My Deadly Happily Ever After

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Chapter 18

The full moon hangs high in the midnight sky, shining its bright light heavily on my pale ashen face. Cold November winds sting my cheeks and cause my eyes to water. I lean back against the silver Lexus, as I watch the other cars stroll by with lightning speed on the highway. I sigh I know it's late and Jordana will be expecting me back home by now, but I'm just not ready to face her. Not like this I'm too shocked and angry. I rub my shoulder to ease the shooting pains, but it's not just the bullet wound that's causing it. The amount of punches that I gave to the boy down in the basement, makes my not so healed arm feel like it's about to fall off. Furthermore, the condition he was in made my own injuries look like tiny scratches. He looked deformed and savage, after being tortured for nearly four days straight. He no longer even resembled a human, large black and blue bruises covered his ivory skin, multiple fingers and toes were missing, and one eye was swollen shut. Yet, still with one eye open he recognized my face and smiled viciously. The sewer-smelling room caused my stomach to churn, bringing about feelings of nausea. But, I ignored it and sat right in front of him at the small metal table. Kazuya stood behind him, with a gun pointed to his head just in case he made any sudden movements. The young boy whose name we later found out is Jimmy Connelly, was chained so securely to the wrought iron chair that even Houdini himself couldn't escape.

"So, Jimmy you enjoying the Ayano family hospitality?"

He grunts" its awesome dude, it's almost better than the look on your face when I shot you."

Kazuya strikes the gun against his head, causing blood to stream down the boy's temple. "Shut up, you little shit. You'll show respect in my brother's presence or I'll blow your goddamn brains out."

Jimmy smiles" sorry, but your brother's a weak cunt, how the hell can I respect him?"

Kazuya growls then raises up the pistol again and I throw up my hands" Stop it, Kazuya can't you the see the boy loves pain."

My brother pauses and clenches his teeth" Yes, Genji but I can't allow him to..."

I interrupt," I know I know, it's hard to understand but some people like this torturing shit, it's called domination or BDSM. I mean some people just like pain, and Jimmy here is one of them."

The boy laughs" it's true, you stupid damn Japs."

I lean back in my chair, and exhale deeply. This son-of a bitch is pushing my limits. I'll have to end this little game of intimidation, and get straight down to business.

I nod and rub my chin" I just wonder though, if you get off on being tortured, does your woman feel the same. Answer me, should I bring your fiancé down here to join the fun?"

The boy stops laughing and all traces of a smile disappear from his bruised face.

"Fuck you, don't you dare touch her, and how'd you know I was engaged?"

I stare fully into his one eye" You just told me by blurting out that question, you moron."

Kazuya chuckles" Bakamono, idiot."

I fold my arms over the table" Besides I knew by the gold ring you wearing on your finger that day."

"I never had a gold ring, you're crazy."

I shake my head" Tsk, Tsk don't lie Jimmy, I remember you having one. When you pulled the trigger on the gun to shoot me I saw it gleaming. So where is it now?"

He looks around nervously" I don't know what you're talking about like I said I never had a gold ring. I'm engaged to be married, but so what. Do you think by threatening me to hurt her I'll give up a name? Trust me I wont, you'll never know who she is, because it's a secret no ever knew about us."

"Oh so it was a woman and you won't give up a name, because it'll reveal your fiancé. She is the one who ordered the hit, and not Monty."

He shrugs" your clueless, you and Monty are just pawns on a chessboard. Both of you don't know anything, you're just being played to serve a purpose."

I scoff" and what purpose is that Jimmy? Your boss wants us both dead so they can take over. Does she think she'll be able to wipe out the onyx kings and the Ayano family?"

He grins" This is too easy, I'm going to be King of the city one day, and she'll rule by my side. Were too smart and your too dumb to figure it out because your blinded by love and revenge. You've been too busy trying to kill the ones who killed your brother, to see what's right in front of your face."

"You know about my brother Takashi, how?"

"Please Genji, I know everything about you. Your sick desires for revenge to kill Monty, and your stupid fake marriage to your wife. I've been watching you for a long time I should've gotten rid of you then. He then laughs," yeah that's right I should've killed you and that fat bitch Jordana when I had the chance, I should've ..."

