My Deadly Happily Ever After

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Chapter 14

I would be really honored to tell you the day ceased with a "happily ever after" kind of ending with me killing Shawn and saving Jordana. But that would be a little too predictable, don't you think? I should make the story of vengeance a bit more exciting and fun. The way disposing of toxic waste like Shawn Davis should be. Although, to do that I'll have to rewind things back a bit to about a week ago, so you won't be too confused. Sorry, but later on this flashback will clear things up a bit I promise, you'll see.

One week ago:

"Hello, Hello Genji it's me Renee we need to talk."

"I can't talk right now, I'm pissed off some creep named Shawn Davis, has been calling your sister Jordana. Plus, she says the asshole is her ex-husband."

She gasps "this is perfect Genji, he's contacted her too."

I remove the phone from my ear and look at it, is she drunk or something. How could Shawn contacting Jordana be perfect, and wait a minute why is he calling Renee.

"Hey, um Renee what's going on why is your sister's ex-husband suddenly showing up in the picture?"

She stutters" w-w-we'll um you see I was young and really stupid, I made a huge mistake Genji. Five years ago I became involved with Shawn it only happened once, but one time was enough to change my life forever. Therefore, believe me when I tell you that I've been being punished for it ever since." She takes a deep breath," The affair destroyed the relationship between me and my sister, and it took away the one man who truly loved me."

Renee had an affair with her sister's husband, what a whore. I wish she was a man so I could kick her ass. How the hell could she hurt someone like her sister who's so sweet and angelic? No wonder Jordana doesn't like men, and acts so scared to open up to me. Damn, that Shawn Davis broke her heart. I'll have to make him pay, and Renee will get hers soon too, I don't care if I have to break...

"Genji, you there?"

I roll my eyes" yeah Renee I'm here, what did you mean when you said the affair took away the man who loved you."

She sighs "I meant that it took away Takashi"

"How did it take away my brother? He didn't have anything to do with..."

"Just don't interrupt me Genji, and I'll tell you everything. When I ran away to New York I was devastated and scared. I had no one I was so alone, I never really had a job or anything because Jordana and my grandma took care of me. I was in cosmetology school so I was able to share a room with a friend, but she was no good. She always wanted to party, and me being naïve I followed her like a lost puppy. Long story short I got caught up in the streets, and I quit school. I found a job at a club where my friend said I could make more money in a week than a cosmetologist could make in a year. She was right I was making a lot of money, but my soul was paying the price. Stripping for a living made me withdraw into a shell, until only one thing could draw me out and that was love. I met your brother Takashi and he saved me, and we fell in love. Unfortunately around the same time, Shawn showed up from the south begging me to take him back. He said he had a job where he could take care of me and we could get married, but I ignored him and told him to go to hell. Furthermore, that was the wrong thing for me to do because the more I pushed him away the more he wanted me. Takashi wanted to kill him, but I said no because I pitied him, Shawn was just a two-bit thief stealing purses from old ladies. So I figured he'd be arrested sooner or later, but I was wrong I should've listened to your brother."

"Why, Renee?"

She inhales sharply" because Genji, Shawn Davis he's the one that shot your brother."

"Excuse me, what did you just say?"

"Shawn Davis he shot Takashi, I put the pieces of the puzzle together by watching the tapes on the cameras and surveillance that you installed in the house. I mean I always had this feeling that it was him, but I just couldn't prove it. I could see it in the eyes of the man who recognized me in the park that it was Shawn. However, when Monty warned the gang members not to say anything about the man who shot the leader of the Ayano family, he'd always say his name was Nathan. Also, I never would've guessed that a low level criminal like Shawn was actually an onyx king."

I shake my head," But how, you just said that the guy who shot my brother was named Nathan."

"Exactly, I just remembered not too long ago that Shawn's middle name is Nathan, and the last time I saw him he had a bandage on his upper arm as if he was covering a brand new tattoo."

I snarl "You mean an onyx king tattoo."

She answers excitedly" yes, and now he's back in town desperately trying to contact me even though he knows Monty and I are married."

I bite back the bile in my throat and try to calm the anger brewing in my heart. He's contacting Jordana as a way to get close to Renee. He's a psychopath, but luckily I am too, especially when some creep tries to fuck with my family.

"So Genji, what should we do?"

I rub my chin" He's back in town for two reasons he needs money from Monty to go back into hiding, and ultimately he wants to see you. He's in a bad dilemma because you're his boss's wife, but at the same time he's obsessed with you. We have to play this smart, we can't just kill him outright because then Monty will suspect something about me. If I off Shawn he'll know that I figured out that the Onyx Kings killed my brother. So I'll have to make a valid reason on why the Ayano family would want to bury Shawn."

"Like what?"

