My Deadly Happily Ever After

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Chapter 19

Between a rock and a hard place is where I stand. My sister Renee has caused tragedy beyond measure for my husband and his family. Now, naturally my husband Genji wants to retaliate and punish her evil deeds. Although, how can I allow him to kill my only sister, because no matter what we share the same blood. I know you may be saying to yourself so what she deserves it, but really if it were you, could you kill your own family member? Imagine putting yourself in my shoes, the thought of seeing my sister's lifeless body lying in a pool of blood on a cold hard ground is just too much for my heart to bear. Yet, I think of the pain she caused my husband, the murder of his brother, and the lies about Monty, plus not to mention she seduced a boy to try to kill him. So how can I as his wife stand in his way when he wants to punish her? This is a difficult choice for me either I let my sister live her life without atoning for her sins, or I allow my husband to cover his hands with my family's blood. It's been a week now, so the time I have to make up my mind on what I should do is over. I know that the Ayano family is restless with their thirst for Renee's blood. I must go with my gut feeling and solve this problem once and for all. I just pray that God forgives me for the sin I'm about to commit.

She bows her head respectively "Hello, Mrs. Ayano I'm here."

I smile" Thanks for coming Luna, I know it must've been hard sneaking away from your husband Kazuya."

"Argh, tell me about it, he's been watching me like a hawk lately. She rubs her stomach," I can't wait till the baby gets here so he can stop worrying so much about me, he's driving me nuts."

I nod," that's a good thing, at least you know he cares about you and the baby. Kazuya will make a great father."

"I know Mrs. Ayano, you're right."

I look around the parking lot, it is completely empty. I know asking Kazuya's wife Luna to come here was a huge risk, but she's really the only person I can trust. She knows my situation, and understands the dilemma I'm in. Which is why she's decided to help me with this task, also she's been in the Ayano family longer than I have so she has more connections than I do. I need this to happen discreetly so Genji won't interfere with my plans. As his wife, I don't like lying to him, but in the end I believe he will forgive me.

"Luna, is everything set, do you have what I need?"

She pulls a thick manila envelope from her coat," Mrs. Ayano, this is everything. Just remember how to use everything, and make sure your careful that nothing shows. This is important or else the plan won't work. My people will be there to tie up any loose ends or if things go bad. You know the code word right?"

"Yes, it's" Life."

She nods" good, now you're sure about this right. I mean that woman is your sister, guilt may come back to haunt you."

I chuckle," the only one who'll be feeling any guilt is Renee. What she did is unforgivable, and I know the Ayano family will never let it slide. Also when Monty's finds out what she did, he won't exactly be happy either. So what I'm about to do to Renee is really inevitable."

"You're right it is, but you don't have much time. I've done my part, and now you have to do yours Mrs. Ayano. She opens the car door," If it's any consolation if I was in your shoes I would do the same thing, so don't feel bad. Gambatte Kudasai, Good Luck Mrs. Ayano."

I bow my head" Thank you Luna, and please stop calling me Mrs. Ayano. It's just Jordana okay?"

She laughs and gets out of the car," okay then, your welcome Mrs. Ay... I mean Jordana."

I park my white Mercedes, next to the beat up Pontiac in the old elementary school playground. This is the place where I'd chosen to meet my sister, the school we both attended in our youth. A place where we were both happy and had a real relationship between sisters.

"Jordanaaaa! Jordanaaaa, come up here. I'm on the roof."

I gasp it's seven stories high, and I'm terrified of heights. I close my eyes and breathe deeply, God please be with me, I hope this goes by fast.

I wave and shout," Okayyyy, I'm on my way up."

I reach the roof finally, and the icy winds whip through my hair. My eyes burn and water, but I spot Renee easily in her sparkly white coat. She's been in hiding for a week, but still she manages to pull off designer looks, with perfect hair and makeup. Since the day that Genji figured out her betrayals, I've racked my brains for all the reasons why she would do something like this. The lies, deceit, and the murder, what was it all for. The money and power, did she really want to rule the streets and the underworld, all for the price of her soul. I gaze at her smiling face, and my anger threatens to erupt out of me like a volcano, but I let it simmer and smile back at her.

"Hmmm, Renee it's kind of a sunny day for November. If it wasn't for the wind, it probably would be warm too."

"Oh please Jordana, I didn't ask you to meet me here to talk about the weather. I need money, and lots of it. That crazy husband of yours is trying to kill me, and I need to go somewhere far away before he finds me."

