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(Sample Chapters Only) - A werewolf story of true Innocence, Love, and Revenge. (SAMPLE ONLY — TRANQUILITY CAN BE FOUND ON GALATEA)

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October 6, 2000



Nervously tapping his nails against the windowsill he was leaning on, Legion focused on calming his heart rate, trying to slow down his uneven breaths.

Raising his head, he looked out the window and watched as the scene outside unfolded before him.

The eye of the storm was beginning to circulate in small spiral motions, wild trees now swayed back and forth threatening to uproot and disappear into the howling wind.

Yet it was the soft hue of purple that encaptured his sight.

Captivating and Mesmerizing.

The Alpha turned his attention from the chaos to a small patch of lilac flowers growing by the surrounding trees not far from him, noticing how the dainty petals looked untouched by the violent atmosphere.

So calm.

So beautiful.

“Interesting,” he murmured to himself.

Despite the danger that laid outside these walls, Legion simply turned away, unaffected by the angry storm mother nature had unleashed upon her domain.

Walking out of the study, he made his way down the corridor and into the family lounge where he sat on a suede charcoal colored ottoman, waiting for an update on his beloved.

Suddenly, a healer rushed into the room, frantic eyes searching for his.

“What is it?” He stood.

“Alpha, it’s time... he is arriving into the world,” she whispered.

Shock filled his system as realization dawned on him. Legion’s eyes widened and a small smile formed upon his lips.

Following the healer, he runs down the hall, excitement plastered on his face.

His mate was finally experiencing labor pains. It had been such a difficult journey for the both of them. After facing two miscarriages, the Goddess had finally blessed them with a miracle child. And today he was finally making an entrance.

His heir.

Entering the room, his eyes landed on the bed where his mate was being attended to by the most elite of witches and healers that he could find.

“Legion...” she reached out to him, eyes reflecting exhaustion.

“I’m here Mila, stay strong.” Sitting beside her, he takes her hand in his.

“He wants to come out,” she said, wincing when a sharp contraction hits her.

“Finally, after all this time.” Legion smiled, pressing a small kiss on her forehead.

“It’s time,” the chief healer in the room announced.

“I want you push at the count of three,” she instructed.




His wife shut her eyes tightly, pushing with all her might. Face contorting in pain as she crushes his fingers.

“Again, Luna.”

Another push, another screams.

“I can see the head, keep pushing.”

And so, Ales Achilles was born. The future Alpha of the Achilles pack, a healthy baby boy.

With trembling hands, Legion cut the umbilical cord with the help of a witch who stood by, ready to whisk his son away for cleansing.

A bright smile beamed on his face, but as he turned to face his mate, he noticed that she was still wincing in pain.

“You are having another one Alpha Legion, express your shock later and please sit beside your mate,” the healer spoke quickly and got back to her work.

Sitting beside her with bated breath, he waited for his second child to enter the world. How had they never realised or discovered a second child?

“This one wants to stay nestled inside,” the healer drawled.

A pained giggle left his mate’s lips as she pushed.

“Keep pushing this one out Luna” the healer encouraged.

After fifteen excruciating minutes, his second child was born. While cutting the umbilical cord, he noticed how tiny the baby was in comparison to Ales.

“It’s a girl Alpha.”

“Legion, our wish is fulfilled, we desired a girl as well. The moon goddess has gifted us.” His mate spoke in a weak exhausted voice.

Shutting his eyes, he sent a heartfelt message of gratitude to the goddess of the wolves, Selene.

By the time both children were brought back to him, the healers had already taken his mate to the baths, leaving him to bond with his babies alone.

With shaky arms, he held his son first.

“Ales, my boy, I am so proud to have you. You will be a strong leader, a great son, and an even greater brother. I love you with all my heart,” he proudly said. He then passed the sleeping boy to the witch and with great care, took his daughter.

She was so tiny.

“You are so precious, taking all the time in the world to make your presence,” he warmly smiled, “I love you so much my little princess. What should we even call you?”

A comforting smile appeared on his face, “Lilac, your name will be Lilac, for you are the flower that even the storm cannot break,” he gently whispered.

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