The King Without A Queen

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Chapter 9


The moment a shrill cry left my mouth, all the howling stopped. I blinked my eyes rapidly trying to focus on what was really in front of me.


So many freaking wolves.

I was going to die. They were probably planning to eat me. I stumbled back and my body came in contact with something.

“Luna, cal-”

My neck snapped towards him and I glowered, “To whoever Luna you are talking to, she is not present here. I’m Phoebe, understand?”

I had enough. If I was going to die today then I was going to let everything out and leave this place forever.

“And-,” I turned to look at all the animals, “If I die today then I’m going to haunt you all.” I narrowed my eyes at all.

Whatever common sense that was left in me, went out of the window and at the time, it was my annoyance mixed with fear talking self.

To my surprise, everyone just put their head down. I blinked, quiet taken aback.

The wolves looked like they were showing respect to me. They were literally bowing down.

What the..?

I had no idea what to make of that situation. For a moment, I was sure that I was going to die and the next moment, they were bowing down in front of me.

Suddenly, a word seeped into my mind.


My eyes widened.

My heart slowed down and then it was beating twice as fast than before.

They are all wolves, meaning it is a wolf pack.

Alpha. Luna.

My knees buckled under me and I fell to the ground. It felt like all the words were rushing towards me and I couldn’t hold on anymore.

Everything kind of made sense now in a most non sense way. If I had to make sense of whatever was happening now then I had to believe in the most stupid theory I had in my hands.


The idea was ridiculous and this wasn’t teen wolf or even twilight then how the heck at that moment, the word werewolf seemed to be the answer I was looking for.

James leaned down towards me and touched my arm, probably trying to relax me but I flinched.

I looked into his eyes and then looked down, “What is happening?” I whispered. From my peripheral vision I saw one of the wolf’s ear twitching and that was how I came to know that everybody heard me.

But no one answered my question but instead someone gripped my hand, “Luna, get up. We need to get you somewhere safe.”

I gritted my teeth, quite annoyed with how everything was turning up to be.

I was, am, is not a Luna.

“Phoebe.” I whispered harshly and stood up and brushed my outfit.

“And wherever we are going, the place better be safe.” I snapped.

James looked quiet take aback and shared a look with his companion. I paid no heed to anyone and walked towards my left. I had only one plan currently in y mind; get out of this forest and then run towards my house, pack my belongings and then run to safe my life.

“Lun-- um Phoebe?”

“What?” I turned around.

“You are going the wrong way.”

Following the trail of the road seemed easy enough but I , the most unlucky girl in the world currently, proved it wrong.

“Did you hear that?”

I stopped in my place and turned to him, my heart beating wild in my chest, “What do you mean?”

They both ignored me.

I was already quite shaken up with the incident that happened earlier and for everything that I holy I didn’t want to face any more extraordinary situations.

“Did someone warn the Alpha?” James asked.

I blinked my eyes. My eyes flickering from James to Ryan. They both looked hesitant and wary for some reason. And that scared me.

“Yes, but he--,” My eyes flickered from Ryan towards the tress that was behind him.

And that was when I saw it.

A pair of silver eyes glistened and I immediately took a step back, gasping.

Both, James and Ryan took a look at my scared self and her expression changed. They both immediately looked around and when they too saw the pair of eyes hiding, they growled.

What the..?

I blinked, my body took a few steps back.

The next thing I heard was a loud howl and both the boys transformed into a wolf in front of me.

I fell.

And then let out a loud scream.

I wasn’t expecting all this to be true. There was a small part of me that was expecting everything to be a dream or maybe even a prank but what I saw now was enough for me to change my mind.

Werewolves were not mythical creatures.

They definitely were true and lived among us.

And they called me Luna.

I cringed when I saw one brown wolf’s mouth around another wolf’s neck. A snapping sound echoed around and then a loud howl followed.

I looked around in desperation, and when I saw that the three wolves were busy fighting with each other, I decided to run away.

My heart was beating wildly inside of me and my hands wee sweating.

I was scared but that didn’t stop my survival instinct, I shakily stood up and took a deep breath before dashing towards my left, leaving the animals behind.

The air rushed behind me and I tried to focus only on the sound made by my feet.

Everything for me was a bad idea.

Because when I was running, I felt a presence behind me, like the figure was running behind me, with me.

I lost my balance and tripped.

“You should not run from me.”


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