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He slowly stalked over to me. Each step he took forward I took back. Until my back hit the wall. I mentally cursed at the wall as he only got closer.

Romance / Drama
Adriana Khaling
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My breath is leaving my body. My legs running as fast as they could. Sweat forming on my body.

My best friend, Ethan, threw me the ball. I caught it and ran down the field. Going for a touchdown.

Someone from the opposing team coming at me. I tucked the ball into my stomach as he tried to tackle me. I bent down a little and used the right half of my body to flip him over.

He landed on the grass with a thud. I was coming close to the goal.

“Ethan Dolan passes it to Micah Adams. She runs down the field.” The announcer started saying.

I was getting close when I noticed someone behind me. They jumped to tackle me then I jumped. But I was too late. They caught my feet. I held onto the ball and stretched my arms out as far as I could to get the ball over the line. Then I fell on the ground.

The referee ran to us. He got to us and looked to see if the ball was over the line. He crouched down and stood back up with his arms in the air blowing the whistle. Meaning I got the touchdown, and won.

“And she scores! The Wolfhart Wolves win!” The announcer yelled.

I got up and tossed the ball on the ground. I don’t know why, when people win a football game the person that got the touchdown will throw the ball on the ground. I don’t know why. I guess it’s just a football thing.

The crowd and our team starting cheering.

They all ran to me cheering. I chuckled and walked out away from the crowd. I walked into the school and into the locker rooms. Soon the guys started to come in the locker room. And the once quiet room, is now filled with noisy boys.

Why am I in the boys locker room? Well long story short, I don’t really get along with girls. And the coach’s office is in here, and this is where he makes all of the announcements and stuff.

“Congrats girl. You made the touchdown.”

“Hell yeah girl. You beat their asses.”

“Dude she ended Danny’s career with that tackle.”

The boys started to congratulate me on making the winning touchdown.

Then my best friend Ethan sat down by me going in his locker.

“Congrats Micah.” He said dapping me as I chuckled.

“Thanks.” I said.

“Bro you ended Danny’s career.” He chuckled taking his shirt off.

Who’s Danny?

He’s the guy I tackled when I had the ball. Rememer that? Yeah that was Danny. He was on the opposing team and no one in this room likes him.

You can blame him for so many things.

Slept with every girl in his school and my school?


Being so much of a douche you wanna throat punch him every minute?


Known for hitting on girls twenty four seven?

Danny Winston.

He’s a fucking douche bag.

He slept with every girl in his school and in our school. Except for me. So he’s been trying to sleep with me since seventh grade. Yes I’ve known this douche for four years. I’m a junior in high school.

“Hey where’s Grayson?” I asked.

“Probably already outside.” He answered.

Who’s Grayson?

Well he’s Ethan’s twin brother and my boyfriend.

Putting my shirt in my light blue duffel bag. I put on a white crop top hoodie and some cute green jogging pants with some white converse.

I put the clothes I was wearing in the duffel bag and closed the locker as so did Ethan.

We walked through the locker room and outside.

“You guys wanna come over and watch Netflix?” I asked.

“Yeah sure. I’ll ask Jenna.” He said.

Who’s Jenna?

Well as you may have already guessed, Jenna is Ethan’s girlfriend and my best friend.

I was the one who hooked them up. And I’m glad I did because they’re really cute.

We made it to my car which Gray was standing by, waiting for us.

I grabbed my keys from my pocket and unlocked.

“Hey bro.” Ethan said while getting in the backseat.

“Hey Ethan. Hey Micah.” He said getting in the passenger seat.

I gave him the ‘sup’ dude nod and got in the drivers seat. Starting the car and driving off to pick up Jenna.


Well, that was the first chapter. Hope you liked it. Btw Micah's car is a Blue Tinted 2018 Bugatti.

Well I hope your smiling, I hope your having a great day, and a great week. See you guys next chapter.


Mkay Bye!

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