I strum my fingers on my dashboard trying to think hard of a reason to kill Shawn besides the fact that he shot my brother. I lean back against the car headrest in frustration, damn this is tough I should just gut the asshole like a fish, and be done with it. But no that would destroy everything I worked so hard for, also it could start a war between my family and the onyx kings. I want a revenge worst than death for that bastard Monty. I then reach into my pocket for my stress ball, and my fingers brush against a necklace. I pull it out and realize that it's the rosary Jordana gave to me for protection. A light bulb in my brain suddenly turns on. Shit, that's it Jordana, he's been contacting her like crazy to get close to her sister. But Renee's been ignoring him, and he's getting reckless. Damn, maybe he'll do something drastic like try to kidnap Renee or maybe threaten her or something. This could really work.

" Renee you still there?"

"Yeah, Genji I was just getting a little drink."

I suck my teeth," Look, just keep on ignoring him and that'll him bring out to the surface. Sooner or later he's going do something stupid, and I'm going to get him. He won't hurt you I'm sure of it because in his warped mind he loves you and he knows your Monty's wife. So he'll try a different angle."

" A different angle?"

I smirk" Yes, and a curvy one at that. I'm speaking of Jordana, he'll try to get to you through her."

After that conversation it was like waiting for paint to dry, the whole week I was waiting patiently for any news of the son-of-a bitch. I sent some of my men to scope out Shawn and watch him, but all he'd ever do was try to get information about Renee. He went to restaurants, clothing shops, movie theaters, I mean everywhere trying to find her. She wasn't at home with her husband Monty, and she wasn't visiting her Grandma so where was she? When I watched him in my car, I could tell by the look on his pathetic face that he was getting fed up with not being able to locate her. Also, Monty was constantly telling him to go back into hiding before anyone could find out that he was back in town. Then finally like a miracle, the day before he's scheduled to leave town the bastard made the biggest mistake of his life. He calls Jordana out of desperation, to ask about Renee's whereabouts. But he couldn't do it over the phone because he knew that would piss her off, and she would just hang up. As a result of his stupidity, he fell right into my trap and threatened her. He told her to meet her at noon or else she'd be dead. What an idiot, doesn't he know that she's married to me the leader of the Ayano family, so of course she would tell me instead of risk her own life. Although I must say I was kind of surprised when she told me, I didn't think she'd trust me that's why I had her cellphone bugged, and was listening in on the entire conversation. So either way I knew he threatened her, but the real icing on the cake is that my wife Jordana now trusts me, and possibly even likes me. Hmmm, I shiver that would be interesting, because I think I kind of like her too. It's just too bad that I had to sort of use her as bait for Shawn, but who cares the stupid asshole is dead as we speak.

I watch as one of my sworn brothers Kazuya grabs another shovelful of dirt and dumps it in the hole where Shawn's body lies. Renee's cheeks are moist with crying, but her tears are happy ones. Furthermore, the time she spent isolated in that cabin for a whole week has finally paid off. The man who shot her fiancé is now being buried alive in a six-foot deep hole. The duct tape covers his mouth and the spiked barbed wire ties up his legs and arms. The bruises and cuts on his face are shallow compared to the long deep slashes across his chest. Each one signifying the amount of times my brother was shot, which was 14. Although, the best part is when we showed up in the abandoned building of the place where he wanted Jordana to go. He was so scared shitless when I showed him the Ayano family tattoo on my back, he pissed on his self. The damn coward even begged for his life saying that he didn't mean to shoot my brother that he did out of love for Renee. He said he didn't mean to be jealous, but he just couldn't help it. Then after that Renee kicked him in his groin with her seven-inch heels, he fell down at her feet still repeating the same phrase over and over again "I love you" Renee, I love you." I never felt so sick to my stomach in my life, so I just signaled to my men to hurry up and put him in the trunk.

I stomp my boots down over the hard-packed dirt, where underneath Shawn is now suffocating, and I look to the bright sun and smile. This is for you brother, I've avenged you. It's one down, and one to go. Shawn is dead, now it's Monty's turn.


"Pass me my phone, Kazuya"

He bows to me respectfully, then hands it to me.

I look at the Caller ID and smile" Hey Jordana I was just..."

"YOU WERE JUST WHAT, I've been waiting at home for you worried sick for the past 3 hours, 24 minutes, and ten seconds. Where are you? Please tell me you're okay, are you hurt? Did Shawn do anything to you, I swear I'll kill him myself if he touched a hair on your head I'll..."

I chuckle" Jordana, I'm fine. In fact this is the happiest I've been in a while. There's no need to worry your husband has handled his business. No one will ever threaten to hurt you again. He's gone, you'll be safe."

She lets out a relieved breath," That's good to hear Genji. Thank you, I feel kind of guilty for putting you in this position. I mean Shawn was my problem, not yours."

I hiss" Don't you ever say that to me. What's yours is mine remember, for better or worse, till death do us part."

"Yeah, I remember Genji, till death do us part."

I nod" Good, now put on a nice dress and let your hair down. The Ayano family is coming over for dinner, it's about fucking time to celebrate."

"Genji, please don't curse."

I laugh "I'm sorry, babe. I'm just so happy thinking about it."

"Thinking about what?"

"Seeing your face when I get home."

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