The King Without A Queen

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“Are you alright, babe?” His voice was laced with worry. I nodded my head arbitrarily.

“Yeah! Why are you asking?” I questioned him. I was curious. Did he saw the particular dream too? Did he know I was having a problem?

“I don’t know. I just felt like you were very anxious-,” I could hear him sighing, “I am just glad that nothing has happened.” He whispered the last sentence but my ears still caught those words. I smiled to myself. These days I had been smiling a lot, most of the reasons connected with one person; Silvic.

“I am fine, mate!”


Silvic decided that he’d take me home and as I already wanted to take my day off, I agreed.

I was explaining him what really happened in the classroom and was telling him about how real the dream looked.

“Tell me about your dream.” Silvic demanded; his eyes flickered towards me before again focusing on the road above him. I wanted to laugh at his impatience but I brushed off the desire. He really looked worried and tensed because of me.

My heart warmed at his behavior. I was happy to see that Silvic really cared about me. It’s always the little things that mattered. Seeing him caring about my well-being really affected my heart, in a good way.

“It was about… the past life?” I wondered aloud, looking out of the window for a second before again focusing on him. He raised his eyebrow, his eyes narrowed. He looked confused.

“I’d say it was Chandra’s memories.” I finalized my words. Now that I was thinking about it, it definitely wasn’t a dream. It was my memory- her memory.

“What did you see?” He questioned me, the curiosity in his voice increasing. His face had on a focused expression.

“I saw-,” How should I put the images into words? My eyebrows knitted together as I thought about how to describe the dream, “I saw with you some another girl?” I muttered thinking hard about how to really say what followed afterwards. My fingers were slightly pinching my lips as I dozed off, an action that I was arbitrarily doing.

“Ahh! I get it.” There was an emotion in his voice that I couldn’t quite comprehend and all my attention went to him. I raised my eyebrow, “Are you okay?” I asked quietly, my voice soft.

He nodded his head and quickly closed his eyes, “Just bitter memories. I definitely wasn’t cheating. She simply told me her feelings.” He opened his eyes.

I simply sighed. I knew. I knew that he didn’t and I couldn’t help but wonder if I was stupid in my past life, “I know. I am describing what I saw. Don’t think-,” I stopped mid-sentence when I remembered something from the dream or the memory.

“I remembered something!” I exclaimed, my eyes wide. I sat upright. “I saw this pair of eyes,” I frowned thinking about the color of the eyes, “I think it was a pair of purple eyes.”

Silvic looked surprised. His both eyebrows raised up, “Are you sure?” He asked me, running one of his hands through his hair; the other was fixed on the steering wheel. My eyes flickered to his hair for a second. My mind wandered off to think about how soft his hair looked.

I blinked, shaking away my thoughts.

“I guess. I think it was purple. Yes?” I tipped my head to the side, my mouth opened. I got confused. “Damn it! Maybe he had rainbow colored eyes!” I finally muttered at the end with a serious tone. The confidence in me always used decline whenever someone would ask me if I was sure. I didn’t like someone questioning me again.

Silvic’s shoulder shook as he tried to control his laughter, “I swear to God you aren’t normal.”

“I lost my sanity the moment I met you.” I countered. It was true though. I wasn’t sane to being with, but the moment I met this man whatever little sanity I had, slipped through my fingers like water.

He chuckled for a moment before his expression turned serious again.

“I haven’t seen it with my own eyes but I have heard that purpled eyed wolves are very rare. They are very rare. I thought it was just a myth.” The first sentence was directed towards me but towards the end, it looked like he was just talking to himself.

“I wonder why I saw it then.” I wondered aloud, my hand on my cheek. I pouted in confusion.

I saw him shrugging, “It’s your memory.”

I looked at him blankly, “Tell me about them.” I demanded.

“From what I have heard and read, purple eyed wolves are the children of the very first werewolves that had existed in the past. I don’t think they exist anymore. I don’t understand why you saw it though. Maybe Chandra had met one of them, we’ll never know.” Silvic explained with a sigh and I nodded my head in understanding.

The car slowed down when the familiar surrounding approached us. It was time to leave him. The car stopped moving when the destination arrived; my house.

I removed my seatbelt and turned to look at him. His eyes were already on me, “Stay safe.” He warned and I nodded my head.

I bit my lips as I was wondering if I should tell him what I wanted to tell. Silvic noticed my hesitation and raised his eyebrow as if urging me to say whatever I wanted.

“I love you. See you tomorrow!” My voice turned high pitched and got out from the car.

I heard him chuckle, “I can get used to it.”

I didn’t turn around. I simply ran towards the house.

When I closed the door, my phone beeped. I took my phone out from my pocket. The screen lighted and I saw that I had a message.

From: Silvic

I love you too, mate.

I could literally her him growling the word mate and that made my knees weak. “Ahh.. That jerk.” I muttered to myself.

I let out a laugh when I thought about how he had reacted the first time I told him that I loved him, which was a few days ago. He looked at me as if I had been possessed and asked me to repeat what I had told him.

He looked surprised but he genuinely looked pleased. His happy face cheered me up.

I wondered if this is how being in love felt like.


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