My Deadly Happily Ever After

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Chapter 6

Genji shoots me a look of pure evil before he takes another sip of his coffee. He's furious with me because for practically the entire dinner I've been quiet and distant. I should feel relieved that Genji's crazy plan of placing surveillance in Monty's house has actually worked. The small high-tech cameras and tape recorders are discreetly set up in the large house. Furthermore, I can't stop the feeling in my gut that were going to get caught. I hate lying and sneaking, and despite the fact that Renee and I don't get along I still feel terrible about deceiving my sister.

" Ya'll sure a bunch of strange newlyweds."

I jump up startled from my plate. Monty's deep southern voice just made another annoying comment about our silence this evening.

Renee chuckles" Leave them alone baby, not everybody's comfortable with showing they love like we do, and she then gives him a sloppy kiss on the lips.

I turn away as my stomach starts to feel nauseous. They've been kissing and hugging all night, yet Genji and I have barely spoken two words to each other. This is mainly because I wasn't able to place a camera in the master bedroom and bathroom, I just wasn't able to get out of Renee's sight as she showed me the tour of the upper level. I whispered this to him as we sat down to the first course of the meal and he nearly choked on his food. I swear with the stare he gave me if looks could kill I'd be dead.

Monty huffs" But still, it's kind of weird I mean no disrespect to you Genji, but that woman you got sitting next to you is fine as hell. He smirks I mean I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off her."

Renee snorts and takes a gulp of vodka from her crystal glass.

I gasp and squirm uncomfortably in my seat. I pull my short dress down over my knees and button up my cardigan to cover my cleavage. I glance over at Genji, but his face is expressionless. Although his fists are balled up tight making his knuckles turn white. How can he say something like that, and in front his wife, who by the way is also my sister.

But Renee just drinks and ignores his words. Monty then rings his tiny bell for the maid" Sweetheart, bring me a scotch on the rocks." The blonde maid nods and answers" yes sir," then walks away in her skin-tight uniform.

I shake my head, I must confess Monty Pierce is probably one of the rudest men I've ever met. He's just well.. so dumb and childish. I mean Genji is cruel and arrogant, but at least he doesn't burp out loud and pick his nose in front of people. Plus what's even more disturbing is the amount of liquor he drinks, he and Renee finished the bottle of Jack Daniels before we were even done with the appetizers. Although what's really shocking is his appearance he's light-skinned and about 6'0ft tall, with a mouth full of platinum and gold teeth, and a body covered with tattoos. I know this because as we were eating dinner he wore nothing except for a pair of flip flops and baggy jean shorts. I just can't believe he's Monty, is this really the man who's everyone afraid of. He owns nearly all the drugs that flows in and out of the city, and has about a dozen nightclubs that he operates. Which to Genji and the Ayano family is a huge problem even though since we married, the Ayano family has begun to receive money from the casinos and pool halls that Monty gave them. But Genji's family doesn't see this as a wedding present, but as a gesture of shame and dishonor. The gambling business only generates a small amount of money to what they're used to. It's meant only for the lowliest criminals of the city, not the powerful Ayano family. Anyway, I thought Genji and I were the worst match ever made, but seeing Renee and Monty together all I can think of is destruction. I hate to admit it but unlike her other disastrous relationships, this one with her and Monty really makes me worry. And speaking of worry, the look of pure wrath on Genji's face is enough to start a war. Even Monty's two bodyguards step forward out of their hidden corners.

But Genji is an unpredictable man, so instead of ripping Monty's head off he just laughs then leans over close to me and puts his arm around my shoulder. My eyes widen, what is he doing he never touches me. I try to scoot away from him but he tightens his strong grip. Which in translation means to stop moving and act like a good wife.

He glares at Monty" You see this "fine" woman here sitting next to me, she's my wife not some cheap slut that you're used to."

Monty chuckles" whatever man."

Genji hisses" No not whatever, if you ever look or even attempt to disrespect her again. I'll kill you."

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