The chair screeches behind me as I shove the table aside and jump on him," TELL ME, WHO'S BEHIND THIS YOU BASTARD, GIVE ME A FUCKING NAME." I bang his head against the ground and he bleeds and laughs at the same time. I snarl and wrap my hands around his neck, squeezing tightly with a death grip. Kazuya tries to pull me off him, but all I can think of is Jordana's face and his deadly words. He didn't want to just kill me, he wanted to kill my wife as well. My fingers manage to loosen around his neck, as Kazuya pries them off one by one. But my vision is still filled with rage and I begin to punch and kick him all over, my shoulder throbs with pain, but I don't care I just want to cause him as much agony as possible. I punch him once in his gut and he begins to shake violently and spit up blood.

I step back" there you go punk, I guess I found your weak spot your stomach is sensitive huh?"

I now kick him swiftly in the gut, and he coughs, his face contorting as he begins to vomit. I smile as the puke covers the floor, and he screams out in sorrow. I lift up my leg to kick him again when Kazuya stops me.

"What are you doing, let go? I got to make him give me her name."

He nods" I don't think you have to cause him any more pain to get him to confess. He then points and looks at the ground.

I follow his gaze" Jimmy lies there still heaving next to the pile of puke on the floor. I roll my eyes at the sight and think, gross it's all the food he's eaten in the past few days. But I look closer anyway because Kazuya is still pointing at it. I stare and suddenly my heart leaps in my chest, a piece of gold is gleaming in the nasty pile. I bend down and take my handkerchief out of my pocket to pick it up. I examine it and sure enough it's the ring, the gold engagement ring. The boy must have swallowed it to hide the evidence. I stand up and hold it next to the light bulb, there must be an inscription inside I have to read..."

"Please, Genji, I mean Mr. Ayano don't read it please. I love her she's all I have, I know that she may not love me back, and she's never worn her own engagement ring that I bought her, but she's important to me. I can't live without her she's my everything she's my..."

Kazuya grits his teeth", shut up kid, you should've thought about that before you fucked with the Ayano family."

I shake my head and grin" you and your whore are dead meat."

I turn the ring up in the light and the words are barely visible. I wipe it clean with my handkerchief and try to read it again, and this time the inscription is much clearer. Jimmy still begs and pleads to save his woman, but I read the words out loud anyway.

"For eternity, my heart belongs to you my one and only love RENEE."

Kazuya curses profusely, and the kid sobs loudly. No way, I hold the ring closer to the light and read it again and again. It can't be I trusted her she was my partner, when it came to getting revenge on Monty. She's Jordana's sister, why would she betray me this way.

I drop down to my knees and pull the boy's face to mine, "Why, tell me. Renee wanted me dead, she had you following me, and she seduced a kid like you to assassinate me. Is this really true? Am I reading the words on this ring right?"

Jimmy just sobs and wails," Please don't hurt her, please don't..."

I smack his face with the back of my hand" snap out of it, you little prick. You said earlier that Monty and I were pawns on a chessboard what did you mean by that?"

He hiccups again," She was playing you both from the start, she and I have been working together for a while. I was just a pizza boy when I met her one day while delivering to her house. She answered the door wearing white lingerie looking like a Victoria's Secret angel, except she was crying. She invited me in, and allowed me to comfort her. I was so shocked that a beautiful woman like her would even be talking to a young geek like me, but she did. She said she needed me, that I was the only one who could help her, because her husband Monty is an abusive creep. At that moment I fell in love with her, and began to help her in any way that I could."

"Help her how?"

He replies," by watching you."

I blink rapidly" why? What could she gain from killing me? I was her partner, not her enemy."

He hiccups" That's exactly why she wanted you. As I've said she was playing you and Monty from the start. He never killed your brother Takashi, Shawn committed the murder. He shot then strangled him because she told him to."

I inhale sharply" what?"

"Your brother was never going to marry Renee, after he found out she was a stripper. Monty told him the truth, to hurt his pride that Renee was working in his club called the Pierce's Pussycats. Takashi was furious and broke off the engagement, he told her that the Ayano family would never accept a woman like her into the dynasty. That angered her because she dated your brother for the sole purpose of being the wife of a leader in the Yakuza."

I rub my temples" So she set him up with that pyscho Shawn being the assassin. My brother rejected her and she was angry, that's why she killed him. So later on she pinned the murder on Monty because she wanted him to pay for snitching on her about working in his club. She's a sociopathic gold digger, she wanted to be an Ayano but that failed, so she then turned to Monty, to become an Onyx King. She lied that day at the funeral, because she wanted me to do her dirty work and kill Monty.

