My Deadly Happily Ever After

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Chapter 13

I don't care what anybody says because if you were in my shoes right now, you would scream and shout too. I'm sorry for maybe overreacting, but at the break of dawn this morning I was not expecting this to happen. I mean how am I supposed to react when he strolls into the kitchen messy-haired and butt-naked. That's right you heard me, as of this moment Genji is naked as a newborn baby, and I'm standing here with my mouth wide open in shock. He hurriedly grabs a small dishtowel off the kitchen counter and covers his lower body as best he can. But ahhh, it's too late my eyes have seen everything, and I mean everything. I scream again and cover my eyes with my hands" What in THE LORD'S NAME are you doing Genji?"

"I-I-I just woke up, I'm getting a drink of water, it' 5 'o clock in the morning I thought you were sleeping."

I grab my heart and force air into my lungs" Jesus! Then why are you naked?"

He mumbles" because it's comfortable I like sleeping in the nude."

"What! Don't you know you're not the only person living in this house, are you crazy?"

He shrugs" No, I'm just thirsty. He moves towards the cabinet and takes a glass.

I hold up my hand," Don't move Genji, I'll get it for you."

He sighs" what do you think's going to happen, I'm going to drop the towel or something. It's not like you've never seen a man naked. You were married before right, um to what's his face Mr. Shawn Davis."

I suck my teeth," Please Genji, don't start it's too early to fight."

"Actually, Jordana I think this is the perfect time. Why is it ever since a week ago at the church you've been avoiding me?"

I tap my fingers on my temple" Um, I don't know maybe it's because after I told you that Shawn Davis was my ex-husband you smashed my phone against the wall, then you stomped on it with your boots."

He shuffles on his feet awkwardly" we'll uh, that was because the phone was crappy and old. I wanted you to have something new and advanced. I smashed it like that so the phone couldn't be traced, I have a lot of enemies you know. I just want to protect you, and that phone was no good."

I roll my eyes and set his glass of water down on the counter" whatever you say, Genji."

"Anyway, like I was saying this a good time to talk."

"Talk about what? Do you realize you're standing here with no clothes on."

He looks down" SO WHAT!"

I turn away from him, and sip on my own glass of water. How can he think that it's no big deal to be naked in front of me. Especially with a body like that, it should be a crime to look that good. Why does his biceps have to be so lean and big, his chest so perfectly sculpted, his abs Wait let me count them, oh no are you serious there's not six of them but eight. Is this for real I always knew his clothes fit him exquisitely, but I never would've guess he was this built. Oh God, I'm sorry for lusting over him, but then again it's not really a sin right, I mean he is my husband.

"Jordana, Earth to Jordana."

I shiver and rub my arms to get rid of the goose bumps," what, Genji, what is it?"

"Didn't you hear me? I just asked you how long were you married to that bastard."

I put my hands on my hips" for the millionth time I already told you we were only married for two years. I was young and I thought we'd be in love forever. Although things didn't end up that way, we weren't right for each other so we divorced five years ago. He moved on with his life, and I moved on with mine. Now, unfortunately I'm married again, but this time it's not by choice."

He grunts" not by choice, you damn right. It's either forever with me or forever in the grave."

I shake my head" you're a very disturbed person Genji, I'll pray for you."

He chuckles" Yeah, yeah you need to pray for that asshole Shawn Davis, because if he dares try to..."


I blink rapidly who could be calling me at this hour. Is it my grandma, is it Renee, no I haven't spoken to her in a while, hmmm could it be a telemarketer. Maybe it's him, maybe it's Shawn, but it couldn't be he doesn't have this new number. Furthermore, he didn't have the old one either, but somehow he called me.

"Hand over the phone, Jordana."

I hesitate and try to glance quickly at the caller ID, but he's too fast for me, he snatches the phone from my palm with frightening speed.

He smirks "Thank you, I'll just see who this is, then I'll give it back. And what's up with this new ringtone, the star spangled banner. I thought you were religious."

I jut out my chin" I am, but I'm patriotic too, now give me back my phone."

He just ignores me and flips it open. He stares at it for a while causing my stomach to do wild flips. His expression is confused then it changes slowly to recognition.

He puts the phone to his ear and answers" Oh hello, Pastor Brown, how are you sir? This is Jordana's husband Genji Ayano. What? Oh yes God bless you too. I've been good, taking it one day at a time you know. I don't know where I'd be without the Lord, he then winks at me and continues with the conversation.

I wipe the sweat from my forehead and exhale slowly. Oh, thank you, God I thought it was Shawn. What a relief.

"Um, yes sir Pastor Brown she's right here, hold on I'll give her the phone."

He thrust the phone in my hand" Don't be too long on the phone, I'm about to make breakfast, how many pancakes do you want?

I roll my eyes " Just two, and um Genji?


I grit my teeth" Can you put some clothes on before you start cooking the food."

He smiles," Sure, but I'm telling you life is a lot more comfortable when you're nude, he then looks my body up and down" You should try it sometime Jordana, really sweetheart you should."

I cut my eyes at him then walk away in the living room.

"Sorry, Pastor Brown for keeping you on hold."

"Oh it's okay sister Jordana, because I'm about to put you on hold myself. The reason I called you so early this morning is because there's somebody here who wants to speak to you. E-ever s-since yyyyy-you"

"Pastor Brown, you're breaking up I can't hear you...Pastor Brown." All I hear is static that sounds like paper rustling. The loud noise is piercing my ear drums. I should probably just hang up and call him back, let me...

"Hello, Jordana, and Hello can you hear me?"

"Yes, Pastor Brown I'm here I..."