I roll my eyes," and whose fault is that? You used everyone around you, you hurt Takashi, Shawn, and Jimmy. Not to mention, you tried to kill my husband, and yet somehow I'm here helping you. Don't you feel any guilt?"

She chuckles," Hell, no. It takes great sacrifice to get ahead in life, Jordana. When I went to New York all alone, I was broke and homeless. I had no one to help me, so I did what I had to do. I stripped and sold my body, so I could eat. I looked around at those dirty men who were using me, and I thought why should they be the ones with all the power. I deserve to be treated with respect just like them, it's unfair that women should be played with like some toy. Do you think your any different, Genji used you too. He married you to carry out his revenge, he only wanted Monty's death, but what's funny is he didn't kill Takashi. Shawn and I did, but still he was too blind to see it, and I played him like I did the others. Men have been powerful and fucked up towards women for centuries, now it's my turn. So stop whining Jordana and be a good sister, help me."

She's insane, she did this to gain power and get back at men. I think of the gunshot wounds and the blood stains that covered Genji's body. The image of him lying in the hospital bed fighting for his life, while Renee sat next to me pretending to feel sorry for him makes me want to rip her heart out with my bare hands. My face heats up with rage, but I don't hesitate when I hand her the envelope full of money, credit cards, and fake I.D.'S/passports.

She snatches it quickly from me" How much money is in here?"

I answer," about a hundred grand."

She sucks her teeth," THAT'S IT! I won't survive a year on this. I need more money, a lot more. How am I supposed to hide out in a foreign country with chump change like this, are you serious?"

"This is all I could get without Genji getting suspicious, besides the fake I.D's and passports weren't cheap. I'm betraying the Ayano family, remember. I only could give you the savings I had, or they would all find out I'm helping you."

Renee runs a hand through her dyed blonde hair" Shit, Shit, Shit I'm going to have lay low in some dump. Maybe I'll hook up with another gangster like Monty, yeah yeah that sounds good. He could take care of me, and I'll be his wife. In a year or two, I'll set him up and make him disappear then I can take over the business. I can't share my power, it has to be all mine, I deserve it. I was always the younger sister who was untalented and not as smart as you, but I promise one day I'll have it all. I failed this time with Monty and Genji, but I swear next time my plan will work."

I cringe" your plan? Renee don't you see that you hurt me and my husband. All those people are dead, they were innocent and you killed them."

"Oh fuck you Jordana, you've never suffered in your life at all, so how can you understand me. I'm not like you, I have to rely on my beauty to get ahead in life. Your perfect ex-husband Shawn was obsessed with me, and he wouldn't leave me alone, so I had to have him killed. I had to lie to Genji about him shooting his brother so he'd leave me in peace, and that stupid kid Jimmy would do anything I say as long as I gave him some ass. Please that geek thought he was in love with me, the only thing he loved was my body. Genji used me as a partner to kill Monty, and Monty married me because I looked good on his arm as a trophy wife. So don't tell me that these people were innocent because they weren't, nobody in this world is. Now get out of my way, I've got to go. I'll contact you to send me more money when it runs out, so be waiting for my call."

I step in front of her" wait, so you really admit to killing them huh?"

She sighs", yes, yes, and hell yes I killed them. Now so what then? What are you going to do about it Jordana?"

I smirk and take my earrings off" nothing, just something I've been wanting to do my whole" LIFE". I'm going to beat your ass until blood runs from your face like a river."

She cocks her head to the side" WHAT?"

I smash my balled up fists with Genji's wedding ring shining right into your tiny nose. I feel the bones shift and crunch, but I swing my fists again with force into her white teeth.

She gasps and falls back onto the ground. She glares at me and crawls on her hands and knees trying to stand back up.

I look at my bloody fists and smile" Come on, Renee I'm just getting started, don't be a little punk sister."

Renee covers her broken nose with one hand and throws a fist at me with the other. I duck and tug on a handful of her hair until her scalp turns red. She screams and tries to get out of my grip. But I pull her head back and give her a hard uppercut to the chin. Blood sprays all over her sparkly white coat, and she coughs and curses at the same time.

I then grab her neck to put her in a headlock," Do you believe that I would let you betray my husband and his family. Renee, you're my sister, but what you did is inexcusable. I will never let you run and get away with it."

She pants, "t..t..then just kill me, don't keep beating me like this."

I pout" but it's so much fun sister. Furthermore, you're right I should just kill you, but that would be too easy. In a about five seconds you're going to experience something worse, believe me."

