My Deadly Happily Ever After

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Chapter 15

Can you keep a secret, well I hope you can, because this one is pretty big? If you haven't guess it already, by my weird" wifely" actions towards Genji, then I'll tell you. I like him, I mean I really, really like Genji. And every day it seems like it's getting harder and harder to hide it. I don't know how it happened, because not too long ago he threatened my life, now recently today he just saved it. So what's a girl to do, I can't help the feelings that are happening to me. The feelings of happiness and joy when I hear his voice, the feeling of desire when he licks his lips, and lastly the feeling of pride when he introduces me to others as his wife, Mrs. Ayano. Now, to make matters worse I can't stop those words from repeating inside my head over and over again. Those words he uttered so beautifully over the phone," Jordana, I can't wait to see your face when I get home." I mean there is a God, because if there wasn't I'm sure I would've fainted right there on the plush couch. Yet, I didn't because the shock worn off gradually as I realized that my husband was coming home with his family, and I only had on a zebra print robe, with fuzzy pink slippers. So of course, I definitely had to change my appearance, and I had to do it quickly, in less than an hour to be exact. Although, my mind was on choosing outfits, I still couldn't quite focus on the task of ram shacking my closet. My thoughts kept wandering, I mean should I really be having these kind of feelings for Genji, in fact any man. Look what happened with Shawn, he was a terrible unfaithful husband, who turned out to be a pyscho as well. So, my history with husbands isn't exactly good, yet to be honest things between Genji and I, were never like the relationship I had with crazy Shawn. For some reason, we connect on another level, we can have conversations for hours, or we can just sit in silence, enjoying each other's company without words. Also, there's the fact that he takes care of me, all my life I took care of others, Renee and my Grandma. I never really focused on my own wants and needs, now since getting married to Genji, I have someone who cares about them. Genji, always makes sure I'm comfortable, catering to my every whim, not just financially but as a friend. Which worries me, because maybe were just good friends, and that's all we'll ever be. Therefore, I should just abandon these feelings because he probably won't feel the same way. As I look at my plump figure in the mirror, as I try on yet another outfit, I sigh yes there's no way a guy like Genji will go for a girl like me. I turn around in the tight red dress, and give myself another once over. I don't look bad, it fits my figure well, but still my curves and thickness don't exactly qualify me as a hottie. Furthermore, Genji's words contradict my thinking, I mean he did say he couldn't wait to see me. So maybe, there is a slim chance that he's attracted to me, hopefully he is. But what does it matter, will I ever have the courage to tell him I like him. As I step into my heels, I think definitely not. I grab some perfume and spray it on lightly, I hope this is the dress to impress because all the other outfits were hideous.

Humph, I swear where is a fairy godmother when you need her. Oh well, I apply another coat of lipstick, I'll be sitting down eating at a restaurant mostly, it's not like I'm going to be on a cover of a magazine. I think Genji will...

The keys turn in the lock and I jump up startled. Wow, he sure got here fast, good thing I was dressed.

He shouts "Jordana, I'm Home."

I smooth down my curly hair, and walk down the stairs. I see his eyes widen when he looks at me, and I feel even more self-conscious. This is the first time, I wore something so tight and sexy in front of him. He looks me up and down, and his face breaks into his signature smirk.

I ignore him "Hey, um I'll just grab my purse and we can leave."

He looks confused" Leave?"

I nod" Yes, leave. You know were supposed to celebrate with your family at the restaurant, remember?"

"Yeah, but I changed my mind. I thought that um we could just stay home. Maybe, order take-out or I could cook something delicious like..."

"Changed your mind? Cook Something? You mean to tell me I put on this dress and heels for nothing. You told me over the phone that we would celebrate with your family, now you want to stay home."

He rolls his eyes," I do want to celebrate with family, you are my family Jordana. You're my wife, damn it. Can't I just have dinner with you?"

I swallow the lump in my throat, did he just say he wanted to have dinner with me, and not his precious Ayano brothers. We'll this is new.

"So, you just want a quiet evening at home then?"

He figets with his tie," yes, Jordana is that too much for a husband to ask."

I put my hands on my hips " we'll I wish you could have said that over the phone, now I have to change again and take off this dress and heels.

As I turn to walk back upstairs, he grabs my arm from the banister," Please, Jordana whatever you do. Just don't take off that dress, you look, scrumptious in it. Just like a goddess."

I stare at him, as his eyes stay glued to my red dress. Is he serious? No guy ever complimented me like that before. I feel happy yet somehow angry at the same time, what if he's just joking. I mean how long will we continue this game, where we eat together, talk together, and live together. Do I keep pretending to be his wife, while keeping my secret of liking him locked up forever. No, I don't want to be that timid, shy Jordana anymore. If it was Renee, she would have been brave enough to tell him how she feels. So why can't I muster up that of that kind of courage. I need to know if he's just being nice as a friend or a "fake husband", or is it real? His actions may say otherwise that he likes me, but still I need to hear the words from the lion's mouth. So without any more fears, I figure it's like people say go big or go home.

So without any more delays, I yank my arm away from his and look him straight in his eyes." Answer me something, and please be completely honest."

He shrugs" okay, what's the question."

I clear my throat "First off I have confess to something. My feelings for you are special, like the way a real wife feels towards her husband .I like you Genji, you're loyal, honest, and brave, not to mention you're the first person to ever take care of me. Today, you sacrificed you're life for mines. And I'm not sure what to make of that, our relationship I mean. So as for the question I'm about to ask you, it's simple. Do you like me?"

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