My Deadly Happily Ever After

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Chapter 16

Damn, tell me what the fuck am I supposed to say. I can't believe this chick just put me on the spot. I feel like I'm in an interrogation room at the police station. Women are cunning, I swear you can never know what to expect. I definitely didn't imagine she'd ask me something like this, so soon. We'll not soon, I mean we have been married for nine months now. Therefore, my speculations have been confirmed she likes me, but then again what woman doesn't. I'm Genji Ayano the one and only. A long time ago when I realized I was a part of a Yakuza family dynasty, I made a promise to myself. Since I was born into this harsh life, as a son of the devil I would live by a certain set of rules. The most important one of them is to never let some pretty woman sneak her way into your heart, because then she'll have control. Therefore, that's why the women in my life have always known their place, cook food, clean the house, and keep your mouth shut unless were in bed. Though, currently things have changed, I'm getting soft now when it comes to the rules. Shit, now I'm the one cooking and cleaning. This Jordana girl, she's different, I underestimated her she has a way of..of...breaking me down. I can't think straight when I'm around her, I always say the wrong things. Kusoyarou, shit I shouldn't have said she'd look like a goddess, what was I thinking. Now she has the upper hand, especially now since she made the first move. Hmmm, I'll have to turn the tables on her. Watch this.

I laugh loudly startling her," Wow, that was funny. You liking me, what a joke. I wasn't expecting that Jordana, I never knew you had such a sense of humor."

She looks confused, "What? This isn't a joke I'm serious I do like you, didn't you hear my speech. I just explained to you why I like you. Now answer the question do you like me?"

I shake my head" I can't believe you. It's just impossible that you like me. I forced you to marry me, I was an asshole when we first met. You can't like me, not a good girl like you."

I watch her pace back and forth, taking quick breaths in and out. I smile inwardly, this is working she's getting pissed off.

"Genji, I know that were opposites, and we haven't gotten along in the past. However, these past few months I've begun to like you, and it's really kind of humiliating for me to keep repeating it over and over. It's not easy for someone, a girl like me to admit my feelings, you know. It takes a lot of courage."

I nod" I'm sorry, I know it must be hard, but I still don't believe that you like me. You must have some hidden agenda, I don't know I think I may need proof that your not lying."

"Proof?" she can I prove that I like you."

I grin and slick back a strand of my hair," Kiss me."

She gasp, and her whole body goes still. Damn, whoever said that silence can sometimes be the loudest sound, was definitely telling the truth. She's quiet so long, that I'm afraid she's turned into a mute.

"What? She says softly. "You want me to kiss you?"

I clear my throat," Uh, um yeah, if you kiss me then that proves you like me. And then I'll answer your question, I'll tell you how I feel."

She chuckles," that's so dumb, it makes no sense. Are you serious? If I kiss you, then you'll tell me if you like me or not?"

I frown" yeah, that's right. I want to know if you really like me before I confess my feelings. I mean what if you're just joking with me, and I get my heart broken. I need to know if your words are genuine."

She crosses her arms over her chest, and walks near the fireplace. I can tell as she stares into the logs that she's thinking. She looks so tormented with indecision, that I almost feel sorry for her. But the thought of her lips on mine, makes me stand firm with my ultimatum.

"Jordana, the clock is ticking, what are you going to do? Prove to me your feelings or not."


I smirk, "I will babe, but you know the terms of the deal. Kiss me or you'll never know my answer? The choice is yours, I'll give you five seconds to decide."

"What, no you can't Genji, I'm a church woman."

I roll my eyes and count," 5, 4,"

"No, this is unfair,"

"Life's isn't fair, 3, 2"

"I can't, Genji."


I step in front of her then lift her chin. She widens her eyes, and I lean in closer so our lips are only an inch apart.

"Times up, Jordana."

She looks up at me, then down at my lips. I shiver from head to toe. Yes, she's going to do it, my plans worked. I close my eyes, and I feel her hands caress my face. Then suddenly, the moment I've been waiting for happens. I feel the softness of her lips, but instead of them landing on my mouth. I feel the wetness of the kiss on my cheek. Wait, what the hell. She gave me a peck on the cheek, and not the lips.

