My Deadly Happily Ever After

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Chapter 5

" Will you knock it off already?"

My hands shake" I can't help it I'm scared, what if we get caught, what if they suspect something, what if...

He begins to massage his forehead, "Caught!, are you freaking kidding me, we've been over this a million times already, just stick to the plan and you'll be fine."

"I know but this time it's the real deal. I shake my head," maybe we can just talk this thing out, you know we could just bury the hatchet and move on."

He laughs," Bury the hatchet, oh yeah I'll bury it alright, right clean through their fucking skulls every last one of them."

I turn my head from his cold eyes and look out the window , what a pyscho. He thinks this stupid plan of planting bugs and cameras in my sister and brother-in-laws house will bring him closer to achieving the perfect revenge. After the canceled dinner, Genji's been trying even harder to get close to Monty. Of course that means my life has gotten worse. For instance Genji's been forcing me to hang out with my sister for information on Monty. As a result Renee and I have been going out to dinners, movies, and shopping, nearly every day which has been driving me crazy. Furthermore, about two weeks ago we got a invite to a dinner party at Renee and Monty's house. I was shocked because even though Renee and I have become closer, I still haven't actually been inside her house. Also, since the day she and Monty have gotten married I still haven't seen him.

"Jordana, Jordana answer me.

I ignore him.

His voice softens "Mrs. Ayanoooo, Mrs. Ayano."

I roll my eyes I hate it when he calls me that. "Look at me Jordana." I shake my head no.

He deepens his voice and snarls" Didn't you hear me I said look at me. I continue to stare out the window I'm sick of him ordering me around.

He sighs" Jordana please don't make me lose my temper especially now that were finally going to get close to Monty. This time it's not at a restaurant, but at his house, in his territory. I sharply turn around and glare at him," This is dangerous, you said it yourself that he's too suspicious of you, and that's why he's been avoiding your invitations for dinner. Come on, Genji you're from a rival gang, he knows you're his enemy."

He smirks and his cold eyes gleam" That's why tonight I'm going to change his mind, pretty soon he and I are going to be like brothers, BFF'S as you girls like to say."

I suck my teeth" oh please, how are you going to do that?"

"That's easy, I'm going to introduce him to Benjamin and George."

I give him a confused look" who?"

He sighs "dead presidents babe, money no one can resist money, and I mean no one, not even the clever Monty Pierce."

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