The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 6


For me darkness was something that I didn’t ever want to face. Alone.

As a child I was scared of it and even then as an teenager; I was not quite brave to face it.

And when I woke up at the middle of the night, surrounded by nothing but darkness, I freaked out.

I was feeling restless, my forehead was sweating and I was trying to calm my heart. My grip on the bedsheets tightened when I felt like I heard something.

The sound was light and I would have probably never notice it but at that time of complete silence, I managed to hear it.

It was a light tap.

My heart rate quickened and my body felt as if it could not move. I gulped.

I had no idea what happened after I slept but all I knew was that after I woke up, my eyes met the darkness. I called out for my mom but my callings were not answered.

I wanted to move out of my room and wanted to see what was happening; if the electricity went out but a voice stopped me.

“Don’t move.” I clearly heard the voice say. I was frozen with fear. His voice was not loud, it was barely a whisper but my body managed to obey his command.

I knew then that someone was with me in my room.

All my senses became supersensitive and little things like even the feel of my blanket scared me.

My eyes widened when the darkness in front of my eyes began to blur. It was like the scene in front of me was in a painting and it had started to shake slowly. I held my breathe.

I blinked and the next moment my eyes met with whitish blue colour of the sky. The sky was clear and I saw some birds flying above, being free.


I felt myself standing up and the green colour of the leaves met my vision. I looked around. There was nothing special about this forest or wherever I was.

But the more I looked around in surprise, the more I felt like I knew this place.

Home, a voice deep inside of my boomed. I looked around pondering what had just happened?

Did just again hear voices inside my mind? And that too this time it was my own voice.

And then suddenly my body started to move on its own accord. I tried to scream out loud but no voice came out.


It felt like my mind was trapped in someone else’s body or like I was seeing the world from someone else’s view.

I had no clue what was happening and I just wanted to sit on the corner and cry at my pitying self.

But I couldn’t.

No matter how much I tried I couldn’t control my body.

God, please tell me what is happening?

I prayed. I knew if anyone could help me out to come out of this dilemma that it was probably God.

I heard a voice and my body immediately stopped. I heard his voice.

“Let go of me. I request you.”

I started to move towards the source of the voice.

No, no. Stop. Please don’t.

My body was immune to my pleas. I was walking towards him and I had no idea if my brain was playing mind games or if all this was real. All I knew was that Silvic had followed me here, in this fantasy too.

My vision was met with Silvic and a blonde girl kissing. But it looked more like the girl was forcing him to kiss her. The struggle on Silvic’s face was noticeable.

A high pitched voice came from me. My feet moved back.

What the fuck just happened?

Both of them turned to face me. Silvic’s face showed surprise and then horror. The blonde girl on the other hand looked like she was smirking. A smug look was on her face.

"Dear, listen to me. I-,”

“No, Slivic. No-,” a sob escaped from me.

A lock of my hair fell in front of my eyes and I was astonished to see that it was straight platinum blonde instead of my curly brown hair.

I couldn’t even do

Silvic took a step towards me and that was when I saw the background around us starting to shake. A blur was starting to form. I could see everyone’s mouth moving but I couldn’t hear one single syllable.

And then the next moment, I gasped and was met with the walls of my room.

I looked around the room and I felt relief to say that the room was mine. The light blue walls calmed me.

I looked up at the wall clock and saw that it was 3:56 am. I sighed.

So everything that I saw was just a dream?

But it felt like everything I saw was real. It didn’t feel like a dream and what surprised me was that I remembered everything that I dreamt.

Weren’t we suppose to forget half of our dreams according to science?

I shook my head, shut up, Phoebe. That was a dream. End of discussion.

I tried to convince myself that it was a dream and not some twisted reality and I saw was convinced.

But there was this feeling that I couldn’t shake. I felt like I needed to do something. I wanted to find out something. I was feeling restless.

My fingers itch and unknowingly I took my phone and typed some letters.


I blinked my eyes.

What just happened?

I continued staring at the name. Why the hell did I write that name? I was beginning to doubt myself. Maybe something was wrong with me. I seriously needed to consult a doctor.

I sighed.

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