The King Without A Queen

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Silvic and I had developed a bizarre relationship since the past few days. We stuck by each other the whole day. He showed me all his feelings.

I had not told him that I love him. I wanted to but every time I try to push the three little words out of my mouth, I get stuck. I didn’t know what I was scared about. I just didn’t have the confidence in me to utter those words.

I wanted to be like Silvic; confident and having faith in himself. He was everything that I wasn’t and maybe that was why I fell for him.

Opposites attract.

I was with Alex. He was teaching me all the things that were important to know as a Luna.

I was busy trying to understand half of the terms he was telling me when he gave me a look. I internally shivered and asked him, “What?”

“Did you two mate yet?” He asked me, his eyes were shining with curiosity.

I looked at him with furrowed eyebrows and brought my head closer to his body, “Huh?”

He scanned my face, “I am guessing no.” He let out a sigh and shook his head. He looked like he was done with whatever I was doing. Heck, I was done with my life too. Let life do whatever the hell it wanted with me.

“You guys really need to mate soon. How long are you guys planning to wait?” I just stared him and then slightly narrowed my eyes. I couldn’t comprehend what he was saying. I was confused. What did he mean by mate?

“How do we mate?” I asked him, furrowing my eyebrows and pushing my lips.

He looked at me with disbelief, “Are you seriously asking me this?” The look he was giving me made me feel like I was the most stupid girl in the world.

I hesitated, should I answer with a negative word? Did everyone know what mate mean? Didn’t the word mate mean some kind of buddy or a friend?

I was trying to remember what exactly the word meant when a particular definition entered my mind. Wasn’t the word mate used when we describe a sexual activity of an animal?

My mind grew blank and I mentally cursed my brain for knowing what the word meant mean? Was Alex talking about this mate? Werewolves were animals and using the word mate…. I didn’t even want to know if I was correct.

Alex probably read my expressions, “Don’t give that look. It looks like you saw some ghost.” He chuckled slightly, leaning back against the chair he was sitting on.

“Mating simply means marking. It’s a technique that binds the physical body together.” Oh.

“Didn’t Silvic tell you about it?” He asked me but it looked like he was questioning the sanity of his Alpha to himself.

I slightly shook my head. Silvic was mostly busy these days. With the occurrences of the half wolves and many of his own members turning, he was left confused. And now he was acting like some FBI agent who needed to solve a piece of mystery.

“He has been busy.” I voiced out my thoughts. I narrowed my eyes when a thought entered my mind, “Shouldn’t you be with Silvic? Aren’t you the Beta? Help him find the solution to his problem.”

Alex turned red and he sheepishly smiled. “He told me not to disturb him.” He told me whilst scratching his back.

I blinked for a few seconds as my mind comprehended his words and when I did, I let out a loud laugh. I couldn’t control my laughter. The Alpha told the Beta to stay away from his business so that the latter won’t disturb him. I was holding my stomach as I laughed. The expression on Alex’s face made the situation a whole lot better.

When I stopped, I wiped away the tears that formed and took in a deep breath. I gulped in air and slapped both my cheeks, “Okay, Phoebe. Don’t laugh.”

Alex had on an annoyed expression on his face and I tried not to burst out in laughter again, the words that he told me still rung in my ears.

He let out a cough, “Now back to the topic; mating-,” He paused for a moment, “You are a human so you may not know the importance of mating but for a wolf, mating is an essential part of our life. This is like the marriage ceremony you humans have.” My mind froze when I heard the word marriage. I didn’t think that I was ready to marry anyone at this moment yet. If mating was such an important task for the wolves then I don’t think I was ready for it.

“And I can say that Silvic desperately wants to mate with you.” I smiled sheepishly and removed eye contact with him. Trust Alex’s mouth to say things like this like it was nothing.

“I believe you are saying things you are not supposed to say. Stop making my mate uncomfortable.”

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