My Deadly Happily Ever After

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Chapter 17

I know you may not know who I am, so allow me to introduce myself. I am Kazuya Ito the sworn brother of Genji Ayano. It saddens me to say that currently my brother and his wife Jordana, are unable to speak for themselves at the moment. Dozens of tubes that are hooked up to machines, run in and out of my brother's body keeping him alive. Jordana leans hunched over his weak figure in bed, with hands clasped and eyes closed praying silently to God. She has not rested or eaten for the past 3 days. The doctors try to her coax to sleep, but she won't. Therefore, the police officers only keep her awake by asking both of us questions about the attempted murder. Every time I hear the words bullet or gun, it makes me want to rip out the heart of the boy who did this. He nearly killed him, my brother, and my leader if it wasn't for instinct and the cellphone that Genji accidently left in the car. I would have never turned back around to go to his house, but luckily I did because I was able to save him. The first thought of seeing my brother's bleeding lifeless body on the ground was that this must be a dream, it can't be real. I've known Genji Ayano, all my life and he'd never been hurt by any enemy before, he was always too clever for that. Furthermore, how can anyone guess that a pizza delivery boy would suddenly pull out a semi-automatic pistol and start shooting. Humph, the little son-of a bitch was bold catching a member of the Yakuza off guard like that. But I assure you as I crept up behind the boy as he stood grinning over Genji's body, I made sure he would never have the guts to mess with the Ayano family again. Which is why now, he's hanging from a rusty meat hook in my basement as we speak. I figure he won't last long down there because the brothers are using the old Japanese ways to make him talk. Hopefully, by this evening he'll give up and tell who ordered the assassination.


I jump up and walk over to Genji's side and look down at his pale unmoving face. Almost every twenty minutes or so, Jordana thinks she sees his finger move or his eyelid twitch. She wants desperately for him to wake up, but these past three days he hasn't moved a muscle.

I sigh" Sister-in-law, you must rest, Genji will wake up soon just..just not now. You remember what the doctors said his body is in shock and he is healing. He'll only regain consciousness when his body is ready to. So for now, you have to be strong and wait."

She shivers and her hands shake" No, I'm not resting until I know he's okay. I don't care what the doctors say, I know he's going to wake up soon and when he does I'll be the first face he sees. I'm his wife I have to remain at his side."

"But, sister-in-law you haven't slept or..."


My body stands alert, and my hand falls down to my gun. Jordana glazed eyes look at the door nonchalantly as if her life being in danger isn't a big deal. I creep along the wall silently, and confirm that it's not a nurse or doctor because normally they would the ring the little bell before they enter.

I breathe in sharply" Who is it?"

"It's me damn it, I'm here to see my sister. I'm Renee."

I roll my eyes and open the door" I thought we agreed that you'd call before you come for another visit."

She gives me an annoyed look" who the hell are you talking to like that. Aren't you just a servant? What are you like Genji's number one lap dog, oh please just get the hell out of my way you fake ass samurai." She pushes me aside and strolls over to Jordana in her drunken state.

I grit my teeth she's been here every day, supposedly supporting her sister in her crisis. But all she does is make complaints about the hospital staff and Jordana's disheveled appearance. Although, most of all I hate the nerve she has to show her face at Genji's side. I mean obviously it's her husband Monty, who set up Genji to get killed. He's the only one who knew that Genji was at home, and not at the Ayano family celebration we were having. Also, his motive is clear he found about Shawn's death, and he wanted revenge against my brother. All I need is the proof, and I swear I'm going to turn his skin into an area rug.

I glance down at my phone and curse under my breath. Damn, what's taking so long the boy hasn't talked yet. I want to get this over with and kill Monty, with my bare hands. Every minute he continues to live, makes my blood boil with anger. I look at Genji, lying there helpless and in pain, his wife Jordana's sunken eyes and thin pale lips making her look like a living corpse. The bastard, how dare he make my family suffer.

Renee pouts, "Jordana, please sister eat something I'm worried about you, have you looked in a mirror lately. Baby girl, you look awful, how is Genji going to feel waking up seeing you look like this huh?"

"Please, Renee I can't think about that right now, all I care about is his health. I just want to hear his voice once. If I was there earlier, maybe if I was the one to answer the door I could have...

"Shush, don't say that God will hear you. This is the Lord's plan, he wanted Genji to get shot not you."

