My Deadly Happily Ever After

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Chapter 11

First off, to any innocent bystanders I must tell you that I'm not cheating on my wife Jordana. I could never do that I'm not that low, I may be a cruel bastard but shit at least I'm honest. It's not because I'm in love with her or anything because she's nowhere near my type, but then again neither is Renee. Besides under the circumstances she is my wife even if it's only on paper. So for now as her husband I'll have to remain faithful. My eyes wander up at the painted ceilings and stained glass windows. I chuckle to myself these damns churches are always crying broke and asking for a handout, but how can they be poor when they can afford marble statues and hand-painted murals. What a joke, the preachers are probably pocketing every cent. Nevertheless, churches have always been a good place to hide out and talk business. I glance at Jordana as she fidgets with her hands, she's so anxious to hear what I have to say that she can hardly sit still. I don't blame her because I would be too. On the drive over here I actually pondered if the situation was reversed what would I do. What if there was a possibility that she was having an affair with someone close to me. Pfft, that'll never happen and if it did I wouldn't spend my time praying in some church like her, instead I'd be loading up my shotgun with high-powered bullets. "Fake" wife or not if she ever cheated on me I'd kill her point blank. Furthermore, that's why I can understand why she's pissed, but she's wrong I'm not cheating on her with Renee.

"Genji, I'm waitinggg, out with it, tell me the truth, Now!" she yells.

Damn, she's kind of cute, when she's angry. Wait what the hell, I must be going crazy. I don't see her like that, what we have is strictly business. My eyes shouldn't be lingering on her honey-brown eyes, long eyelashes, and plump berry lips. The way she constantly tries to pull her cardigan over her large cleavage shouldn't...m-m-make me want to...


I jerk out of my thoughts instantly and stutter" s-s-sorry, just thinking about something important."

She crosses her arms over her chest and looks me straight in the eye.

I sigh" Jordana listen, look I can show you better than I can tell you. I reach inside the small pocket of my suede blazer coat. I breathe deeply if I give this to her there's no going back, we'll be in this forever to the end. Can I trust her? We'll she hasn't been to the cops yet, and she plays the part of my wife perfectly. I wouldn't have made it this far without her. Shit, here goes nothing.

I thrust the brass object into her hands.

She looks at me surprised, her pretty brown eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets. The look on her face is priceless.

" Genji, this..this is a police badge. It says that this belongs to the police precinct of Brooklyn, New York. NYPD. What the.., Why do you have this? Are you a cop?"

I roll my eyes" Of course not, that badge doesn't belong to me. It belongs to you're one and only brother-in-law, Monty Pierce.

She gives me a confused look.

"He's a Narc, he's a crooked cop, and he has been for some time.

She shakes her head and starts to hyperventilate. I try to rub her back, but she swipes my hand away.

"Jordana, calm down I told you the truth was going to be a lot to handle. That's why I need you to listen carefully, and not ask so many questions, ok?"

She nods "ok, I'm listening. She hands over the badge to me, and I put it back in my safe spot.

" I know that now you're probably wondering how I got the badge in the first place."

She sighs" not really, it was Renee wasn't it?"

I clap my hands," Yes, that's good you're catching on,"

She snarls" I told you I'm not stupid."

I nod," Anyway, you know that Renee gave me that badge, so now you know that were working together. Were partners, and no not lovemaking partners, I might add. She and I met in New York, I was introduced to her at my Brother Takashi's funeral. She told me that she was his fiancé, and they were engaged to be married in two months. I hear her make a tiny gasp, but I just continue. "I was shocked, I was so busy taking care of business here in Washington, that I didn't even know my older brother was engaged. Plus, I didn't even know the details of his murder, I just heard he'd been shot down in a park. It was you're Sister Renee who explained to me the situation.

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