The King Without A Queen

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I sat down on the dining chair and took a deep breath. It was 5 am in the morning. The whole house was silent and only the occasional chirruping of the birds met my ears. My mom was still on the bed. I should have been too but I was too restless to sleep.

I closed my eyes and focused on whatever that had happened since I visited this town.

I met my old friend; Beatrice. I met a weird dude that turned out to be an alpha. I met this amazing man, who I thought was a crazy axe murderer.

I realized that or more like he had realized that I was his mate. To make matter more interesting, he claimed that I was his mate even in my last life.

I blankly stared at the wall. Why did it all seem so unreal? I couldn’t remember my past memories so it was very hard for me to tell how I had been so dumb. What was mind thinking? Just because a girl and boy’s proximity is close to none, it doesn’t mean that the particular girl or boy was cheating on me.

Why the hell was I so dumb? And how the hell did I ended up being killed? Why the hell was I so stupid? My head started to throb at my thoughts.

I just woke up today with a thought that my life is a mess. I just confirmed that my life had been a mess since my last life.

It’s okay, at least I have Silvic by my side, I thought to myself as I tried to calm down my mind. I didn’t know why but my thoughts were depressing me to the point that I wanted to cry. I had been thinking about how much of a fool I was in my last life. I was scared that I would repeat the same mistake again. I was freaking scared.

The anxieties were making me lose my mind. I even woke up at 4:55 am.

I took deep breaths as I tried to calm down my mind.

I don’t think I’ll make the same mistake twice. I can’t afford to.


Since it was Sunday, I called Silvic and told him that I was going to spend my time with him.

“I am going out, Mom!” I called out to my mom and left the house before she could deny me the liberty to go out.

I already had some questions that I wanted to ask him. I decided that I was going to play the role of the Luna as agreeably as possible. I was carrying a small notebook so that I could write whatever information he would deliver me.

Since I had already disturbed him a lot with my actions, it was my turn to repay him.

Even though Alex had informed me a lot of things about their community, I still had some questions. And as a Luna, I believe that knowing about the people was very important.

“Why is your house located far away from the other members?” I asked him curiously, raising my eyebrow.

“There’s a reason.” He said. I gave him a blank stare at his obvious response.

“What’s the reason?”

“Humans are very intelligent-,” He shook his head. His expression told me that he didn’t love this quality of human beings, “They are more curious then intelligent-,” He chuckled and I couldn’t help but nod my head. Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, curiosity killed the damn human.

“They’d know that something’s up if everyone decided to live near the woods. That’s the reason why we had to arrange our area in this particular manner. And my house is inside the woods, it’s because I prefer it here, and since I am the alpha no one can deny me.” This pack’s leader was a humble leader, I thought as I looked up at him and rolled my eyes, “But the rest of the members of this pack live in the way that normal human being lives. But if they can, they all would pack their bags and live where there is a little bit more of the green color.”

I took it down on my note. I nodded my head as I wrote it. This question was originally not in my mind but while coming here; this question got stuck in my head. I wondered why his house was located so far away from the others.

“What’s your age?” I asked. I, myself was surprised at my question. I wasn’t even planning to ask this question but the words just left my mouth. I felt like I was interviewing him and I couldn’t help but feel happy that he was intently listening to my questions. He was focused on me.

“All the alphas of the group tend to stay alive a little longer than the others. So I have seen a generation of wolves die before my eyes. I am quite old” He told me. His voice had an edge of an emotion I couldn’t comprehend.

I blinked. I didn’t know that.

“Why is that?”

“It’s because the work of the alpha is very tough. Alpha is someone who is very sacred? They are someone who is considered the closest to the Moon Goddess. Also, this world is full of supernatural things. I don’t even understand half of the things that happen in this world.” He chuckled at his last sentence and I let out a quiet laugh at his comment.

It was true. This world was full of things that I couldn’t grasp. All the things that we were acquaint with gets lost the moment we think we had a firm grip on reality.

The word reality is different for everybody. What we believe as real might not be real for someone else.

“What about the Luna?” I found myself asking. My eyes didn’t move away from his eyes.

“The Luna?” He asked himself, “Let’s find out.” He said, directly looking into my eyes.

“Let me tell you, I am not going to die easily.” I warned him, shaking my head.

“I know since I am going to protect you,” he winked at me and I couldn’t help but cringe at his lame effort to flirt.

“Please, protect your own ass. I am fully capable of protecting myself. I am the Luna after all.”


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