The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 4


Who the hell parks their car in the middle of the road, anyways.

That guy I met while I was with Beatrice was creepy but today’s stranger took the word creepy to a whole new level and gave me chills.

But damn, he was freaking attractive. If only he would had been less creepy, I sighed. My mind remembered his piercing eyes and I shivered. If looks could kill people then he definitely would be one hell of a dangerous person.

My feet was still moving fast and my heart too was drumming inside my chest.

I didn’t know why but I desperately wanted to turn around and walk towards him and just wanted to stare at his face.

I shook my head. Shut up! He is a creepy guy for all we know he could a murderer.

But he was so attractive.

“Ugggh!” I cried out in frustration. I had never seen someone as gorgeous as him and that was probably getting to my brain.

It was so sad that only when a person looked attractive, others notice. I was always against it. Of course, I had my fair shares of crushes on attractive people but I always promised myself that attraction would not be the only thing.

People should not be able to get away with everything just because they are good to look at but right now I was totally ignoring the fact that he behaved in a creepy manner.

I took a deep breath when I saw my house approaching. Inside I’d be safe and definitely need not be worrying about weird and attractive strangers.

When I reached the front door the first thing that I did was to look around.

I had seen enough movies to be aware that creepy people always end up following the victim to their house.

I stepped inside my house when I saw no one lurking outside.

The house was silent. My mother probably went outside doing what she loved the most. Photography.

Was it funny that till date I couldn’t find anything that could keep my interest?

I tried singing but sucked at it. I grid sports but I gave up on the fifth day. I also tried photography but couldn’t focus.

Clicking pictures is not an easy task and I was lucky enough to get it.

I sighed; I probably was going to die without having any passion.


“Honey, I’m sorry I’ll be late tonight. I have ordered some pizza. Make sure to give the money.” My mom’s voice told me from the other side.

I yawned. “Sure. Stay safe.”

And then we hung up.

I was sitting on my bed and was keeping myself busy with YouTube videos. I basically had no friends here and the last thing I wanted was to go out.

This town was creeping me out and I was regretting our decision to move in here.

I was basically getting excited for nothing. My old friends were not here. All the people here were strangers and it seemed like everyone hated me.

The scowls, the doubtful glances; it all gave it away.

I was definitely not wanted here.

I watched the clock on my wall ticking. It was currently 8:05 pm and I was stuffed inside my house. I should have been outside having fun.

I shook away my thoughts not wanting to make my mood any darker. I just needed to wait for the pizza. Pizza is love and I bet it would cheer me up.

Just after sometime I heard the door bell ringing signally that someone had arrived and I took my money and happily went downstairs.

“Hey, tha-,” my words were paused when I saw who stood in front of the door.

He looked more tall standing near me and I could practically feel the power radiating from him.

It was masculine and I wanted nothing but to bow down in front of him.

My throat went dry.

Obviously I should have learned one thing from the horror movies.

The creepy people always finds the victim.

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