The King Without A Queen

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“I believe you are saying things you are not supposed to say. Stop making my mate uncomfortable.”

I wondered if it was normal for me to be ecstatic over someone’s voice. I had just heard his voice and my heart was already going boom-boom.

“Hey! I was just informing her.” Alex’s voice was full with humor and he turned his head to gaze at his Alpha.

I slightly shifted my body too so that Silvic would be visible to me. I saw him raising an eyebrow at Alex as he walked towards us, “I’d prefer if you don’t do that.” He told him and then slightly shook his head. He probably was thinking about how much of a wonderful Beta Alex was.

I let out a small laugh at their interaction. Silvic was the matured and scary person in the friendship whereas Alex was the goofy and soft person. If I would have not been in love with Silvic, I definitely would have shipped both of them hard.

My laughter died when Silvic’s eyes met mine. I sobered up and my body instantly straightened up. Silvic had this effect on everyone. When he would stare at you, it would feel like he was sucking away all the secrets form your soul. He gave me a lopsided grin, “How’s my girl doing?”

There goes my heart out my own damn chest.

“You can’t just come and say this!” I complained; my voice brimming with embarrassment.

He raised both his eyebrows, “Huh?” He seemed surprise by my answer.

“You can’t say cheesy things like that. It’s bad for my health. My sugar level rises.” I blurted out whatever the hell came in my mind. I could hear Alex bursting in laughter. His hands made sharp noises as he probably slapped his own body parts out of excitement. After some moment, he didn’t laugh like a human; it felt like I was just watching an excited seal.

Silvic walked closer towards me and bent his body so that his height could be same as mine, “Do you have a fever?” He outstretched his right hand and placed it on my forehead.

“I have diabetes.” I told him, my tone coming out serious. My facial expression distorted in a way that showed a lot of emotions.

Across the room, Alex’s laughter got louder. He was full on enjoying my nervousness.

Silvic’s eyes widened and he looked at me with confused eyes before letting out a chuckle. He shook his head and brought his head closer to mine. My heart skipped a beat when he placed his forehead against mine. I shivered when his warm breath was felt on my skin.

“I’ll make sure

My insides were a mess. The whole family of butterflies was visiting my stomach. The butterfly family decided to make babies when Silvic’s eyes flickered to my lips. I unintentionally, or maybe intentionally, I didn’t even know at this point, parted my lips.

“Kids keep it PG-13.”

“Get the hell out of this room, Alex.” Silvic muttered in an annoyed voice as his face turned around to face the Beta.

Alex didn’t need to be told twice. He straightaway walked out of the room. The door made a band sound as he shut it closed. As soon as Alex left, I stood up.

His eyes flickered to mine and I stumbled to the side a little. My legs were getting weak.

How is he so hot? Why is he so hot?

He simply shook his head, let out a small laugh and straightened his body making me lift my face to look up at him.

What should I do? My brain was trying very hard to find a solution of that question but it seemed like Silvic had other plans.

He grabbed my wrist and brought my body closer to him. My eyes widened when my body hit his, “Ehh.. What are you doing?” I shouted in confusion. My heart was fluttering inside me.

He didn’t say anything and just stared into my eyes. I was conscious of every breath that he took and it was affecting me. I wanted to shout and squeal. In other words; my fan girl mode was activated.

I didn’t know how it happened or when. I just looked up and the next moment I know, he placed his lips on mine.

My eyes widened as I saw his eyes closing. He pulled my body closer to him. I felt every part of his body and it was making me lose my mind.

His hand around my waist tightened and it was then that I made a very embarrassing sound through my mouth. I could feel the smirk that he made through our kiss.

My cheeks reddened and I wanted to hide my face somewhere.

Silvic released his lips and placed his forehead against mine. He was breathing heavily, “I am sorry but fuck, let me be selfish. I want this.”

I simply nodded my head. I could say nothing. I wanted this as much as he wanted and so I had no right to complain. I wasn’t dumb enough to let go off this opportunity.

He smiled down at me. His gaze flickered to my arms that were awkwardly hanging from my body. He took my arms and placed them on top of both sides of his shoulders.

I had no idea if what had had happened was really good for me. I had no idea. I was accepting whatever life was throwing in my way. I had accepted most of it. There are so many things that were still very strange to me but yet, amidst all these confusions and eerie situations, I still felt happy.

As I look back at all the things that had happened, I couldn’t help but smile. Yes, I was definitely not sane.

It felt like everything that had happened had led me to this moment. And I wanted Silvic to know about what I felt.

“I love you.” The words stumbled out from my mouth.

He paused whatever he was doing.

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