The King Without A Queen

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Of course I don’t mind. Nobody would mind kissing those lips.

My body rose up. I looked everywhere but at him. What should I say?

I took a deep breath.

I needed to say whatever I wanted. I needed to be honest. This was going to be the only way I was going to know what I was feeling.

I slightly nodded my head and held eye contact with him.

I could tell that he was not expecting my answer. Heck, I wasn’t even expecting myself to answer like this.

His eyes widened for a second but the next second, I swear I could see his pupil getting dark. I felt goosebumps appearing all over my body. He brought his body closer to mine and I did everything in my power to stop myself from screaming at our zero distance.

His body was warm and soft. When he wrapped his arms around my waist, I felt like I was in heaven. It felt like no one could harm me if I remained in his arms like that.

More than anything, I felt happy to feel his body against mine.

My hands were clutching the bed sheet so tightly that I surprised that it didn’t tore off right away.

“Calm down. I am not going to eat you up.” He chuckled near my ear and I nearly felt my soul leaving my body. His voice sounded so rough and…… sexy.

He moved his body and placed himself in between my legs. I swear I could feel a sweat roll down my neck. What the hell was he trying to do?

He probably saw my panicked expression and that’s why he placed his hand on my cheek, “Calm down.” I could hear the amusement in his voice. He was probably thinking that I never kissed anyone. It wasn’t true. I did kiss a boy when I was fifteen. And that’s it. We just kissed. I didn’t feel anything. Later on, we both laughed at how awkward the kiss was.

Considering my first kiss was so tasteless, I never really thought that kissing someone would be a fun activity. The shows and movies portrayed kisses as something pleasurable and I just laughed at the screen.

But as I stared at his face, I felt very satisfied. Every cell in my body relaxed and I wanted nothing but to gaze at his beautiful face.

Although the moment he leaned in, I felt all my cool leaving the body. I had become a nervous wreck.

His lips touched mine and I swear even chocolates couldn’t beat the feeling I was feeling right then.

But all of a sudden I felt like my body was floating away. I had trouble in breathing and I let go off his lips and started taking in air through my mouth.

Silvic looked at me with a panicked expression. He rubbed my back, “Hey, hey, hey. Calm down!”

My mind became hazy and his face started to blur out.

I honestly had no idea what I was feeling then. I just felt like my body became lighter and my head was becoming dizzy.

And in a flash I could remember everything.

Something inside me snapped and every memory rolled down my mind with no intention of pausing. My head started to hurt and I let out a strangled cry.

“Stop!” I cried out.

My panic attacks calmed down when a warm body pushed itself closer to me. Silvic started to rub my head. I hiccupped.

What was that?

Was it all the memories of my past life? At this moment nothing could surprise me. Someone might say these are all a preview of my next life and I’d believe them.

I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. I wasn’t sad. I was just confused. And I cry whenever I feel any inch of emotion. Why did my memories decide to pop out when I was deciding my feelings for him? The caring side he showed to her---me, made my heart soft. This whole past life thing was still confusing and weird for me but, I accepted the fact that she had been a part of me. The memories of her made me more attracted to Silvic.

He was waiting for us, wasn’t he?

“Phoebe, are you alright?” Silvic asked me. I looked at his eyes. Worry and concern was prevalent. I started to cry louder. Why did he even care about me?

“Why do you even love me?” I shouted, “All I ever do is get mad at every single thing you do. I don’t even understand my feelings. I was so damn rude to you at the beginning. I only started to have feelings for you because I thought you were attractive. I am not even talented. I don’t even who I am at this moment. I hurt you. You shoul—,” He placed his hands against my lips and gave me a confused look.

“Did you hit your head somewhere? And do I even need a reason? I love you because you are you. I love you because you do all the stupid things you mentioned. Honestly, you just make me happy. Do I need a reason to be happy?” He told me, looking straight into my eyes.

“I hate you.” I cried out. My face was probably distorted into a weird expression. How did it turn out like this? I thought I was just a normal girl that would end up living with three dogs. How was a mere human making me so happy?

“I love you too.” He chuckled.

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