoying.” He placed his hands at his forehead and let out a dramatic groan. I blankly stared at him. How the hell was he the Beta? I feel the pack really need to change their Beta. How a lazy guy like Alex did even became the beta in the first place?

Was this a heredity thing? I need to ask this afterwards.

Silvic ignored Alex. He turned to look at me, “I am going out. You can stay here as long as you want.” And, with that he walked out of the room with the man.

“Silvic is hot.”

“Yeah,” I sighed dreamily. My cheeks coloured when I realized that Alex was the one who commented and I, like a fool, responded unknowingly.

Alex sniggered, “I should have recorded it.”

My eyes narrowed at him, “Shut up!” Wow, I was so original.

“I am quiet!” He told, as he raised his hands up in surrender, “I am going after Silvic-,” He said after a few seconds, “Why did I even become the beta?” He questioned himself with a groan. I nodded my head as I questioned myself too; why did he even become a beta?

He was better off with doing nothing.


“You can continue to read the book.”

I nodded my head and then he went out of the room.

Now, where were my binoculars?


I gave up after five minutes. The words were quiet hard to understand. I rested my head on the table and let out a sigh. Now, what should I do?

There was no Silvic for me to ask question. Alex was also out so he couldn’t disturb me too.

I stood up, kept the book in the shelf and went out of the door. I slightly closed the door behind me and glanced at the hallway. I took the way which led to Silvic’s room.

Once I reached his room, I opened the door and entered.

I smiled happily and strode towards the bed. I was going to do what I loved most in the world; sleep.

I wasn’t going to go home just so I could sleep when there was bed in such proximity. I was going to sleep here. I don’t think that Silvic would mind. I let out a yawn as soon I rested my body on the bed.

I stared at the ceiling above and rested both my hands above my chest. Life was going in a pretty crazy direction. I breathed; what was going to happen next? I won’t say that I regret coming back to this town, but everything that was happening near me was stressing me out.

And what was the deal with the half wolves? Were the werewolves not able to control their own wolves? I was truly curious as to why it was happening. Was something the trigger for this? I remember Silvic telling me that they were normal wolves and that now they were acting strange. It couldn’t happen overnight. Something would have caused this.

I yawned again and hugged the pillow. Well, whatever might happen, it doesn’t matter to me.

It does matter. You are the Luna. I groaned at my inner voice.

I’d think about it later. Sleep was my main concern now, and I don’t think that Silvic would need my help. He had been doing pretty well without my help.

I closed my eyes and let sleep carry me into a peaceful world.


When I became aware of my surroundings, the first that I heard was the laugher. My mind and my brain both ignored it for some incomprehensible reason. I guess I was still caged in the arms of sleep.

It was when I heard Silvic asking Alex to shut up that my mind began to function properly. I tried to open my eyes and when I did, I saw two figures staring at my sleeping body.

When I realized that one of the figures was Silvic, I woke up and sat upright. I rubbed my eyes and a yawn escaped from my mouth.

“You were drooling. You look gross.” That was the first thing that Alex told me. I looked down and rubbed my cheeks and indeed, I drooled.

I could hear Silvic scolding Alex for being rude with me.

“Don’t mind this fool. You look beautiful.” He told me. My heart stopped beating for a millisecond. My cheeks reddened, heck I felt like my whole was steaming. I was going to die from a heart attack one day.

Alex laughed, “Look at her.” I didn’t think that I could blush more but I proved myself wrong.

“Shut up, you asshole.” I screamed pointing my finger at him. He laughed louder. Silvic let out a chuckle too and I glared at him.

“Stop laughing at me.” I groaned in annoyance.

“Sure, beautiful.” My heart cried. I couldn’t believe that Silvic was taking part with Alex to tease me. I placed my hands against my face and rolled on the bed.

“I hate you all.”

Silvic was opening up more to me. He was becoming more playful and if this would continue, I don’t think that I’d stay alive anymore. My heart would burst open and I’d go to heaven with his voice surrounding me.

“But, I love you.”

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