My Deadly Happily Ever After

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Chapter 9

You may not believe me when I say this, but honor is the most important thing in my life, it's been a part of me since I was a boy. I was raised by only a father in the most respected family in the underworld, and it's made me into what most people would call a ruthless monster. But I don't agree I just consider myself simply a businessman. Although ever since my brother Takashi was murdered I've been abandoning a lot of my most important principles. For instance, by now I would've tortured the son of a bitch who killed my brother a year ago, but I didn't I'm teaching myself some patience. It's difficult but the thought of a revenge worse than death is worth the wait. Besides I'm in no rush, my father Hiroki-san used to say when it comes to the perfect murder it's better to use your head than your fists. I admit that's it's been a struggle for me, my brother Takashi was always the brains of the family and I was the one who always did the dirty work. That's why still to this day I can't believe the way things happened, me the younger brother, always the troublemaker is now leading the Ayano family. I know my ancestors all rolling in their graves. Even now in the way my family looks at me it's not in the same respectful way as they would my older brother. That's why even if it's the death of me, I'll prove to them that I can be the head of the Ayano family. I just need to avenge my brother than surely I'll be able to move on. Even though it seems I'll have to sacrifice everything, but that's okay because I've done it before in the past. I've committed many crimes and given away my freedom for years, so to me this is nothing. I've always lived by the words of the great Malcolm X, "by any means necessary" he said, and if that's how it has to be then so be it. But rest assured, when all this ends I'll have Monty's head hanging on my wall. But as of this moment it seems I have a greater issue at hand, and the issue is marriage, and every day it seems to be getting worse. This Jordana chick is really starting to get under my skin, plus not to mention her sister Renee as well.

I glance down at my Seiko watch. Damn it, she's late again it's going on fifteen minutes now. She knows we don't have much time to be together. How dare she keep me waiting in this disgusting motel room. But then again what the hell am I doing here in the first place. I'm Genji Ayano the one and only, the best, the master, I shouldn't be sneaking around like this. I mean Renee and I have been doing this together for a year now, and still nothing's changed. This is bullshit, if we would've done things my way this whole mess wouldn't have even started. This crazy mess of a marriage with Jordana is killing me. Once upon a time Jordana was this scared polite girl then suddenly overnight she's this screaming outspoken woman full of questions. No wonder so many people get divorced, women are insane. I just can't get this morning out of my mind, the look on her face wasn't just of anger, but disappointment. It made me feel ashamed. Shit, what's between me and Jordana is just business nothing more or nothing less. But still although this marriage is fake, I can't have my wife being disappointed in me. I'm a man of honor and code, I hate to be thought of as a liar. If there's one thing a man can't live without that's respect especially from his woman. Therefore, the way she looked at me at breakfast before she left the table made me feel like nothing. Jeez, this is ridiculous how some bible-worshipping, chubby, ugly can… Wait scratch that she's not ugly. Anyway that stupid woman make I, Genji Ayano feel like nothing. This is unacceptable I'll have to put in her place before things get worse. I can't actually start caring, I just can't its dangerous.

The key turns in the lock and in steps the perfect hourglass figure of Renee. She wears a tight black mini- skirt, with a red lacy corset and a leather jacket.

"Well, Well I can see by the pouty look on your face, that somebody's not happy."

I grunt "You're late, Renee."

She shrugs" I had to make sure I wasn't being followed, Monty's getting paranoid again. Sorry babe, but we'll have to do this fast."

I nod and smile "I'll do my best."

"Mmmmm, thanks Genji I've been so stressed lately I needed that."

I shake my head" we can't keep doing this Renee, it's getting too dangerous Jordana's been..."

"Will you stop worrying about my sister, God are you stuck on her or something, every time were together she's all you talk about."

I roll my eyes.

She puts her hands on her hips," What is it? just say it, what's on your mind."

"It's just that I think she's starting to suspect us, she saw me nod at you when we were at dinner last week."

"So what, I told you Jordana is a very suspicious person, she doesn't trust anybody, especially men, so of course she's going to accuse you of things, believe me just ignore her and pretend like usual that nothing's going on."

I button up my shirt and put back on my tie" you don't understand Renee, this lying I don't know how much longer I can last, my family, your husband, and now even my wife um..I mean your sister is doubting me, this is crazy just let me take care of..."

She snorts" Oh please you're going to take care of what, don't forget I lead and you follow, ok?"

I look down at the tattered rug and swallow the bile in my throat. This woman, I swear one of these days she's going to make me do something I regret. Who the hell does she think she's talking to.

She sighs and puts on her leather jacket" Look I know things are not going as well as expected, but I promise you something big is about to happen. Monty is getting greedier by the minute, he's bound to make a mistake. So just hold out babe and we'll reap the benefits, I'm sure of it.

I grunt" you said that months ago before I married you're sister."

She widens her eyes and her nostrils flare," and tell me Genji, whose idiotic idea was that? I told you to stay away from her. Did you think I wanted her involved in this ,no I didn't. Despite how cruel you may think I am Genji, I feel like shit doing this to her. She then shrugs" but still you got to do what you got to do. So just remember you were mine first, you answer to me not her."

I shake my head and chuckle.

She runs a hand through her long hair" what's so funny?"

"Nothing, it's just by us acting so secretive like this is making matters worse. On the contrary, it's funny I've known your sister for about seven months now, and I know her better than you do."

She gives me a confused look "what do you mean? Does she know something, did you tell her?"

I scowl" of course I didn't tell her, do you think I'm stupid. But you said it yourself she's a suspicious woman, although not in the way you think. I pause and avoid her eyes" She thinks that we..that were having an aff..."

She holds up a finger to her lips" ssssh, I think we have company."

I open the dusty blinds to look out the window. I see a parking lot full of cars that belong to cheating spouses and tired truckers. I pull out my knife and get into a fighting stance. I glance over at Renee and I see her take a quick sip from her canteen. Really, at a time like this she's drinking. I survey the surroundings again and see nothing.

"Well, what is it, is somebody out there?"

I suck my teeth" I don't see anything, but the trees blowing. I think you need to lay off the vodka for a while, you're getting a little..."

She holds up her hand" stop it, if you were in my shoes you'd be doing the same thing. Drinking is the only thing that's been keeping me sane. So please don't tell me to lay off."

I grab my briefcase" fair enough I won't tell you what to do, I'll just take my leave now. Same time, same place."

She smirks," Of course, babe."

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