"This isn't Pastor Brown, it's me Jordana."

"Me, who, who is this?"

"It's me baby, it's Shawn, Shawn Davis."

I choke and struggle to get my breath back. What in the did he. He went to my church to find me. How dare he use Pastor Brown to get in touch with me.

"Hey baby, did you miss me?"

I groan there's no way I can be on the phone right now with Shawn Davis. The man who made my life hell, and in the end broke my heart. Last week when I saw his number on my phone, I couldn't believe it so I just put it at the back of my mind. But now to hear his voice on the phone, I know I'm not dreaming. I have to let this sink in it's been five years since we spoke, I thought he disappeared from my life.

"Jordana, baby you there?"

"Yeah, I'm here Shawn, now what do you want. Why did you call me?"

He laughs that same deep throaty rumble" what do you mean why? It's because I missed you and I wanted to see how you were doing since I'm back in town."

"Back in town, for how long?"

"Oh I've been here for about two weeks now, I only got one more day before I go back home."

I inhale sharply" Like I said Shawn, what do you want. I know you don't miss me, you couldn't possibly miss me. Do you need money, a place to stay?

"No, Jordana I don't want anything from you. I just want to see how you're doing. I want to see you before I leave tomorrow. Shit, I've been trying to get in touch with you for the past two weeks. I was about to give up when I walked past the church you used to go to, and I figured why not ask Pastor Brown if he knew how to reach you."

I scoff" Oh really you just figured you could just pop right back in my life. You got a lot of nerve to call me. Maybe you should have tried your luck with Renee, she's definitely more you're type. I'm telling you Shawn you're wasting your time I don't want to see nor hear from you again. I moved on with my life, you hurt me remember?"

"Baby, I told you I'm sorry about your sister and me, I mean we didn't mean to..."

"Save it, I don't want to hear any of your lame excuses. I'm married and I have a husband, in fact he's making breakfast for me right now, something you never did. So let's just be civil and pretend we never spoke. Goodbye Shawn"

"Jordana, wait don't hang up meet me today at noon. I need to tell you something important."

"Tell me now."

"I can't over the phone, I need to see your face I..."

"I'm not meeting you anywhere Shawn, I just told you I'm married. What we had is over."

"But, Jordana you have to come, you just have to."

I huff" And if I don't come, then what?"

"We'll then you'll die."

The phone goes quiet and all I can hear is Genji whistling to himself in the kitchen. My throat feels like it's swollen because it's so hard to breathe. This must be a joke. I must have heard him wrong, but his voice sounded dead serious.

"Sorry, baby do you want me to repeat myself. If you don't meet me at noon then you're dead. I know everything about you. I know where you live, where you eat, where you shop believe me I'll find you. And if not you, I definitely remember where your dear old grandma lives, plus not to mention I can always give your fine ass sister Renee a visit. Do you understand me baby, I'm serious? "

"yes, I understand Shawn, but why are you doing this I..."

"Just shut up and listen,. I'll text you the address and directions to where I'd like to meet. If you tell anyone or call the police I swear it'll be the last thing you do on this Earth. Don't be late, not even by a second, I want you here at exactly noon ok?"

I swallow the lump in my throat "ok"

"Good, now go sit down and enjoy your breakfast with your precious husband."

The phone clicks and the line goes dead. I glance over at Genji whose pouring orange juice into my glass. I blink back tears and walk over to the table.

"Mmmmmm, it looks delicious Genji, you've outdone yourself this time."

"Please woman, you say that every morning."

I chuckle," no I don't, but I still can't believe what a good cook you are. You're almost better than me."

He chews a piece of bacon" really, I'm "almost" better than you huh? We'll let me tell you back home in Japan they called me the little iron chef I could..."

I smile, but my mind is on other things. This is crazy, my life is on the line and I can't say a word about it. Should I tell Genji, I can't he threatened to kill my family. Oh God what does he want. Shawn's always been reckless and even sometimes violent, but would he really kill me.


I jump," yeah, what?"

"Can you pass the syrup?"

I grab the bottle" here you go Genji, and thanks for making breakfast again."

He grins" sure, it's nothing. You make a good wife Jordana, I'll do anything for you. His face then darkens "you understand?"

I smile and answer" yes." At times like this I wish our marriage was real. When Genji is kind and generous it always feel so sincere, he never tries to be something he's not. He expresses his feelings very openly whether he's angry, sad, or happy. I feel terrible for hiding anything from him, but I have to protect my family. Wait, what I'm saying I don't have to settle for this. I'm a strong woman now, I'm not the weak girl I used to be. I look over at Genji and reach down in my robe for my phone. If Shawn thinks he can jerk me around like he used to, he's got another thing coming. I'm not Jordana Reeves anymore, I'm Mrs. Jordana Ayano, Genji's wife.

"Hey Genji, read this text." I slide the phone across the table.

He grabs it and scans the message on the screen.

"What is this? It just looks like an address and some directions."

I nod" you're right that's exactly what it is, my ex-husband Shawn just sent it to me. He said If I don't go to this place by noon he's going to kill me and my family."

Every inch of his body goes completely still, and his face is void of any emotion. At this moment if I could describe the devil in full detail I would say he looks exactly like Genji. Cold and evil like a monster.

He picks up a napkin and wipes his mouth."We'll Jordana, I suggest you prepare yourself."

"Prepare myself for what?"

"For the hell that's going to break loose, any man who threatens the wife of Genji Ayano better get ready for a blood bath. He then laughs" I'm going to kill that son-of a bitch, every bone is body will be broken, and every ounce of his flesh will be cut off. Don't worry, Jordana this I can promise you."

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