My Deadly Happily Ever After

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Chapter 7

Silence, that's all I hear. The room is so silent you could hear a pin drop. Renee's French-manicured hand is frozen in mid-air as she reaches for another glass of vodka. Monty's bodyguards are now standing stark still in front of Genji with looks of death and anger plastered on their faces. My body is tense causing my mind to race with thoughts of trying to make a run for it, just in case at any moment bullets start flying. How could he threaten him like that, this man Monty is insane the minute we walked in the door this evening, all you could see throughout the house is knives and guns hanging on the walls. Plus not to mention, the pit bulls and Rottweiler's that guard every room. I can't believe it we were so close to making it out of here alive, and he goes and makes a crazy statement like that. I don't understand why he cares so much about Monty insulting me. I mean it's not like I'm his real wife, and besides he disrespects me all the time when were at home. Now all of a sudden he has to act all macho in front of this crazy drug lord, and possibly get us killed. But, anyway this evening just keeps on getting weirder because out of the blue, Monty begins to laugh uncontrollably causing the dogs to go in a barking frenzy.

He grabs his stomach to get a hold of his laughter and replies" Well damn, finally Genji things are starting to get interesting, that's the best thing you've said all night bro."

I blink Monty's entire demeanor just changed in a matter of seconds. He snaps his finger and his bodyguards step back into their dark corners, then the dogs stop barking and return to their respective posts. The housekeeper abruptly returns with a pinstriped button-down shirt and a pair of trousers. He changes his clothes right in front of our eyes, quickly transforming himself from a young gangster wannabe into a sophisticated businessman.

Genji rolls his eyes" So I see the academy award goes to Monty Pierce this year for his breathtaking act."

He just shrugs and Renee laughs loudly.

"I had to see what kind of man you are, especially now since you're my brother-in-law. Even though you're a member of the Ayano family, which as of the moment has me kind of confused. I never thought you sushi eating people liked us black folks, at least not enough to marry one of us. But I guess I was wrong, huh."

Genji straightens his silk tie " Wrong is what you are Monty, not all Japanese people share the same tastes. If there's any confirmation of that statement, for the record I hate sushi, it never quite agreed with my sweet tooth. Through the years I always found that chocolate satisfies me better. He then glances sideways at me and winks. And for some strange reason my lips curl up into a wide smile, god I hate him. He's so darn charming.

Monty nods," Well said bro, but unfortunately I still don't trust your ass."

Renee sighs" nobody trusts anybody these days, unless of course they're an idiot."

Genji rubs his chin" that may be true, but everything has a price: love, freedom, even trust. He cocks his head to the side," What do you say Monty, should we cut the bullshit now and discuss business like men, or should we continue talking nonsense. Were brother-in-laws now, not enemies. If you wanted to kill me you've would've done it by now, which is the same for me if I wanted you dead, you're wife would've been a widow weeks ago."

Monty eyes narrow into slants.

Renee slams her drink down onto the table heavily," Watch your mouth asshole, you're only still breathing because you're married to my sister. You rice eating bastard, do you know what we could do to you, your family's at the bottom of the food chain, you're nothing but a..."

I squirm in my seat and fidget nervously. I don't like her calling Genji names, it causes anger to rise in my chest. I don't know why it does, it just..well.. it just annoys me.

I speak up through clenched teeth" Renee stop it, my husband is just expressing his true feelings. You know as well as I do that with Genji being a member of the Ayano family, these past couple of months have been awkward and tense. He just wants to clear the air between us. You're my sister and he's my husband, we shouldn't be fighting like this, were a family. Think of the things we can accomplish if we put our differences aside and join hands."

Genji smirks "Exactly, let us join hands Monty, name your price and you shall have it."

Monty and Renee look at each other then back at us. I can see on their faces that they're struggling with indecision. It was the same look I had six months ago when I was forced to marry Genji, I had no choice it was either my grandma's death or marriage. In the end I chose the latter, but what will my sister and her husband choose. Join forces with the enemy and become a family thus gaining more business, or cut ties with us completely and start a war. Either way it doesn't really matter to me, I'm just a gangster's wife and a fake one at that, my fate is doomed anyway.

"Humph, excuse us Jordana I'd like to talk business with your husband, my brother-in-law."

I swallow the lump in my throat and Genji places a hand on my back roughly pushing me out of my seat. I glare at him, and stand up from the plush sofa.

I nod" Sure, Monty talk as long you like."

He then snaps his fingers and Renee sighs and stands up " fine, you boys talk business, she then raises up her empty glass," as you can see I can do with another drink anyway."

Monty waves her away," good, drink up to till you pass out again, I don't care just get your drunk ass out of here."

I glance at him shocked I guess them kissing and hugging was also an act, but what's more shocking is her reaction. She purse her lips and visibly bites her tongue. Then out of nowhere she gazes at Genji, and with the blink of an eye he nods. I must be truly losing my mind why did she look at him like that as if she was asking him for permission to leave, but most importantly why did he nod at her. Did Monty notice it too? No way I must've imagined it.

She then stumbles and her voice slurs" yessss, master your wish is my command, come on Jordana let's leave our wonderfullll husbands to talk."

I stare at her then Genji, he averts his eyes from mine and avoids my confused look. He's acting strange ever since Monty insulted Renee, he looks angry and somehow ashamed. Why should he be ashamed? Why should he be angry? What the...What on Earth is going on?

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