The King Without A Queen

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The door opened with a very loud sound, “Alpha!” A very serious looking Alex stood in the doorway.

“The half wolves have selected their Alpha. It was done a week ago, according the information I have acquired.” He paused for a minute to breath. “And according to the other alphas in the state, their weaker wolves were- are behaving in a very weird manner too. Do you think something is related?” Alex continued, his voice trembled, not with fear but because of tiredness.

There were many emotions that I could identify in Silvic’s face but the most prominent one was disbelief. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. What were they talking about? I understood the fact that the half wolves were forming a pack. That was good, wasn’t it? I would have been happy over the fact that they were all trying to live like normal wolves.

My mind instantly went to the day when the definition of half wolves was given to me. They were werewolves whose wolf was more dominant than the human and as a result, they can cease to be rational at some times.

Silvic’s eyebrows drew in; he let out air through his mouth. “I think I can understand what is happening now.” He shook his head, and placed his head against his forehead. It felt like he was judging himself for not thinking what he had thought at that time.

“It was the power of the alpha. Naturally, all the half wolves would be affected.” Silvic massaged his forehead and let out a visible sigh.

My eyes kept on glancing at the both of them as I tried to digest the information that my ears had heard. The terms used were all new terms for me and I took some time to understand the meaning behind their sentences.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, curiously. It looked like Alex understood every word of Silvic as he didn’t question him.

Silvic sighed, “All the half wolves were behaving strangely because their Alpha has been selected.” He told me. I blankly stared at him indicating that I didn’t understand anything that he had said.

“But aren’t you their alpha? Why will they get affected?” I questioned, my eyebrows furrowed and looked at him through narrowed lids.

“Yes and no. They are in my territory but they all certainly do not belong to my pack as a permanent member. They have never stayed in one pack for too long. The most they would stay is for one year. So I am not really their alpha.”

I blinked. This was new information.

“It’s good that they have learned to form packs. This will probably protect them.” I muttered to myself but it seemed like they both had heard it too.

“Yes but I am scared because they cannot control their wolves. If their wolves go out of control, let me be honest, it’s even hard for an Alpha to bring them back to normal.”

“And this alpha, he is strong enough to control a pack of half wolves.” Alex commented.

“But half wolves haves been living among you, right?” I asked both of them, my eyes flickering between the two. “And your pack has been doing well even with the half wolves being here.” I commented. “There should be a solution, right?” They both looked up at me. “I mean, there is probably a way to control the alpha, isn’t it? If the alpha’s emotions are controlled then definitely the rest of the wolves’ emotions can be controlled. I think?”

Silvic blinked. I could see his eyes’ flicker to Alex before falling back to me. Silvic nodded. “A mate. We need a strong mate who can help to control the wolf. That’s the only way to control the wolves. Their wolf can go against the whole world but they will never dare to harm their own mate.” His last sentence turned soft and I bet it was true for the normal werewolves too. I held his eyes and slightly nodded my head.

It was still hard for me to think that inside a living being, two entities could live but, I was working on it and maybe, this was my first step towards accepting it all.

“So we need to find a mate, then?” I questioned.

Both of them nodded. I could see the slight hesitation from Alex. I raised my eyebrow.

“It would all have worked out but I honestly don’t think this person can find a mate,” Alex muttered.

I raised my eyebrow, “Why?”

“The Alpha is Jerome; that guy is crazy. I swear he is going to die old all alone. No can love him.”

“No wonder the wolves were behaving so violently.” Silvic cursed, leaning back his head.

“See, finding a mate could work out fine but this guy definitely doesn’t have a mate. He is plain rude, aggressive and loves violent. He is creepy and he will rather die than love someone.”

I narrowed my eyes at both of them, “Silvic was creepy too. I thought he wanted to murder me when I first met him.” I commented. “And he will find a mate. I swear, he will.”


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