I ball my fists up, this woman is testing my patience. I say to myself Calm down, Kazuya, remember what your brother Genji, always said never hit a woman, because then that makes you a coward, not a man. I close my eyes and exhale. Fine, I'll listen to you brother.

I stand up and bow towards Jordana respectively," Sister-in-law, it is time for me to take my leave. I will call you later for an update on the boss. Please, if you need anything don't hesitate to contact me."

She nods and gives me a tiny smile," Thank you, Kazuya. You're a good brother to Genji. I'll call you when he wakes up."

I bow again and look up at Renee's annoyed face. I turn on my heel and walk slowly to the door. Not even before I reach the doorknob I hear Renee's voice," He's a creep, but he's kind of cute though."

Jordana answers," He's a nice man, he's kind and loyal unlike some people I know."

"What? who are you talking about when you say" unlike some people I know."

She sighs," nothing Renee, I'm too tired to argue I just..."

"No answer the question I want to..."

Jordana hisses in a low terrifying voice that even makes me shiver" Either you bow your head down and pray with me or I'll kick your ass out of here."

The room hums with an uncomfortable silence. Then I hear Renee gasp" Jordana, I can't believe it, you never curse. How can a person like you swear? You're a church woman you shouldn't be using words like that."

"Oh please, don't lecture me on how to be a Christian, I think I know a little bit more about that than you. Besides ass isn't a curse word, it's an animal."

"An animal?"

"Yes, it's another word for donkey, you idiot."

I smile at that and walk out into the hallway. My phone suddenly rings with a text, and my hands shake with anticipation. Yes, I knew the little shit would break eventually.

I slide open my phone and the lit screen glows with seven words.

"Honey come home now, I miss you."

I roll my eyes at the message damn I thought it was something important, but it was just my wife Luna. Why does she always have to...


I turn around quickly and open my dry mouth to speak, but no words come out. I look at Jordana's bright smiling face.


I just stare ahead unmoving" what? My brother he's awake."

I rush past her through the door and stand at his side" Brother, it's me Kazuya, I'm here."

He answers groggily" I know who you are, damn it I'm not blind."

I laugh" it's the same old Genji."

"Where is my wife, as soon as I open my eyes she runs out of the room."

"She and her sister Renee went to find a doctor."

He sighs" Good, because I need to talk to you and I don't want the women to hear it."

I perk up my ears," Yes, brother."

"It's about the boy, the one I figure everyone is torturing right now for information. I want you all to stop, the boy won't give in, and he's crazy."

I snort." I'm crazy too, Genji I'll..."

He holds up a hand, "Please listen to me he's not just crazy and out for blood, he's crazy in love and believe me that's worse. I saw the Wildman look in his eyes, and the gold ring he had on his finger. He has someone, he's engaged. He knew my name which means he knows I'm a member of the Yakuza, yet he was bold enough to come to my door and shoot me. Any other gang member would never have come on my turf at least without a pack of people. Monty's not that insane."

" So what are you saying?"

"I think the boy tried to kill me for someone he's in love with. The face he wore was the same one I had when I killed Shawn, it was vicious and reckless. At that moment all I could think of was Jordana, I didn't care about if Monty would want revenge or the onyx kings would be after me. All I wanted was to protect her, because she's all that mattered. I'm ashamed to say it, but I was happier that Shawn was gone, not just because he shot my brother, but also the fact that he could no longer hurt Jordana."

I nod," I understand I would do the same for my wife Luna."

"Good, that's why you have to know that torturing him won't make him give up a name. If he was a gang member he would've snitched by now, but he didn't am I right?"

"Yes, boss, but..."

"Just let me talk to the boy, and keep him alive until tomorrow when I get out of this hospital."

I look at his bullet wounds, he'll need a lot of time to heal. I don't think he'll be ready by tomorrow, but I keep my mouth shut. I know from experience that once Genji sets his mind to do something, he normally accomplishes it.

"So Kazuya, pass the message along to the brothers. The little asshole is mine, don't touch another hair on him until I get there. I'm going to scare the living daylights out of the prick."

"Um, really sir we've done everything, chopped off fingers, hammered nails into his legs, sliced off skin, burnt..."

He sucks his teeth" okay, okay I get it, you tortured him, but the kid is tough. Furthermore, he hasn't dealt with me yet. I'm going to do something worse than all those things."

I give him a confused look" Like what?"

"I'm going to threaten the life of his woman."

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