The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 5


My fear subsided when I saw him holding the pizza box. I looked up at him. His piercing brown eyes made me shiver and I immediately averted my gaze, “Uhh. Pizza?”

“Did you not order it?” He asked me back. My toes curled up when I heard his voice. It was just as I remembered it. Husky. And masculine.

My queen.

I shook away my thoughts.

No. This guy is a creep. You possibly cannot be attracted to him.

I nodded my head, “Yeah!” My voice came out rough due to not using it. I blushed slightly and cleared my throat, “Yeah. I did.”

He leaned against the door frame, still not handing me the pizza and raised his perfect eyebrows. My gaze went to his eyebrows.

Damn. Why all the boys had the eyebrows we girls needed? My eyebrows were barely visible.

“Are you new here?” He asked me, his eyes never leaving my eyes. I blinked. Was I new? No. I lived here since I was born and just because I moved away that doesn’t me I was new here.

But I definitely felt I didn’t belong here.

“New? Not really... I mean yeah. We just moved here recently. I’m Phoebe.” I internally cursed myself when my name came out from my mouth.

Great! Now this creep knows my name. Should I just sign in my name early to the reaper?

“I’m Slivic. Nice to meet you.”

A weird feeling in my chest blossomed. It felt like I knew his name.

A forest. A wide lake. Whispers. Brown eyes starring back at me.

I blinked away. What just happened? Did I just openly day dreamt?

Or should I say high dreamt.

My eyes flickered to Silvic’s eyes and to my surprise it looked exactly like the pair of eyes that I just saw.

Okay, a mental note to myself; I really needed to stay from Silvic.

“Yeah. Me too.” I said, removing my eyes from his face. I couldn’t look at his face as the emotions I felt in my chest becomes double when my eyes fall on him.

I felt like I needed to do something but I was clueless. I was feeling restless.

I needed to run.

My heart nearly stopped. That was not my voice. I didn’t say that. And my voice was definitely not masculine. I tried to control my breaths and gulped and tried to ignore the thought that was running through my head.

The voice exactly sounded like Silvic.


I was going crazy. That was it. Or maybe I just heard something.

“Did you say something?” I demanded, the panic clear in my voice.

Silvic looked calm as if my outburst was totally expected, “No. I didn’t.”

I blinked when I saw the look on his eyes. It was of complete acceptance. Like he just realized something and he accepted it.


I closed the door at his face.

Pizza can go to hell.

At that time, all I needed was for that creep to leave me alone.

I was sure that I was not hyperventilating, I was definitely sure I had heard his voice in my mind.

The masculine voice that radiated power. Yes, that was definitely him. His voice ,for some reason, held me captivated. Maybe because it was of the tone or maybe it was because he was him.

I could say that he was different. There was the urges where I wanted to bow down my head and when my eyes had met with him, I wanted to look away.

I was not going to be dumb and just let it all slide away from my mind.

I knew I needed to stay away from him and I was going to do it. My chest painfully tightened at my words and I sighed at myself.

Maybe, something was wrong with me.

I waited for sometimes and I was glad that he didn’t bother to ring the calling bell because I was definitely not going to open the damn door to anyone from now on.

Arrgh, why does it feel like the beginning of a horror movie?

I shook away my thoughts; not wanting to make myself feel more scared than I already was.

I licked my lips making it moist and headed towards my bedroom. My mind was lost in a whirlpool of thoughts and all I wanted to do was snuggle inside a blanket.

My stomach made a protesting noise but I ignored it. The only thing I always cared about was my stomach but that night the last thing that came to my mind was to feed my stomach.

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