The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 8


Luna /ˈluːnə/ is an Italian and Spanish given name of Latin origin meaning Moon. I skimmed through the words. Most of the searches that showed up were about the meaning of the name and people questioning if the name Luna is good for their daughters.

Luna Meaning, I typed on the keyboard but the results that showed up were the same.

But one particular related search caught my interest: what does Luna mean in a wolf pack?

I clicked it. My eye followed each word. The alpha is the leader of the pack...... Their mate are called Luna, kind of like thequeen’ of the pack if the Alphas are the king.


I leaned back against the headboard trying to process what I had just read.

Alpha? Wolf?

What was all this? A movie?

The more I try to understand what was going on, the more confused I seemed to get.

At this point, nothing made sense to me. Shifting to this damn town was the worst mistake of my life. The more days I spent here, the more crazier I seem to become.

At this rate, it’d be better to keep a place for me at an asylum.

I felt like crying. And I also wanted to fill my face with food and my vision with picture of Dylan O’Brien.

Anything to distract myself from reality.

My eyes focused on one place and I zoned out, thinking about my life.

And when the phone rang I was glad that someone has decided to call me. At least for some minutes, I’d be entertained. “Hello?”

“Phoebe.” A loud voice squealed, I too the phone away from my ear and cringed.

Damn. Beatrice.

“Beatrice? What’s up?”

“Are you free?”

“Totally.” I answered without any hesitation.

“So there is this meeting. I mean kind of like a get together. Will you like to come?” She asked, her voice laced with hope. I can mentally picture her staring wide eyes, waiting for an answer.

“Yes.” My word came out as a sigh. I was mentally thanking Beatrice for inviting me. I really needed a distraction and what was better than being surrounded by lots of people.

More better, hot boys.

“Great! I’ll pick you up at 8?”

“Sure.” I nodded to myself.

I think of anyone can be the Queen of bad luck then surely it’d have been me.

The sheer intensity of bad luck aimed at me is almost ridiculous. I want to stomp my foot like a child and scream at the whole world. There was a fire burning inside of me and I wanted to let it out.

But fortunately for all those people surrounding me, I was controlling my annoyance and anger by just sitting silently near the fire.

Even when Beatrice told me that she’d pick me up at 8′ o clock; I had the audacity to close my eyes at 7 pm.

And when she came to pick me up, I realized I an essay to write that needed to be hand over by tomorrow.

At the end I somehow made myself presentable, didn’t do the essay and my shoes teared up when someone pushed me.

So I was sitting with my shoes placed near me and Beatrice had disappeared.

“Uggggh.” I was frustrated and I wanted to nothing but to weep by myself at the corner.

I looked around the area, Beatrice took me quite inside the woods saying that there was a lake nearby and indeed her words were true.

People were surrounded by the fire and danced, chatted aloud.

Some dared to do something different and jumped into the water even when the air was freezing

Everyone was having fun but myself.

“Rogue Attack!”

It happened when I started to calm down and was bobbing my head up and down to the music. Everyone paused suddenly and turned to look at me.

“Protect the Luna.” Someone yelled and the next thing I Knew, I was carried by some boys.

"Why the fuck!?” I screamed looking at everyone with bewilderment.

Everyone looked scared for some reason and that was making me nervous.

“Put me down.” I yelled at the boy.

"“Luna, I’m really sorry but this is for your own good.”

“Who the fuck is Luna?” I exclaimed aloud, looking at him with questioning eyes.

“This is the not the correct time, James.”

“This is the correct time.” I yelled with all that I could muster, my eyes were narrowed at them and I was breathing heavily.

They both looked scared but kept quiet.

I gritted my teeth.

I will get out of this psycho town and complain to the fucking president--

My thoughts evaporated when I heard loud howls.


Not one howl. But too many altogether.

And I lost all my shit when I hear how’s behind me too.

I turned around and saw some animals instead of some teenagers.

They howled.

I screamed.

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