Jimmy nods solemnly and continues, "Monty is a greedy two-bit criminal, I know she told you he's a cop but he's not. He's been losing a lot of money gambling lately, which also has lost him respect in the streets. You know as well as I do, that the Ayano Family has quickly taken over the city, making the Onyx Kings sink to the bottom of the barrel.

I shake my head," but still this doesn't make sense, why does she want to kill me?"

"Because Mr. Ayano with you dead, she can rule everything. The loss of the leader for the Ayano family will cause chaos, the Yakuza will retaliate with starting a war with the Onyx Kings. Monty will die and your family will too. Which leaves only she and I left, we were going to hide and wait to everything died down before returning to the city to take over."

"Humph, and you actually thought that plan would work. Do you think the Ayano family is that easy to get rid of? She's gone power hungry after becoming a gangster's wife, I've seen it before and the plan always fails. Renee played a lot of people to rise to the top huh?"

He sniffs, "please don't hurt her, I know this is messed up, but she's all I have."

Kazuya looks at me and I motion for him to pass me the gun.

Jimmy sobs," wait, man I know she set you up to kill Monty. Then in the end she wanted to have you killed so she could control everything. But she's not as bad as she seems, Renee loves me and would never leave me."

I smirk," Then why is it your here tortured and lying in your own puke as we speak. She used you, she knew we caught you and still she made no move to save you. Once you failed in killing me, she didn't need you anymore, can't you understand it?"

He weeps," NO, she wouldn't she loves me, and besides she's your sister-in-law you can't hurt her. How would Jordana feel if she knew you'd kill her sister?"

My nostrils flare, damn it. Renee is truly cunning, the bitch used this poor innocent soul to commit her evils. I almost feel sorry for him, he suffered so much for her and she could care less.

"You're right Jimmy, I can't kill Renee because she is the sister of my wife. But unfortunately I can kill you." I then raise up the gun and pull the trigger. The bullet moves swiftly into his forehead, he dies instantly. I figure this is the best way for him to go, because he'll never have happiness being in love with a woman like Renee.

I then turn on my heel and rush past Kazuya. I yell over my shoulder" Get rid of the body, and give him a proper burial. Let his soul leave this Earth in peace."

I look at the moon again, but it's disappeared from my eyes behind a misty cloud. I open the car door and drive home in silence. I can't avoid Jordana any longer, I must face her and tell the truth. Even though I know her heart will be torn into pieces. I wish it wasn't true, but as I look back on the past with Renee, I can now see through all the lies she told. She used my revenge as a tool for her own warped plans, and I fell for it. Shit, how could I have been so stupid? I continue down the driveway and pull into the garage. Jordana thrusts open the door before I can even put my key in the lock.

"Where were you Genji? You said you'd be home hours ago, uhhhhh I was so worried about you. Did you finish that business with Kazuya, I hope you did because you need to rest, you just got out of the hospital your wounds need to heal."

I step into the hallway," I know, I know I just needed to get some information about something."

She sighs," Okay, but for the rest of the night you need to be in bed."

I grin," sounds good, are you going to join me babe?"

She crosses her arms over her chest, "Don't be silly, with your wounds the only thing me and you are going to be doing in bed is sleeping."

I nod" I know, just let me hold you." I wrap my arms around her body tightly, and she snuggles in my embrace.

"I love you Jordana, you know that right?"

She murmurs against my ear," Yes, Genji I know that and I love you too."

"How much do you love me? I mean will you love me no matter what I'd do?"

She tilts up her face and looks in my eyes," Of course I will Genji, you're my husband. For better or worse, and in sickness and health. I love you, and I'll always be by your side."

My chest tightens," Good, because I have something to tell you."

"Like what? Don't tell me are you cheating me?"

I laugh and kiss her cheek" Don't say anything stupid like that, you know I'd never do that."

She shrugs" Then what is it?"

"It's nothing, it's just that soon I may have to do something bad. Something unforgivable and I'm afraid that it may cause me to lose you."

"You'll never lose me Genji. As long as you don't hurt anyone who's innocent. God punishes those who hurt the innocent."

I rub the gold ring in my pocket," Believe me Jordana, this person is a demon, and nowhere near innocent. Soon, God will punish her, and so will I.

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