My Deadly Happily Ever After

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Chapter 4

Six Months Later...

The dimly lit Japanese Steakhouse is empty except for the small group of people who occupy the one single table. The restaurant has been prepped meticulously for the honored guests of the Ayano family. I have transformed myself once again into the "perfect wife" with loads of cover girl make up and body shaping spanx. Although, much to my surprise people actually believe that this marriage is real and not "pretend." Despite the fact that I said "I do" to a sociopathic monster, life for me has slightly improved, we'll at least financially it has. Ever since Genji became my "fake" husband, he's taken me out of the ghetto and put me into a wonderful two story house, but I guess that's the least he could do after sticking a knife to my throat. These past few months he has showered me with every luxury under the sun, a shiny expensive car, fancy clothes, a private chef, bodyguard, and even a pastor to give me private sermons since I've stopped attending church for "safety" reasons as Genji puts it. Furthermore, if it were up to me I rather take my chances in attending church then being cooped up in a house with a member of the Yakuza. But then again in Genji's mind my opinion never really counts. Anyway, besides the fact that I've become a wife of a crime boss. These six months haven't been completely terrible except for the fact that Genji is a controlling, rude bastard. Plus since we got married, my sister Renee and I are beginning to speak again after being separated for years, and I'm not happy about it. I mean I love my little sister Renee, but at the same time I kind of hate her guts. I know it's wrong to feel this way especially as a woman of God, but trust me if you grew up with Renee you'd feel the same way.

Speaking of the devil, she always wears Prada...

"Damn, it's hot as hell in here girl" Renee fanned her perfectly air-brushed face with a napkin, and took a large swig of "medicine" from a small silver canteen which I actually suspect is filled with vodka and gin. But of course I could be wrong.

"Jordana, honey where is that husband of yours who's always late,"

"Um...he's not always late he'll be here any minute, traffic's kind of thick this time of day you know."

She rolls her pretty light hazel eyes" What I don't understand is with all that money Genji has why won't he buy a watch or something, or is he usually late because he can't tell time? Can he read a clock, or maybe he can't read at all. He could be illiterate honey, have you ever thought of that?" I just stare it at her blankly praying silently with each second that passes Genji will arrive. She hiccups "you have to support him and be firm or else your kids will be just like him. Slow and not able to tell time, it'll be a such a shame honey.. They won't be able to read, or text people it'll be awful really it'll..-"

Lord, this is getting worst my level-headed sister who always gets what she wants in life no matter who it hurts is now drunk. Monty, her husband stood her up again, we'll at least this time he actually called. Now, as I sit here and wait for Genji I have to listen to her rant about my illiterate kids. Although I will never ever have any kids with Genji. On our wedding night, I told Genji that if he'd ever touch me I'd do something really unholy to him, and he could be sure that something "unholy" coming from a woman of God is severely dangerous.

"Would you like some more water Mrs. Ayano, says the stiff solemn-faced waiter. We've been coming to this restaurant for weeks now and I'm still not used to everyone calling me Mrs. Ayano.

So as usual I just respond" No, thank you, I'm fine."

He nods and walks away briskly towards the hot kitchen of the restaurant. The hazy smoke from the hibachi grill quickly reaches my nose bringing about smells of teriyaki chicken, and roasted vegetables, and smoked salmon, and soba noodles, and...and.. God I'm starving why is it that everything that tastes so good is always so unhealthy for you. I wonder about this unfair reality as I dip my third fried dumpling into soy sauce.

"Those dumpling things are kind of tasty huh?, sis."

I mumble" mmmm, hmmm they're really good why you don't try one Renee."

She laughs and takes another sip from her canteen," No I'm alright, she then points to her waist I can't let this gorgeous figure of mine go to waste. I aint like you Jordana, good rich men don't just pop up out of nowhere for me. I mean how on Earth you and that man even hooked up when you spend your every waking moment at church."

I narrow my eyes " Stop it, Renee I already told you a million times how we got to together. It was love at first sight, when we met at a park last summer. It was J-."

"June 13th, a deep voice booms from behind me, and immediately I feel relief wash over me . Finally he's here, my pretend husband didn't stand me up. I stiffen as his hands squeeze my shoulders I hate it when he touches me. He bends down behind me and his lips brush my ear as he whispers" smile Jordana, I'm here now just follow my lead, and don't fuck things up."

I give a tiny nod, and bite my tongue. How dare he show up an hour late and tell me not to mess things up, he's the one who looks bad not me. He straightens as the same stiff waiter bows and pulls out a chair for him beside me. The bodyguards increase from two men to about twelve in a matter of seconds since Genji entered the restaurant. I give him a smile laced with poison as new plates of food are brought to the table" Go on with the story honey, Renee wants to hear it again."

He nods and continues the rehearsed lines " the sun was so hot that day I swear you could fry an egg on the concrete. I felt like the air had left the Earth, and all I could breathe was fire. Then like a mirage of water in the desert I saw a pretty woman walk by in a white sundress and somehow when her lips curled up into the brightest smile I've ever seen it felt like I jumped in an ocean of cool water. It was that simple all my life I always felt like my heart was on fire, and Jordana well she's as cool as ice."

The expression on his face is so full of love, that for a minute I actually believe it's true. But, quickly my senses come back to me, and I remember that this is the man who violently forced me to marry him.

"Humph well, well finally the king has arrived, you're an hour and fifteen minutes late."

He glances down at his watch" Actually, it's an hour and twelve minutes Renee, that clock on the wall is three minutes fast."

My sister glares at him and I clear my throat before she can open up her mouth again" So, h-honey, have you eaten yet? You must be starving, it's nearly nine' o clock."

He shakes his head" I'm fine I'm not hungry, Jordana."

I look across the table at the feast that's been laid out exquisitely, and want to scream with anger. How can he be so wasteful this whole dinner has been prepared for nothing.

He gets right to the point and asks "Renee, where is your husband?"

She rolls her eyes" He's not here as you can see, he apologizes but he said something important came up, business as usual you know."

He balls up his fists, and visibly shudders with rage. This is the third time Monty's canceled on him. These past six months Genji has tried everything to get close to Monty, but the man is like a ghost he's impossible to see. It's funny he thought by marrying me he'd get close to Monty because he's my brother-in-law, but so far it seems like his plan of revenge has been failing drastically.

Genji clenches his teeth " I understand apology accepted, business is very important but equally so is family. Tell your husband, he'll be receiving a call from me soon." and with that he stands up from the table abruptly and growls " Let's go Jordana, dinner is over."

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