I turn around keeping my grip strong around her neck, and wait for the sound of footsteps. However, instead I hear a more beautiful sound, police sirens. I look over the rooftop and see dozens of cops and squad cars. Luna came through perfectly, I look towards the sky and smile. Finally, I hear the footsteps on the staircase.


I drop Renee to the ground and back away from her. I look at the officer in the black trench coat and walk over to him.

"Are you Shinzo Miramoto sir?"

He bows," yes, Mrs. Ayano I am. My cousin Luna Ito sent me, she said I could be of assistance to you. Also, in some way you'd help me too? Um uh do you have the...?"

I smack my temple," Duh, sorry I've been wearing it for so long I almost forgot."

I pull the wires and tape recorder from under my shirt, and hand them to him.

He nods," perfect, did she confess clearly to the murders and conspiracy?"

"Yes sir, with the technology and gadgets Luna gave me, I'm sure it picked up every word she said today."

"Well then, Mrs. Ayano your plan succeeded, your work here is done. My men and I will now make the arrest. You may leave now."

I shake my head," No, I want to watch them handcuff that evil demon."

"Renee Pierce, you are under arrest for the charges of second degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, Conducting in Sexual Activity with Jimmy Connelly who was a minor, Planning to flee the country with illegal passports, First degree Manslaughter, and ..."

I tune the officer out and look at Renee's bloody face. She sobs and begs for her life, but I feel no pity for her. My emotions are strange, I feel relieved that the plan worked and Renee will be punished and have to spend the rest of her life in jail. Nevertheless I also feel sorrow that Genji wasn't here to witness the revenge, but at least now his brother Takashi can rest in peace. I mean sure, I couldn't let Genji kill her, but still she didn't get away with her crimes of betrayal. Luna helped me plan to make her confess, and she fell for the scheme perfectly. It's funny she was always so busy playing someone, yet she couldn't figure out when she herself was getting played. I watch them duck her head into the police car and drive away. I breathe in deeply with all the charges against her, she'll be gone for a long time. My grandma will be upset of course, but I'll coax her and get her to understand everything. She always said that Renee would end up in big trouble one day, though I don't believe anyone could have predicted this.

I sigh and button up my cardigan, the strong wind shoves me towards the door. I walk slowly to my car in the parking lot, steadily thinking of the words I'll say to my husband when I get home. Darn it, I'll have to explain everything, I hope he'll understand my actions and not be upset with me. I kick a little rock out of my way and I hear the word...

"Ouch, damn it that rock hit my leg."

Startled, I glance up" Genji, what in the world are you doing here?"

He rubs his leg," I'm following you around of course. You vanished out of the bedroom like a ghost this morning, so I had to see what you were up to?

I cross my arms over my chest," So what you didn't have to follow me, do I stalk you whenever you leave the house?"

"Uh, um that's different, you need protection I don't?"

"oh really you think I need protection?"

He raises an eyebrow" Don't think because you can throw a few punches at your sister, you don't need me around for your safety?"

I gasp," you saw all that? You watched me beat her up."

"Well, yeah and I was quite enjoying the show until the police showed up."

I then look down at the ground," so you saw the police too, you um k-k-know that Renee got arrested and I planned it, I recorded her confession about the murders and I..."

He interrupts me, "Whatever as long as she's punished. I knew you couldn't just stand by and watch me kill your sister. You're not as cruel as her, that's why I love you babe.

"So you're not mad at me for taking revenge for you?"

He exhales "Truthfully, at first I was furious I thought you were going to help her run. But then I saw through your plan, and I felt relief. I wanted to kill Renee for what she'd done, but I figure this way is better. You did exactly what I would have done if it was reversed and my brother was a lying traitor. You handled your business like a good wife, with honor just like a Yakuza."

I smile sheepishly," Thanks Genji that means a lot coming from you, especially since you're the leader of the Yakuza and all. I must confess I learned all this scheming and planning stuff from you."

"Oh, yeah huh? What'd you learn?"

I reach up and caress his cheek" you taught me that sometimes the sweetest revenge is worse than death. When my sister rots away in her cell, she'll be wishing that I'd killed her."

He lifts up my chin and then presses his lips to mine softly," Jordana, today you've officially become Genji Ayano's wife."

I laugh," Are you sure I'm official, because we still haven't consummated this marriage."

He grins," Oh, I'm sure babe, because tonight you're going to be screaming my name."

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