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twenty six

Kissing him wasn't like it used to be. Kissing him was raw and emotional. My tears mixed with his and his mouth melted into mine. It could have been hours, it could have been minutes. Time was never relevant when we were together.

Slowly the world around me began to change. It became a world where the possibility of being with Shreyas wasn't something of my imagination, but something attainable and very possible. It became a world where the fear of hurt no longer existed. Where nightmares suddenly ceased to be the reality and all that was left were high hopes and happy dreams.

I realized Shreyas had done the impossible. He had created a new reality, one for only him and I.

When we finally parted there was a weird sort of silence, one that couldn't be described in words. It was comforting and warm like the smell of brown sugar. The silence seemed to envelope the room and the situation. The awkward feeling usually associated with relations between Shreyas and I, began to fade until it was just an inkling of the past.

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