My Deadly Happily Ever After

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Chapter 20

Epilogue: Three Months Later

Our bodies lay folded and tangled up together like origami against sweat soaked sheets, and lipstick stained pillows. I creak open my eyes at the hot sun that creeps through the window blinds. I shield my gaze from the bright light and look down at Jordana's smooth cocoa figure. My lips widen into a smile as I look at her stunning curves. My body moves behind her, and I trace my fingers along the outline of her hips. My chest against her back, I can feel her heartbeat speed up quickly as it responds to my touch. She presses her waist to mine, and my breath catches in my throat. She cranes her neck and looks up at me, our eyes meet and I roll over smoothly on top of her. My lips brushes hers lightly, planting small kisses all over her female anatomy, starting from the north all the way down to the south. She sings my name "Genji" in the key of soprano, and my cheeks heat up with pride. We not only make love but create the perfect symbol of yin and yang. My ivory skin moves in perfect harmony against her ebony complexion. I wince as her fingernails scratch my back in passion. She nibbles on my ear and kisses my neck making me moan her name" Jordana." The ocean of pleasure rises up and down in waves, threatening to spill over at any moment. We grasp each other tightly, our bodies shifting with friction until we finally reach the top of a mountain called Ecstasy. I enjoy the moment fully and hold tight to her body like glue, she arches her back and squeezes my shoulders with her hands. We both pant and gasp for air, steadily caressing and snuggling each other at the same time.

I run my fingers through her thick hair and grin," Good morning Mrs. Ayano."

She chuckles" Why thank you Mr. Ayano, you sure know how to make my morning good."

I shrug," It's my duty babe."

The seagulls squawk and the white sand gleams like diamonds along the coast of the beach. We both sit back on the balcony in our terry cloth robes, sipping iced coffee and eating warm French croissant's. I gaze over at Jordana and I see that her face is tilted towards the blue sky and her hands are clasped in her lap. I know that she's praying to God and thanking him for another day in our beautiful life and home. I smile and turn my attention away from her, I know that she takes her daily prayer seriously. I look down at the morning papers that I have delivered all the way from the city of Chinatown to my new home on the coast of Washington. My eyes bulge at the headlines, but somehow my heart isn't so surprised. The paper reads" Monty Pierce, leader of the infamous gang" the onyx kings" has been found dead from a drug overdose in the back alley of Golden Buddha Casino." Damn, I knew this would happen ever since he found out his trophy wife was playing him from the start, he'd been steadily losing his mind from drugs. Three months ago, with Renee being declared guilty on all charges and sentenced to 64 years without parole. Monty has thrown all his ambitions in life out the window, his gambling and quick cash scams gave the onyx kings a bad name with them frequently losing tons of money and business in the city. This problem made him into an easy target for smaller gangs to take over his turf. Although, with the pity I felt for him I tried my best with the Ayano family to protect him, but still his rage made him act recklessly. What a shame, another victim of Renee's has now fallen to an untimely death. I sigh I guess I'll pay for the funeral so he can have a proper burial, because I know his fellow gang members won't, they've never been very loyal to him. Furthermore, it makes me feel bad thinking about his death and Renee being the cause of it. However, I smirk when thinking of her loss of freedom and endless suffering in prison without her tricks and looks to protect her.

"What are you smirking about Genji?"

I fold up the paper and put it out of sight," Nothing, I'm just happy. Look at us now, we live in a beachfront home where we can see the sun rise and set over the ocean. The quiet and tranquility is never rivaled with the noise of loud music, traffic, and people, like in the city. Were here alone without bodyguards and housekeepers constantly moving throughout the house. This is paradise Jordana, it's just me and you."

She shakes her head and stands up from her chair" Not for long honey, you know were having guests later for the housewarming party. We still need to get this place ready and unpack a few leftover boxes in the dining room. I'll start vacuuming and wiping down everything in the guest bedrooms. So you can start prepping things in the kitchen. I need you to chop the veggies and..."

"Wait, hold up why are we having a housewarming party, let's just go out to dinner at a restaurant."

She puts her hands on her hips" because that defeats the purpose of housewarming. We need our friends and family to come over eat, bless, and wish us good luck on the new house."

I tug on the belt of her robe," But Jordana, if we do all this cooking and cleaning we won't have time for round two. I kiss her hand," the proper diet needed for a man like me, is to make love for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

"Oh really Genji, are you serious?"

I lick my lips and pull her down on my lap" Of course I'm serious, I need it for my daily nutrition. So how about we just hire a caterer for the food, reserve a few rooms at a hotel where our guests will sleep, and bless the house ourselves. We'll do the christening in a unique way," Ayano style." We can do it in the kitchen, the living room, the laundry room, the office, then the..."

"GENJI! stop it you're so bad we can't just abandon the responsibilities for our own housewarming party."

I rub her soft thigh "Why not? How else are we going to make a baby?"

She stutters," b-b-because, it's not right I'll feel guilty having them stay at a hotel, and um wait did you say the word "baby"?

I chuckle "Yes I did, I want a baby. I want dozens of them, we have to start multiplying babe, if we're going to have an Ayano Empire. Just picture it, me and you surrounded by little Genji, little Jordana, little Genjina, little Jordi, little..."

Wait slow down Genji, let's get this straight when we have a kid I'm not naming her Genjina, so let's focus on one thing at a time. Now back to the housewarming party this whole catering and hotel idea is just...

I roll my eyes and interrupt her," They'll understand Jordana, were practically newlyweds. I mean we moved from the city so we can have some peace, and start over fresh and new. Were husband and wife, we can do whatever we want. This is our happily ever after.

She stares into my eyes for a long time then kisses me softly with her rosy lips," You're right Genji, this is our happily ever after, even though it may not always be perfect. God says every couple has their trials and tribulations, but hopefully from this day forward it'll no longer be deadly."

Saigo ni, The end

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