Stay Strong

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Chapter 20

A/N: WARNING! THIS IS VERY VIOLENT! If you do not wish to read this chapter head to the end and I will summarize it for you.

Aspen’s P.O.V.

Everything hurt. My body, my head, my stomach. They have yet to give us any food other than two slices of bread each and a small cup of water.

I still wore Landon’s flannel and he still sat beside me, gripping my arm everytime someone would stomp down the stairs.

It has been almost a day, if the weak light filtering through the window above was any indication.

“When do you think they’ll be down here again?” Landon asks.

“I don’t know,” I answer for the third time in the past ten minutes. I rested my head against his shoulder and stared at the floor in front of me.

I was so, so tired. But I couldn’t sleep. I wasn’t going to sleep. Too much could happen if I did.

Landon wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him. Then we hear stomping from above then the basement door open. The light was flicked on, briefly blinding us.

Several people came down the stairs as Landon and I stood. I handed him his flannel back, not wanting them to take it. He looks at me before slipping it back on. I instantly missed the thing. It was warm and kept me from freezing.

Theodore walked up to the cage and told me to step forward. Landon stepped in front of me protectively.

Theodore laughed, “That’s cute. A knight in shining armor. Now come on girl.”

I rested my hand against Landon’s shoulder, quietly shaking my head and walk towards Theodore, my gaze turning hard.

“You stay there or what she gets is going to be worse,” Theodore snaps at Landon when he tries to take a step forward.

Theodore opens the cell door before dragging me out and shutting it behind him. I am tied to the chair by one of the men while the other sits up the camera again.

I knew what was coming and I had been bracing my self for the pain ever since they threw me back in that cell.

“Smile for the camera,” Theodore hissed in my ear after the two men finished.

I stared at the blinking red light. “It’s been one day, Gavin. Just to give you a little bit of encouragement, let me show you want is in store for your dear daughter,” Theodore laughed at the camera.

I felt the cool blade of the knife being pressed against my collarbone. I willed myself not to tense up as he pressed the tip of the blade into my skin hard enough to break it. I swallowed the hiss that wanted to escape my lips at the feeling of the blade being pressed into my skin.

I felt the stinging sensation and flinched as Theodore slowly, ever so slowly, drug the knife across my skin. My blood flowed down the front of my chest, leaving a warm trail in its wake, staining my bra a dark red as Theodore brought the knife away from my skin. I could barely hear Landon screaming for Theodore to stop over the roaring that filled my ears as flashes of a blood-soaked knife enter my mind. I will the memories of Hector attacking me away, focusing on what Theodore was saying.

“Tomorrow it will get worse. And as the days go on, I’ll cut her up even more. In four days I’ll push hard enough to scar her, but until then, she gets to enjoy having small, painful cuts. Six days now, Gavin. Then I want my money,” Theodore growls before the camera is cut off.

The three men leave the room, but not before tapeing gauze over the cut. I figured they didn’t want me bleeding out before they decided to kill me.

I wished they had put me back in the cell. At least then I wouldn’t have to suffer from the cold as much and I would be able to move.

I hung my head as I tried to swallow my tears.

“Aspen? Aspen, please tell me you’re alright,” Landon begged.

I smiled grimly to myself. No, Landon, I was not alright. Not in the slightest. I nodded my head though, staring at the floor in front of me but not really seeing it.

The stinging of the wound continued to bother me. It wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t like the feeling of fire engulfing my arm and the immense amount of pain I got from Hector when he sliced my arm.

Something wet hit my lap and I looked down to see a small round water droplet hit my thigh. That’s when I realized I was crying. I tried to swallow the sobs but I couldn’t. They broke free of my throat as I tried to stop myself from crying.

“I am so sorry, Aspen,” Landon mumbled. I shook my head. He had nothing to be sorry about.

“It will be over soon, Landon. One way or another,” I stated the truth I didn’t want to face. I could truly die here. It was the most likely scenario.

“No! No, don’t say that Aspen!” he yelled, making me flinch. “You won’t die. We won’t die!” His voice broke and I knew he was crying too.

“This is all my fault. I’m sorry for getting you involved in all of this Landon,” I sighed as I tipped my head back to keep tears from running down my face.

“You didn’t know we would get kidnapped by a crazed murderer. We’ll get out of here together, Aspen,” he promised.

Candice floated through my mind. She was probably with Lorelai. I was going to lose custody of her. I can see it now. Lorelai will take me to court over this. New sobs broke through my lips as I thought about my life without my loving, sweet sister in it.

I decided then and there that no, Lorelai was not going to take Candice away from me. I wouldn’t let her. I would sooner die than let that bitch take my sister from me.

I took a deep, calming breath. Clearing my mind, trying to ignore the stinging of the wound, I focused on studying the straps that held my feet in place. I noticed nothing that would help me get out of the chair so I focused on the ropes holding my hands to the arms of the chair, hoping to have better luck.

“What are you doing?” Landon questioned.

“I’m getting out of these ropes and am going to beat the shit out of that bastard,” I growled as I tugged at the rope that I could reach.

A/N: Theodore leaves Aspen in the chair after cutting her with a knife then threatens Gavin and Aspen, saying that it would be worse the next time.

Please enjoy and I will see you next time. Bye Bye!

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