Chaebol Topaz: Bastard Son

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A Chaebol heir with a black baby mama!!!! What??? Kdrama anyone? What happens when the wrong man is hypnotized by that phat a**? Well, a baby of course. This is the continuation of the book "Chaebol: Topaz". Topaz and Jae-hyun find out they are pregnant. How can Jae-hyun regain Topaz's trust now that he is her enemy? Jae-hyun must figure out a way to be accepted into her and their baby's life? How will the Choi Family respond to a black baby mama? Take a ride with me as we explore what happens when a Chaebol heir steps even further out of line in his pursuit for the affections of the chocolate goddess who already has his heart and is now carrying his child.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Topaz was in her room changing her clothes. She was only six months pregnant and it seemed like she needed to a new wardrobe. The first pair of jeans she put on were so tight she couldn’t zip them up. As she sat on her bed running her fingers through her hair, she felt frustrated. Everything seemed to be getting on her nerves.

“Are you okay?” Jae-hyun asked as he appeared at the door. He stopped and glanced at her noticeably pregnant body. She was sitting on the bed in a t-shirt and panties. The legs that taunted his mind at night were uncovered. Unconscious of his movements, Jae-hyun licked his lips as he was drawn to her. He stood in front of her before in the blink of an eye. Her cute pouty face looked frustrated. He got down on his knees in front of her, kissed her feet, and worked his way up to kissing her thighs. Damn, her skin was silky. He rubbed her legs starting at the calf and gently massaged his way up to her thighs. Topaz stared at him expressionless. The continuous movement up her body, began to break down her resistance. His eyes lingered on her swollen tummy. He couldn’t resist the urge to kiss all over her baby bump. Desiring nothing more than her pleasure, he was so glad to be in her presence. His hands rubbed the swollen belly and kissed it some more. Jae-hyun kissed Topaz lightly on her lips as he ran his tongue across her bottom lip. He noticed she was tense and resistant to his kiss. She was determined to not be affected by him, but it clearly wasn’t working. She tried to do and say nothing. Jae-hyun responded by lightly pinching her nipples through the t-shirt. He followed that by nuzzling on her nipples through the t-shirt. He knew her nipples were tender, so he made sure he didn’t hurt her. Topaz moaned despite her inward declaration to do and say nothing. The feeling of his mouth on her body was more powerful than she could have imagined. No matter how she tried not to want him, she found herself craving him. He knew exactly what to do to make her happy. She never forgot how good he was when he was inside of her. That was what she needed. Topaz could no longer resist him as her mouth began to move beneath his. She sucked on his bottom lip and ran her fingers through his hair. She pulled him closer as the kiss became more intense. His hands pulled her face closer to him as if he could devour her.

" 내가 그렇게 오래 기다리게 만들었 ? (Wae naega wae geuleohge olae gidalige mandeul-eoss ni?/Why did you make me wait so long?),” Listening to him speak in Korean was so sexy she lost her will to resist him. To hear the pain in his voice as he begged her to end his suffering, Topaz knew she could no longer maintain her charade.

She wrapped her legs around him and pulled close. His rock-solid body was amazing. He pulled her t-shirt off and stared at her swollen breast. They were already big but now the glimspe of them made his dick stand at attention. This beautiful woman was swollen with his child and he was amazed at just how sexy her pregnant body was to him. He couldn’t stop touching her and kissing her body.

“Oh baby. Please stop teasing me,” Topaz cried out as she urged him on. He lay her back on the bed and stood to remove his clothes. She looked at his beautifully muscled body. He was tall, and his body well maintained. He looked like a male model. Damn he was fine. He crawled on to the bed and pulled her little cotton white panties off. He smiled when he saw her laying on the bed completely nude. For a moment, he simply observed her body.

“Jae-hyun, please.” She begged him to stop playing with her emotions.

“Baby, I don’t want to hurt you. I have waited so long, I’m scared I might break you.” The sincereity in his voice and on his face was so moving. Topaz could not believe she denied herself this. He was amazing. He turned her on her side and began to rub and pet the wet mound between her legs. She knew she was full of hormones and they had something to do with her response, but she felt like she was going to die if he continued to touch her like that. Just the slightest touch sent her over the edge. She felt him adjusting himself. Topaz was losing her mind. She needed him now. His manhood was pressing against her as he was positioning himself to enter her.

“Baby, please give it to me please.” She felt the tip.......

Urmmp.... Urmmp.... Urmmp.... Urmmp.... Urmmp....

“No fucking way. This is some bullshit.” Topaz woke-up and threw a pillow at her alarm clock. He was just about to give her what she had been dreaming of for the last two weeks now. Every night like clockwork, Jae-hyun was about to break her off. Just when she was about to get it, her stupid alarm clock pulled her out of the best sexual experience she had ever dreamed of. Twelve weeks passed since the last time they had sex. Even though she was determined to hate him for the way he treated her, she could not stop herself from lusting after him. Every night she had the same dream. Topaz didn’t know why she was so big and pregnant in her dreams. She was only 12 weeks, but for some reason she always dreamt that she was 24 weeks. Why the hell did she keep dreaming about him in the first place. Every night she wanted him more and more. No matter how hard she tried to resist the idea, Topaz wanted Jae-hyun and she knew it.

Now, it was time to get up and get ready for work. SHIT!

Topaz got to work an hour early, so she could go to the bathroom. She noticed that she had to pee all the time. The extra few minutes gave her time to cover-up some of the various signs that gave people away when they were pregnant. No one but Janiah knew she was pregnant. For as long as possible, that was how she wanted it to stay.

There was an 11 AM meeting with a new client and her attendance was required. She checked with the other managers to see if they needed anything before the meeting started. She was habitually looking out for the team. Some people couldn’t understand why she took on more than what she had to take on in a given day. She knew that it was necessary to maintain the good working relationship of all the team members. As an account manager, her day consisted of connecting dots and putting out fires.

It was now 10:30 AM. There was no reason to believe that things would be out of the ordinary today. Topaz was walking to her office when she looked and saw Franklin headed in her direction and there was someone following him.

What the........

She walked into her office.

“Good morning Topaz, I wanted to introduce you to someone very important. This is Jae-hyun Choi. He is the CEO of South Korea’s Choi Technologies International or CTI. He just came by to meet the staff. I wanted to let you in on the reason for this meeting since you helped secure the initial meeting with Mr. Jin-jae Choi.” Topaz looked away for a moment as the thought of what happened that day rushed into her mind. An awkward feeling descended on her as she thought how people would view Franklin’s statement if they really knew what happened at the gala. She shrugged away the thought.

“Thank you, Franklin, but I didn’t do anything special.” She lied.

“Well you helped me out of a tough spot just by being there. That’s the reason I wanted to share with you what is coming today. Mr. Choi is your new boss as of 12:01 AM this morning and he would like to meet all of the department heads. Now that everything has been finalized. My wife and I are retiring, and I just wanted to let you know before we go into the meeting,” Franklin dropped the bomb on her as if this information was the best information in the world. Topaz was completely speechless. She couldn’t say a single word.

The only thing she could do was look up at her new boss and baby’s father, Jae-hyun Choi.

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