My Deadly Happily Ever After

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Chapter 8

"For starter's before I answer any more of your idiotic questions you need to lower your voice and stop screaming."

I shovel another forkful of pancakes and eggs into my mouth and chew slowly. I try to take deep breaths while thinking happy thoughts, but still I can't calm down. I'm so..I'm so... Lord, I'm so angry, and why might you ask am I so angry, sorry but I can't answer that because I have no freaking idea why. All I know is that I want to shove this fork right through his pretty brown eyes. It's been a week since the dinner at Monty's house, and still I can't get the image of his secret nod at Renee out of my mind.

"Jordana,...Jordana look at me, I said."

I narrow my eyes at his chiseled face" WHAT FOR YOU STILL HAVEN'T ANSWERED THE QUESTION!"

He runs a frustrated hand through his hair," For the last time I'm telling you to lower your voice or the maids will hear us fighting."

"I don't care if you would just answer the..."

"Damn it woman, I told you a thousand times there's nothing going between me and your sister. I didn't nod at her or even look at her for that matter the whole damn evening. It's been fucking forever since that night and your still nagging at me like a..a.. wife or something."

I huff" Newsflash Genji, I AM YOUR WIFE."

"UHHHHH, you're driving me crazy. I'd like it better when you didn't talk and just locked yourself in the room. Now all of a sudden, you're asking me all these dumb questions about where I'm going and when I'll be back home. I'm warning you keep this mess up and I'll, I'll swear, I'll..."

I roll my eyes" you'll what, you'll do absolutely nothing. We've been married all these months, and not once have I bothered you about anything. I never complain about you're rudeness, you're insults, you're disrespect, or even the fact that your hardly ever home. Ever since I went along with your little plan of revenge I've been playing my part as a wife perfectly and Despite all that you go and do the worst thing ever..."

He looks taken aback," what? what is it Jordana, what the hell could I have done to make you turn into a monster. I threatened to kill you and your grandma if you didn't marry me, so tell me what could I have done that was more horrible than that."

I shake my head he's really unbelievable, he really doesn't know what he did.

I gulp the last of my orange juice before answering" You lied to me, that's what you did Genji. You're right, threatening me and my grandma's life was a pretty horrible thing to do, but you know what's worst. It's when a husband lies to his wife."

And with those words I get up from my chair and leave the table. I don't even wait for him to respond because the surprised look on his face says it all. He failed the test, he really did lie to me. Something is going on between him and Renee. And I swear as God is my witness, even if it kills me I'm going to find out what it is.

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