My Deadly Happily Ever After

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Chapter 12

One year ago:

The sky was clear and blue as water, with the sun setting low above the horizon. She and my brother were cuddling and enjoying each other's company in a small vacated park. It was a few days after he proposed and he wanted to treat her to a nice dinner, but Renee didn't want that she said she liked being outdoors, and a romantic picnic had always been her dream. Anyway, their joy was rudely interrupted by a scream, an ear-splitting scream from a woman. Takashi leaped up anxious to find out where the scream came from, but he didn't have to look because the girl came running towards them with a bloody wound the size of a grapefruit covering her stomach. A man was chasing her, a tall man wearing a black scarf that covered his face. Renee said she was so frightened that she nearly fainted, but my brother was brave and stepped up between the man and the girl. They were shouting back and forth, then suddenly they were wrestling on the ground. A .45 pistol was pulled out from the tall man's jacket, and Takashi put his hands up in surrender. Renee was begging the man to put it away, but for some reason the look in the man's eyes slowly changed from anger to recognition. The man knew her, and the words and gestures of her trying to save her man Takashi made him laugh with malice. So he shot him, again and again, till his body was full of holes.

I pause and breathe in and out slowly, the memory of my brother always made my heart beat ferociously with pain.

"So your brother was killed because he tried to protect a woman who was being chased by a wild man."

I shake my head" No, he wasn't shot because he was trying to help someone, it was because of your sister Renee. Didn't you hear what I said, the man recognized her, and he knew her from the past. The guy wanted to shoot Takashi to get back at her for something."

She huffs," But I thought you said he was killed by the Onyx kings, Monty's gang."

I scoff," Because he was damn it, I never said he was killed in the park, I just said the man shot him a bunch of times, just let me the finish story ok."

She fidgets with her hands again and tucks a curly strand of hair behind her ear."

I roll my eyes," Like I was saying my brother was shot in the park, and you're sister couldn't stop wailing and crying for help. She looked around for anyone to help her but the park was empty and dark. The cellphone she had was dead, but still she kept trying to dial 911 on a black screen. My brother was losing so much my blood, and the pressure she was applying on the wounds just wasn't helping. Suddenly out of nowhere a man approached her. " Maam, do you need help?, what's going on here." Renee screamed" please, oh god please my fiancé he's been shot, I can't stop the bleeding help me please." The sharply dressed man with the southern accent, looks down at the bloody mess of the Asian man, and glances back up at the pretty caramel woman, Damn she fine as hell, he thinks. He answers her" Did you call an ambulance?" She grunts," No, I've been trying, but my phone's dead." The man gently pushes her aside to assess the damage of the bleeding man, and looks closely at the face, shit isn't that the bastard from the Ayano family. It couldn't be, what the hell is he doing here in the park without a bodyguard in sight. What the fuck, who the hell shot him? Shit, was it one of my guys, in the gang. Damn it was, it must've been Nathan, no wonder his ass was nervous and covered in blood. "Man, what are you doing help me, call an ambulance, she shouts" He swallows the lump in his throat, and surveys his surroundings nervously. "Never mind the ambulance, I'll take him there myself, it'll be quicker than waiting for the EMT's to get here. She sobs" Hurry, just help him, "He nods" ok, maam, but just tell me what's you and this guy's name?" She wipes her tears with her sleeve," it's Renee Reeves, and his name is Takashi, Takashi Ayano." He groans Fuck, I knew it he's that Yakuza bastard, now I have to clear my tracks. If the Ayano family finds out that it was a member of the Onyx Kings that shot their leader it'll be war. I can't lose everything I've worked so hard for, I'll be the leader of the gang soon. "Let's go, Renee I'll carry him to my car."

She gets up and follows quickly behind. He places the man in the backseat, and tells her to grab a first-aid kit from the trunk. She does what he says immediately. The man watches her then turns to the man, and in one swift movement he grabs his neck and twists till he hears the bones snap and break. The yakuza bastard stops breathing and his chest ceases to rise. Renee returns to the backseat, and the man's handsome face is solemn. He looks at her and says in a monotone voice" I'm sorry, but he's gone." Her heart nearly stops and tears flow freely down her cheeks. She can't believe that he's gone she finds his pulse, but she feels nothing. She yells to the top of her lungs and curses God, why she screams why. The man grabs her arms and holds her tight consoling her. Renee pushes him away, and her long nails snag at the fabric of his button down shirt, ripping it widen open. She widens her eyes and her mouth drops open, there as plain as day on his chest, is a small tattoo of a king that's as black as night, the color of onyx. She moves away from him and averts her eyes from his chest. This is crazy she thinks, one second Takashi is alive then in the next second he's dead, plus this guy is a Onyx King, something isn't right. She looks at Takashi's wounds and sees darks handprints around his neck, his head lolls to the side as if it was broken. She gasps and looks away quickly, this man killed him, I have to be careful and play it safe. So she did and pretended like she didn't see anything. "I'm sorry she says I'm just upset, I can't believe this is happening. He replies I'm sorry too, I know this must be hard for you. She sniffs" It is I don't think I'll be able to get over this." The man sighs" I know how you feel, I lost someone close to me as well, so if you need to talk I'll be here for you." He then reaches inside his pocket and shows her a brass badge. Her heart stops, and she backs away further from him. The man winks at her" My name is Monty Pierce, I'm an officer of the NYPD, originally from Florida to be exact." She trembles inside, he's a cop and a member of the Onyx Kings, and he just killed my fiancé, Takashi Ayano, the leader of the Yakuza.

"Whoa, so Monty killed you're brother in cold blood."

I clench my teeth," Yeah, he did, but he doesn't think that I know it's him. He doesn't think I know about the Onyx Kings, being a part of the murder of my brother. I made everyone believe that the Ayano family's thinks the murder was committed by a random criminal in the park. Furthermore, that's why the bastard thinks he got away with it. But your sister Renee told me the true story of what happened."

"So that's how you and Renee started working together to get revenge against Monty. She married him so she could be close to him, and you two have been plotting to kill him for a year now.

I snap my fingers" bingo, you understand it."

She chuckles," I'm sorry, but I don't understand."

"You're laughing because you don't believe me , you think I'm lying."

She sighs" I don't know Genji, I can't trust anything anymore, our whole relationship is based on lies. I mean it just doesn't make sense, if you were partners with Renee then why did you need me? Why did you marry, me Genji?"

I smile she's a smart girl, she's not as clueless as I thought. I'm kind of liking this side of her, the outspoken side.

"That's a good question Jordana, the reason I married you is because I..."

Hallelujahhhhhhhh, Halleluljahhhhhhhhhh

She frowns in annoyance" Excuse me, it's this stupid phone again, I put it on vibrate, and still it rings loudly."

"We'll answer it then, your ring tone's so cheesy, Hallelujah really? how stupid."

She rolls her eyes," Whatever, Genji" She slides the keyboard open and glances at the screen, her face suddenly freezes and she nearly drops the $600 dollar phone I bought her.

"What is it?, Jordana, what's wrong?"

She remains silent and just stares at the phone. I grab it from her, and look at the lit screen. It reads eight missed calls, all from the same person.

I narrows my eyes at her," Who's this person Jordana, this SHAWN DAVIS."

She gasps and avoids my eyes looking instead at Jesus Christ on the cross," S-S-Shawn Davis, he's um, he's my ex-husband."

I stand up from my seat and growl" he's your WHAT?"

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