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twenty one

The minute I got home that day the first thing I thought about was Shreyas. Though, I knew I should probably be taking a nap, getting ready for the long night ahead, the only thing I could think about was what had happened today.

For the first time, I caught him red-handed.

/ /

I was peacefully reading my book, getting lost in the world of demons and demon-hunters, when I felt it.

I felt the stare.

I knew I shouldn't look over, and I should just continue to be engorged by the authors carefully picked words, but I couldn't help but glance.

The minute our eyes met, I couldn't look away. Soon the glance turned into something much different. His dark brown eyes were gazing right into mine, as if he wasn't even seeing my face but seeing right through it and into my soul. Before I could so much as say a word nonetheless look away, he decided to speak up.

"Sorry, you're just too beautiful," he laughed.

So many things happened in that moment. My heart skipped a beat. He blushed. I blushed. He apologized. It was no problem. He leaned in. I leaned away. He stayed. I left.

/ /

For the next seven hours leading up to the midnight release of the new book, the thoughts of the morning in the library threatened to take over my mind. Every time without fail I would somehow manage to suppress all thoughts of Shreyas and the almost-kiss.

Until about eleven o'clock.

A loud honk woke me up from my nap on the couch. Glancing at the clock I knew I should have left at least half an hour ago, sending me into panic mode. I rushed around the house, grabbing my keys, my wallet, my phone. But as I stepped out of the door I immediately noticed something peculiar. There was a light blue car in my driveway. I didn't know anyone with a light blue car. A dark figure waved at me from the front seat and blinked his lights. I suspiciously walked over to the car, if it was a rapist I had pepper spray at the ready.

When I saw whom it was I rolled my eyes. Only he could be this stupid.


He beamed at me from across the car. "Hey Scar!"

"Oh my fucking god. Could you be anymore creepy?" He frowned. "I thought you were a fucking rapist." I may have sounded mad, but that wasn't the reason my heart was beating so fast. "What are you doing here?"

He smiled again, as if the fact that I brought up the subject made him the happiest man on earth. "I came to pick you up."

Fucking god. "I'm not going anywhere with you."

"I'm going where you are going."

"Shreyas I can't deal with this shit right now, I have stuff to do, places to be."

He smiled yet again and before I could stop myself I started to think of how cute he would look with smile lines. "I know, hop in."


"It'll be fun, promise."

I groaned. "Pinky promise?"

"Pinky promise."

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