Stay Strong

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Chapter 11

Landon’s P.O.V.

I swear. If this girl doesn’t stop following me around I might just go insane. She’s always there. Always. Whenever I come out of class. At lunch. Hell, today she showed up at my car. I knew how to get rid of her though. At least for a minute.

I ran a hand through my hair before walking into the school. I quickly found Vanessa and Bryson talking at their lockers, but no Aspen. A sharp pain resonated through my chest. I regretted not saying anything yesterday at lunch, but the look in Aspen’s eyes, the pure, unfiltered rage caused me to pause. I was shocked, to be honest. I never expected her to look at someone with that much hatred. Whatever Sonia was going to say she didn’t want anyone else knowing. I can’t say I wasn’t tempted to ask Sonia but I knew Aspen would hate me for it. And I couldn’t live with that.

As we got closer to Vanessa and Bryson, Sonia said something about seeing one of her friends before slinking away. I breathed a sigh of relief. But as I approached I felt dread fill my veins as I took in the scowls Vanessa and Bryson wore.

“Hey...,” I mumbled weakly, scratching at the back of my neck.

“What do you want?” Vanessa snapped at me. I flinched and held up my hands in front of me as if saying that I would back off.

“I just,” I took a deep breath, “I wanted to know where Aspen was. Do you guys know?”

They looked at each other and scoffed in unison. Bryson narrowed his eyes at me as he said in a flat voice, “Even if we did. Why would we tell you? Why would Aspen want to talk to you?”

I flinched again but said evenly, “I just wanted to apologize to her for not doing anything about Sonia yesterday. I don’t know what happened between them, but I could tell that Sonia almost said something she shouldn’t have.”

“You’re right about that, but why didn’t you do anything to stop her?” Vanessa hissed. I sighed and thought about how to explain why I didn’t.

“Aspen’s just...caused me to freeze up I guess. It was...kind of terrifying, to be honest. I’ve never seen someone with so much anger and hatred in their eyes,” I mumbled, slightly ashamed that I emitted to being scared of someone’s anger that wasn’t directed at me.

I notice that Vanessa and Bryson share another look before laughing softly to each other. “Don’t feel bad, my man.” Vanessa waved a hand flippantly. Bryson laughed a little louder as Vanessa joined in. Okay. Now I was thoroughly confused.

“Um...what?” I ask, looking between them.

“You’re right. Aspen is scary when she is angry. And you just saw almost the full force of it. If Sonia had finished her sentence we wouldn’t have been able to hold her back. Sonia would probably be in the hospital right about now.” Bryson waves off my confusion.

They smile at me and I can’t help but ask dumbly, “You’re not angry at me?”

“No. Just upset that you didn’t have the balls to stand up to Sonia. If you would have said something to Aspen she probably would have knocked your teeth down your throat,” Vanessa huffs between laughs. These two were strange.

I notice then that almost everyone was talking about what happened at lunch.

“Did you see her face?” someone asked.

“She looked pissed,” another echoed

“She was scary,” one mumbled

“She insane, I’m telling you,” someone hissed.

I roll my eyes at these people. Do they not have anything better to do?

“So, where is Aspen?” I ask, looking around.

“Taking care of something personal,” Bryson mumbled and Vanessa looked down at her feet, all laughter gone. I couldn’t help but wonder what caused them to be so sad. What happened to Aspen in the past?

I noticed how she got this haunted look in her eyes somethings. There is this deep pain and sorrow. The day I asked her about Candice and her parents at her car in the morning... I would never forget the way she looked.

I remember the sadness that filled her beautiful green eyes, causing them to glaze over. She went as pale as a sheet and she was shaking. I regretted saying anything. But she soon snapped out of it, looking at me with anger brewing behind her eyes.

I knew she didn’t want anyone’s pity. That much I was certain of. But I could help but feel sorry for her. She looked like she went through a lot at one point in her life.

“I’ve got to go to class. I’ll see you two later,” I called over my shoulder as I walked away. Their responses were yelled over the noise in the hallway as I was swallowed up by the crowd.


I decided to try this chapter in Landon’s point of view. Let me know what you think. If I get positive feedback then I might add some more chapters in his point of view. If you guys want a chapter in another character’s point of view other than Aspen’s or Landon’s let me know and I’ll try to add one in.

This is the last chapter I’ll be posting today. I’ll try to get some more up soon though.

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