I back away from her, "Jordana, why'd you that? I told you to kiss me."

She puts her hands on her hips" I did kiss you. You were never specific as to where you wanted to be kissed. I gave you a peck on the cheek that still counts as a kiss. Now answer the question, do you like me or not?"

I stalk up and down the carpet. This is such bullshit, I was supposed to play her, but she ended up playing me. How in the hell am I going to get out of this. I can't submit to a woman, she's supposed to follow the rules of the deal. Damn it, this is messed up.

I fume," that was evil what you did Jordana, you knew what I meant. I wanted you to kiss me on the lips. First, you're bold enough to ask me that...that. Question, and now you're playing me like some fool. I don't like it, I'm the man of this house, and it's not right for you to be controlling things.

She laughs," Oh please, Genji your plan backfired. Just admit it you were just trying not to express your true feelings to me. If you didn't want to answer the question, you should have just said so. I'll understand if your not man enough to."

My eyes widen, how she dare say that to me, that I'm not man enough. Does she know who I am? I let out an exasperated breath and nod fuck it, sometimes a man's got to do what he's got to do.

I grab the back of her neck and smash my lips against her soft ruby-colored ones. She gasps and I tilt my head to the side deepening the kiss. I slide my tongue into her open mouth, and push her curvy frame gently against the wall. We both moan, and keep up a steady rhythm. I reach for her waist and press it firmly against mine. She tries to squirm away in my grip, but I hold on tightly. Still, she moves and swipes my hands off her.

I break apart," What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I um, I think we should slow down this is kind of sudden and..."

"So what, you like me remember and I...I..I like you too."

She squeals" really you do? I knew it. I mean I knew you liked me when you wanted to kiss me, then when you saved my life today, and then when you were jealous, and..."

"Alright, alright shit, I admit it. I answered your question I like you. Hell I may even love y-"


We both leap up at the same time.


Who the hell is that ringing the doorbell?

"Genji, who could that be it's so late."

I growl" I don't know, but whoever it is better be ready to get their ass kicked."

I feel the edge of my knife in my belt, and I gesture for Jordana to stay back. I walk out into the hallway and inch slowly to the door.


This time the person beats their fists hard against the door. "OPEN UP, OPEN UP."

I cock my head to the side, the nerve of some people. Seriously, that's fucking rude, especially when Jordana and I were about to venture into what I call Genji's Pleasure Paradise. Damn it, I'm going to kill the bastard.

DING DONG, "Open up please, is anybody in there?"

I step up closer now, and I pull my blade out in front of me. I look through the peephole and see a short freckled faced teen, dressed in a blue and red Domino's uniform. The pizza delivery guy, seriously.

I put my knife back securely into my belt. Then I swing open the door, "you've got the wrong house man, nobody ordered any pizza."

The boy looks at the order tab on top of the pizza box "Umm, uh sir it says here that this address ordered a medium pepperoni pizza with meatballs and..."

"Look kid I said I didn't order any delivery"

He looks at me with an air-headed expression" Um, but dude I mean sir, it says here that..."

I groan and reach in my pocket for my wallet" okay fine, how much is it? I'll take the pizza."

He smiles," Oh forget it, Mr. Ayano I don't think you'll be able to afford it."

"Huh, what did you just say?"


I heard the gunshots before I felt them. The bullets enter my shoulder and chest, the blood is hot and sticky against my hands. I drop down on the marble floor and my vision is blurry. I can hear Jordana run out into the hallway and scream. I try to reach for my knife, but I can't my body is too weak. Suddenly, I feel Jordana's arms holding me, but I shove her aside and shout," GO AWAY, RUN." She doesn't move and just sobs, "You're going to be okay Genji, trust me I won't let you..."

The boy's loud laugh interrupts her. My eyes look up and make out his shadow, he still holds the pizza box in his hand, with the steel pistol in the other.

He continues to laugh and cocks his gun" Sorry about this dude, but the boss says you got to go.

He then turns to Jordana," Do you still want the pizza?"

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