My Deadly Happily Ever After

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Chapter 2

"Brother-in-law, what?"

He sighs and thrusts a white piece of paper into my lap. I pick it up and try to examine it" What is this?"

He smiles his sharp white teeth gleaming in the pitch black "it's a wedding invitation." He clears his throat" It reads Monty Pierce and Renee Reeves are both proud to announce their engagement to be wed on June 18, 2014. You have been cordially invited to celebrate this blessed union at the Marriott Hotel and Resort on Greenwood Ave at 2 o clock pm blah blah blah so on and so forth."

I gasp" my sister Renee is getting married again, she sent me an invitation why do you have it, why..."

He nods" I'll explain it to you just listen." My ears perk up, how can this be? So he went through my mail. Has he been watching me? Who is Monty Pierce?

He leans back in the chair stretching his long legs out in front of him" I'll start off by saying that your future brother-in-law Monty Pierce is the man who's been giving my family and I these awful headaches lately. Business has been okay, but not as good as it should be. He holds up a hand' before you ask the family business is none of your concern right now, what we do in the streets puts food on the table and that's all you need to know. I'm not sure if your sister Renee told you what line of business her fiancé is in, but I assure you it's not legit. It's even been causing a few problems on our turf, we've been trying to have a few discussions with him, but unfortunately the big bad wolf Monty Pierce hasn't been compliant. Rates on products have gone up, cops are everywhere, customers are late on payments, and then the disaster with Takashi I swear he growls I swear that SON OF A BITCH will pay I swear I'll wo korosu dai kirai...

"What did you just say? Were you speaking Japanese?

He shakes his head" yeah I was, never mind about that. I didn't come here to talk about this with you"

So the guy who's holding me prisoner in my own home is Japanese. He curses and talks about the streets, he must be a gang member, oh no is he Yakuza?

He sighs interrupting my thoughts," Jordana, I came here to discuss the details about Monday, tomorrow morning with you."

"Tomorrow morning what about it? What's going to happen Monday?"

He replies nonchalantly" We g

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